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Asia Wherever You Are

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Asia Wherever You Are

  • Wherever You Are - Asia
    "(Gold/Gouldman/Downes/Payne) Whenever your shadow falls on stony ground And there's not a hand for you to hold Whenever the dreams you dream come crashing down Every time you think of home Remember that"
  • Wherever - Vanilla Ninja
    "Wherever you may go There's no escape The memories in your soul You can't reshape Wherever your livin There's no forgiving Cause you're guilty of deceit Wherever you may hide The flashing lights of evil"
  • Wherever - Outlandish
    "Where ever it goes Where ever I go Where ever we go Where ever I go Where ever it goes Where ever we go To whom it may concern I think I lost someone I think I heard my mother cry I think I left"
  • WHEREVER YOU ARE - Billie Holiday
    "Cliff Friend / Charlie Tobias Everywhere in every home Hope is burning bright While millions of hearts Are kneeling, saying, "tonight!" Wherever you are Our hearts are with you Wherever you are Our prayers"
  • Wherever You Are - Jeannie C. Riley
    "See the moon above the mountain watch the stars light up the sky Oh wherever you are darling do you feel the same as I Tell your heart you know that I love you and I never see us to care Oh wherever you"
  • Wherever you are - Jennifer Rush
    "I had it all figured out Wed say goodbye for good We had so many problems Much more than lovers should But now that you are gone Im hurting and its killing me to lie awake at night And think of"
  • Wherever You Are - Kodaline
    "you say you love me you say you care when you’re whit me my futures there we get carried away in emotion we lost in each other’s eyes and we forget what we regret as we cast our fears aside when the worlds"
  • Wherever You Are - Tweak
    "go near go far I'm with you wherever you are When times get hard Be with you wherever you are Tonight you and I We're wishing on the same stars It's true That I'm waiting for you And you're so far away But"
  • Wherever You Are - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) I'm looking for a strong and steady heart For a love that won't fall apart At the first sign of trouble, near or far I'm looking through eyes that have shed some tears And I'm"
  • Wherever You Are - Laava
    "When I feel blue I think of you Cause you're true Wherever you are Near or far You still are my shining star. Sometimes its mad Things get bad And I'm sad Wherever you are There is light By my side I"
  • Wherever You Are - Chesnutt Mark
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous Wherever You Are Once in a lifetime love comes along I know it's you that I'm waitin' on The less we promise of our first kiss Keeps me hangin'' on through times like this So"
  • Wherever You Are - Jean Shepard
    "I don't have to live in a mansion or ride in a brand new car I just wanna be near you wherever you are And if you were locked in a prison I guess I have to cut the bars Cause baby I have to be with you"
  • Wherever you are - Erik Segerstedt
    "I put my faith in tomorrow And try to sleep for a while *Maybe a new day will fallow* That'll make it all right Now when I feel so down and out Somehow you're still by my side And I hope Life is"
  • Wherever You Are - Jack Ingram
    "This desert wind is burnin' my face again God I'm missin' you Been runnin' blind under a broken sky With regrets I was sorting through But lesson learned baby I've made the turn Wherever you are"
  • Wherever You Are - Adams Yolanda
    "Adams Yolanda Mountain High Valley Low Wherever You Are Wherever you are, I wanna be It's never to far, it don't matter Just take me there Music There's never a place to far Too far for me to go Cause"
  • Wherever You Are - Vonda Shepard
    "Come out, moon. Come out, wishing star. Come out, come out, wherever you are. I'm out here in the dark, all alone and wide awake. Come and find me. I'm empty and I'm cold and my heart's about to break. Come"
  • Wherever You Are - Neil Finn
    "Wherever you are Its 3am and I'm awake Imagine the light Upon her blue transparanet face True coloured glass It filters down to warm the street Faded I'm the one who leads your mind See my life in your"
  • Wherever You Are - Wave
    "Up and down this one way street Black and white is all I see For this moment time stands still This illusion seems so real But this will take sometime And it leaves me wondering Chorus Wherever you are"
  • Wherever You Are - Stream of Passion
    "I believe that this game is far from over Your eyes, everchanging Shred my beliefs Elusive as air, your million faces Share a smile, shed a tear Then you're hiding again Wherever you are, I'll find you... And"
  • Wherever You Are - Bee Gees
    "There is a beautiful woman , an ordinary guy You let her into your heart, It's a part of the show but you never know why You fall in love in a minute and it's a bottomless well And she'd be draggin' you"

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