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  • Monster Astronauts - Spiritual Beggars
    "Take me to the river Dance with the demons inside Put me in the mist wait for the golden twist Fly me to the moon we got enough of fuel Dark moving shadows once got a hold of you well I won't be back"
  • Looking for astronauts - The National
    "We're out looking for astronauts, looking for astronautsWe're out looking for astronauts, looking for astronautsIt's a little too late, too late, too late for thisIsn't it a little too late for thisLittle"
  • Satellites and astronauts - In Flames
    "Since the day of my departure Ive been stumbling through reality I play my symphony in reverse In search for that special path Be gentile to the tear in this I Lonesome arms, lost its wings again Buy me"
  • God Hates Astronauts - Tub Ring
    "Year Is Nineteen Eighty Five And It's A Miracle You're Still Alive We Need Another Tragedy To Show The World Who's Boss And Then You'll See Since I Flew Did Things To Me All I Knew Different Story"
  • Satellites and astronauts (deutsche) - In Flames
    "Seit dem Tag meiner Abreise, stolperte ich durch die Realitt. Ich spiele meine Symphonie rckwrts. Auf der Suche nach diesem besonderen Weg. Seid sanft zu dieser Trne in diesem Ich ! Einsame Arme verloren"
  • Astronauta - Gabriel O Pensador
    "Astronauta t sentindo falta da Terra? Que falta que essa Terra te faz? A gente aqui embaixo continua em guerra Olhando a pra lua implorando por paz Ento me diz: por que que voc quer voltar? Voc no t feliz"
  • Astronauta - Jo?o Gilberto
    "Gmaj7 Ela agora Bm7.9 E7.b13 Mora só no pensa - mento Am7.9 Ou ento no firmamento Adim Bm7.b5 E7.b13 E7 Em tudo que no cu vi - a - ja E7 "
  • Announcers And Umpires - Guided By Voices
    "The animals say go The astronauts say whoa The animals say go The astronauts say whoa It's cold up there And are we really so important And are we really so important Bury the ape And let's get in shape Bury"
  • Space Mission Alpha - Lemon Demon
    "Outer space is on my mind. I would leave the Earth behind To see the other galaxies, To float to any world I please, To know the secret, escape the curse, To be one with the universe, And Rocket ships!"
  • Pioneer Of The Storm - Zed Yago
    "Back at least 5000 years people are sailing first in really simple ships courageous and daring astronauts all in race astronauts of the space astronauts all in race explorers of the space. Chained,"
  • Holy Shit - Against Me!
    "I am oh so fascinated, I am oh so entertained, Standing here like a comedian, I repeat what I say, again and again and again until the meaning has become an imitation of itself, An impression of an"
  • Infinity - Merrick
    "We are all like astronauts Discovery, infinity Take my empty body And discover me, infinity Forgive the endless longing So it's crazy you and crazy me I am I am I am I am I am infinity We"
  • Human Stew - Abby Normal
    "God may be an astronaut Oz is over the rainbow Fairytales are only make believe Tell me where do the monsters play They've only got a million miles to go The final frontier brings a brand new foe Galactic"
  • Straps Hold Up The Jaw - Guided By Voices
    "Do you se the bad man's muzzle mask? (Straps hold up the jaw) The blind man's task is imagination (Straps hold up the jaw) feel it when you go do you hear the innocent battle cry (Straps hold up the"
  • Gravity - The Notwist
    "i hear it's colder where we live now the same world, but better somewhere else i see the planets spinning faster or is my body too slow i don't know, i don't know don't want to live somewhere else gravity"
  • Indian Summer - Luna
    "Hey girl, sweet thing I want everything You love me too And I want you Well I think I'm gonna Jump right through your window And I think I'm gonna Jump into your life Cause you got me in a bad situation And"
  • New-Born Babe - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Glenn Cardier) New-born babe Don't know nothing 'bout the ways of the world Or astronauts upon the moon, or witches on brooms New-born babe Don't know nothing 'bout the politics of people Or chess"
  • Overthrowing Creation Itself - Grade
    "when the shadows grow long and gravity begins to let you down can the spacebound foetus pilot around and our way out because to me every moment matters you can never move forward while standing still to"
  • God In Space - Eugene McGuinness
    "In a dream-tinted flicker of light I threw my guitar into the sea The world's as quiet as a library All the planet's creatures are asleep Eve slowly falls from grace She reaches out for every cosmis sphere Earth"
  • New born babe - Olivia Newton John
    "New born babe, don't know nothin' 'bout the ways of the worldOr astronauts upon the moon, or witches on broomsNew born babe, don't know nothin' 'bout the politics of peopleOr chess pieces, or old churches,"

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