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At look at down

  • Look At Us - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill, Max D. Barnes) Look at us After all these yars together Look at us After all that we've been through Look at us Still leaning on each other If you want to see How true love should be Then"
  • Look At Her - D4L
    "[1st verse] Aye shorty come here give me dem goodies got my periferials on and girl I see ya lookin the way you make it roll, then you stop wit it drop down and then you make them fingers pop wit it baby"
  • Look At You - Hanson
    "Look at you baby Standing in the shadows wondering what I'm doing here Wishing something would happen, maybe I could disappear She walks in with that look in her eye Somehow she doesn't even have to try Just"
  • Look At You - Warrior Soul
    "I'm not your steppin' stone Your kind is lying low The war that you never won Laid out in the burnin' sun I showed you your world I tear holes thru your phoney love I saw the burning god Covered in mud,"
  • Look At Her - One Chance ft. Fabo
    "One Chance Wuz happenin' Oh Fabo Wuz happenin' Oh US US US US US US Wuz happenin' (Oh) Look at her (Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh) Wuz happenin' Look at her (Oh Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh"
  • Look At Mary - Ricky Nelson
    "Look at Mary comin' down the highway Look at her runnin', are you goin' my way Mary are you tryin' to find A place to go, some peace of mind Look at her run Runnin', comin' undone She's trying to get"
  • Look At Her - One Chance
    "One Chance.. What's happenin' Ay. Fabo! What's happenin' Us Us Us What's happenin' Look At her Look At her What's happenin' Look AT her! Shawty, come here give me them goodies Got my perifial's"
  • Look at Yourself - GrimSkunk
    "Uriah Heep I see you running Don't know what you're running from Nobody's coming Tell me who you're hiding from I see you burning Don't know what you're burning for Can't find the answer Tell me what"
  • Look at me - Heaven 17
    "I know a place where we can talk A precious smile poor little girl so pale and proud Hold me Control me So proud You're on the town you're on your own Don't walk away don't pass me by and run for home"
  • Look At Me - Voice Of The Beehive
    "He says "I am not romantic come give me a kiss". She says "I'm the silent type. Come over here sit in this, I say that I am lost and you're a road to follow. I say we're all inside ourselves so often"
  • Look At That - Paul Simon
    "Look at that Look at this Drop a stone in the abyss Then walk away and know that anything can happen Just like that Just like this Look at that Look at this Gimme a hug, gimme a kiss Then hey, hey, off"
  • Look at me - Keri Noble
    "Look at me look into my eyes tell me do you see that i am always by your side or has the world got you down on your knees come to me look at you look into your heart tell me is there room for you to make"
  • Look At Me - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "I got a one hundred-dollar bill It's all shiny, crisp, and clean And it's burning a hole in the pocket of my jeans I think I'll spend it on some pills Instead of gasoline I don't see any kind of fun in"
  • Look At Me - Bread
    "I'm driftin' down the street Asking of all I meet Don't you know me from somewhere Hazel eyes and curly hair Have you seen me anywhere Look at me I'm blending into the wall And I wonder if I'm really"
  • Look At You - Screaming Trees
    "Her ghost hides In my mind In the night In a way she's haunting me I'm wanting her still Thru rose colored skies Or blue, blue moonlight There's miracles on high She's walking by When I look at you i've"
  • Look At You - Backyard Babies
    "Backyard Babies Total 13 Look At You (borg, dregen) 1, 2, 3, 4 Look at you, man, look at the band Look at the day, don´t throw it away I need a pill and a coffee re-fill And everything is gonna be alright I"
  • Look At Me - Sofie
    "Hey... been worried about you these days fast and enough to throw up dizzy up and roll down the displays it can't stop you tried to let it go be aware don't you know spoken before they finished all the"
  • Look At Me - The Berlin Project
    "Look at me tell me what you see Am i everything i'm meant to be How can you breathe lien next to me Airs so hard to find when you're with me I'm leaving you behind I'm going all alone And this is what"
  • Look At Meb - Bread
    "Make It By Yourself Bread (James Griffin and David Gates) You say you're down and out And need some help to get you through each day Well, here's a thought or two I've used and like to pass them on your"
  • Look At You, Look At Me - Dave Mason
    ""One, two, one, two" Lookin' all around me What do I see? Lots of changing faces Lots of things to be But I'm happy just to be A part of all I see As I turn around to look at you And you look back at"

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