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Ashleigh Ashley - Back to Me')

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Ashleigh Ashley - Back to Me')

  • Ashley - The Dodos
    "Take my hand and lead me out To Dolores And leave me out in the street, I guess It was for us What are you thinking of, Ashley? Who are you dreaming of, Ashley? You come down from above, Ashley You let"
  • Ashley - Escape The Fate
    "Shadows fall on yesterday, its like time just slips away. I'm nothing, when darkness follows me. The dawn, it never shows its head. I'm left dying here instead with nothing, a lock without a key. Like"
  • Ashley - Cake Like
    "Ashaloo, I've been thinking 'bout you Little sister been on my mind Heard you're practicing rebel tactics You got a lot of me in those eyes Been a cheat, stolen meat, lied about it later I kicked a girl"
  • Ashley (ft. Miguel) - Big Sean
    "And I, I wouldn't trade it for the world, world, world And I, Just so fucking lucky you're my girl, girl, girl And I, I wouldn't trade it for anything No, no, no not anything And you Yeah, I got a brand"
  • Sad Ashley - Uncle Outrage
    "Here I am Nothing is on TV. I'm lonely again, What the hell is wrong with me? And I want something, but I see nothing And I want something from you. I don't wanna see myself Next to the world with someone"
  • Ashley Jb - Mya
    "My Love Is Like... Wo" (feat. Missy Elliott) See, baby I know you done had your share of girls I am more than confident You won't ever have to search any streets for affection I got you What kind of"
  • Ashley - Zolita
    "The silver chain around your neck I hate myself when I think of it Cause when I do I'm a wreck Your name rings round in my head We're drunk and in your room I hope you feel it too I usually play it cool But"
  • Stone Leaf (Ashley) - Awesome Car Funmaker
    "Waited so long for a taste so strong but subtle drips from the tips of my lips into a puddle hits just right till the end of the night through(until) morning, ought to have a label with a warning save"
  • Cleveland State Of Mind (feat. Ashley Simpson) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "Let me take it back to Cleveland, where I love the peeps, yeah Grind all night, sleep once in a leap year Never had a beach chair, city of the hard knocks Let one of us make it out the city, bet we all"
  • Chasing Rabbits (feat. Ashley MacIsaac) - Willie Stratton
    "Well the springtime has come all the hares on the run as the boys chase them over the hill as I sit and I stare I smell the sparkling spring air and I think of the old times and you How I wish I could"
  • I'm Back - Ashley Tisdale
    "I see you from a distance, on the prowl Keep it up, it's only gonna let you down Come right over here, have a look around There's not a lotta diamonds in this crowd You're up to something that's panical,"
  • Because I Love You - Ashleigh
    "Ashleigh Miscellaneous Because I Love You I came to you with open arms Hoping you'd feel the same But you didn't even look twice at me Because you fell in love with her Ohh and maybe if I had one single"
  • On A Roll (Ashley O from Black Mirror) - Miley Cyrus
    "oh honey i’ll do anything for you oh honey just tell me what you want me to oh honey kiss me up against the wall oh honey don’t think anything just have it all yeah I can’t take it so don’t you fake it I"
  • Ashley - Halsey
    "Utwór "Ashley" pochodzi z albumu "Manic" Halsey. Data premiery wydawnictwa została wyznaczona na 17 stycznia 2019 roku."
  • Back To Me - Lindsay Lohan
    "i used to blame me when shit got crazy I can’t think too much about what they say and now these Saturdays got me feeling like Mondays I know I drink too much, but it’s ok my life is full of ripped up"
  • Back To Me - Make It Pop
    "You were there for me When times were tough All the little things that we did Is it enough? I thought we belonged together Maybe we could last forever All the little things that we did We did for us All: Won't"
  • Back to me - Candee Jay
    "When are you coming back for me? (for me)When are you coming back for see? (to see)Monday morning waking up,in an empty bed. (in an empty bed)Thought i'd feel you next to me,but i'm alone instead. (but"
  • Back To Me - Jackson United
    "goodnight, lay your weight on mine more than side by side buried in tonight goodbye, i won't be just fine i'm faking my smile gone a little while what i'm waiting for you to be, back to me what i'm waiting"
  • Back To Me - Richard Marx
    "Oh this must mean something For us to endure all the hurt And I've tried to analyze through If maybe it's more than it's worth I've already found a mountain to move Should that be all that it takes? And"
  • Back To Me - Ryan Tedder
    "You have been wondering What will become of this love And its causing you to worry I can assure you Youre the only one I dream of Youre safe within my arms Thru all the times I needed you right here beside"

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