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Ash Warmer Than Fire

  • Warmer Than Fire - Ash
    "Currents that are stronger, Wanna drag you under. I would never tire, Swimming next to you, W became united, twisted and enlightened, Skating on fire, Yes you know its true. She took of her t-shirt, Like"
  • Ash - Murder By Death
    "We set out at dusk We left them, well, not much The boys were shoutin' and kickin' up dust Oh and as we ran With the fire behind us And the torch in my hand I knew I couldn't do it again The ghosts were"
  • Get Warmer - Bomb The Music Industry!
    "It's fifty degrees in December and the heat in my house is always broke So it feels about twenty-five colder and I can't feel my fingers and toes. I miss the G train with a passion that used to be reserved"
  • Warmer Climate - Snow Patrol
    "Tell me if I'm going crazy But everything you said amazed me It seems too easy on the ear to Be something I should adhere to You told me to just simply wander Rather than take shelter under And open my"
  • Warmer Climate - Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright
    "Tell me if I'm going crazy But everything you said amazed me It seems too easy on the ear to Be something I should adhere to You told me to just simply wander Rather than take shelter under And open my"
  • Warmer Place To Sleep - John Mellencamp
    "Well I've been up to the mountain Seen the ashes down below I had breakfast with the wise man He told me what he thought I should know And I've been to bed with Jezebel And I found the well was deep And"
  • Eyes And Ash - Until The End
    "As this song begins, i have a knife in my back. But by this song's end, i'll shove the blade through your chest. In respect to those, who dont f**king care. Keep the f**k out of my way, I'm better off"
  • Hotter than fire - Racer X
    "Runnin' hot and heavyFeelin' kinda meanGetting' down and dirtyNo Mr. CleanThroat like a gun barrelShootin' hot laser beamsA real pressure cookerBlowin' off steamHotter than fireFeelin' kinda meanHotter"
  • Ash - Arcwelder
    "(w graber) They borrow words for thoughts and steal what they feel from fools who choose to feel For every black and white for every ash to ash shades of grey will clash For every dream there's a fool"
  • Ash - Gackt
    "... ==Romaji== Kaze no naka ni mau waraiau koe Kirameku yuuhi wa asu he no yakusoku Tsuki ga utsushidasu kimi wo mitsuketa Iroaseta toki no utakata no yume Modora nai yasuragi sae"
  • The Ash Grey Proclamation - Robert Pollard
    "Well the shuttle bus is leaving us It has collected 50 souls Who have redefined our roles And in the curtain there are holes So we can see them Look at them go! Well I soaked up a little fire and"
  • Ash - Dir En Grey
    "Futoumeina glass no mukou de miru mo muzanna sono karada Nazeka ima ni mo hakidashisou de haha ni dakarete nemurimashou Sonna jibun ni kitsuita aru hi boku no karada ni "" wo Haha ga egaite"
  • Ash - The Black Maria
    "Choking on nails, As the spike is hammered in, Pine boxes pile up, We're sick from the stench, Exploding on contact, Is our fat skin, Choking on nails... We're faceless, In a generation, Those sins of"
  • Ash - Ellegarden
    "Kirei na kotoba de katazukeru kimi gaDare yori kanashii kao wo miseru you niUtagau kokoro ya samayou yubisakiMayotta bun dake saki e susumun daAto ni natte kou datte kizuku madeNando datte ubaiatteAsa"
  • Ash - Calmando Qual
    "break down koe mo dasezu ni iroaseta amaoto ni awaremi no tsumetai shitsui wo ukabete mo nuguenai kanashimi yo kiiroi itami ni obie nagara taiyou no hikari wo motometeita osaekirenai chi no nioi osaeru"
  • I Started A Fire - Ash
    "i start a fair 'n weather together and no burns other control i want you bad i need you bad i leave an precipice and i'm falling to bye for your love i want your love i went to see you so falling than"
  • A Monument Encased In Ash - The Showdown
    "Will you destroy the righteous with the wicked? Shine your mercy on but fifty men Show me ten yet worthy to see the sun again Though you're naught but dust and ash I will relent Stand and be counted Turn"
  • Warmer Days - Blues Traveler
    "When people think of holidays They think of cold weather "Let's spend this frozen wonderland together" Not me, I'm into warmer days Don't wanna hear bout your winter wonderland I am into I'm into warmer"
  • Hotter Than Fire (feat. DEV) - Eric Saade
    "I’m dressing up for tonight, don’t need no list no invite I’m here to dance, dance, da-da-dance, dance we headed straight to the bar, one drink became many more we here to dance, dance, da-da-dance, dance moving,"
  • Warmer days - Joan Osborne
    "When people think of holidays they think of cold weather "Let's spend this frozen wonderland together" Chorus: not me, I'm into warmer days don't want to hear 'bout your winter wonderland I am into...I'm"

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