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Atreyu Corseting

  • Corseting - Atreyu
    "Just swallow the pill and think of me no longer Just let go and take yourself out Before I kill you too Aren't you tired of my fucking you over and over? You were the last person I wanted in my sights And"
  • Remembrance Ballad - Atreyu
    "Atreyu Miscellaneous Remembrance Ballad These dats are closing in. The end has become apparent. We're only here for so long. Will anyone remember my name when time has washed away the dust of our ashes?"
  • The flesh a tomb - Atreyu
    "Atreyu The Curse The flesh a tomb I feel eyelashes on my cheek, and they lacerate my flesh, a pain so good. Put your hand in mine, never let go, never wake up 'cause i'm done with promises, i'm taking"
  • A Vampire's Lament - Atreyu
    "I am the walking dead heartbreaker, my apologies, I'm happy you'll never understand what it's like to be trapped under six feet of solid glass, I can see out, but no one gets in Screaming at this prison,"
  • You Give Love A Bad Name (Bon Jovi Cover) - Atreyu
    "Shot through the heart and you're to blame Darlin' you give love, a bad name Fuck you An angel's smile is what you sell you promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love, got a hold on me when"
  • Doomsday - Atreyu
    "Go A rush of blood To my head leaves me winded and wanting To feel the weakness in my body Beaten and crushed like my soul I walked the streets flirting death But I never kissed back I'm so lucky so cursed"
  • Honor - Atreyu
    "Resolute a stance of defiance Always teetering on the bring Nothing can hold you back when When you're not holding back a thing Open arms (we) embrace tomorrow Closed fists, tarnishing today We're not"
  • Falling Down - Atreyu
    "You're always looking back, runnin' from the past. You're always sweating me about the next big heart attack. You're lookin' over your shoulder starin' down the path. (I'm fallin' down) Fallin' down Fallin'"
  • Becoming The Bull - Atreyu
    "Come on!!! "''Grab the bull by the horns,''" the old adage goes - Nobody tells you where to go from there "''It seems like fate's pulling you,''" "''Decisions have to be made,''" "''The best path is the"
  • When Two Are One - Atreyu
    "Bang! Explosions in my head that just won't quit A train has crashed into the wall around my heart and left the old me dead Obliterated Stop! My breathing in the night when you're not there The silence"
  • Lose It - Atreyu
    "Standing on the edge, battle in my head, I'm dying to know I'm dying to know If I take this leap, to fail or succeed, I'm dying to know I'm dying to know This is it, I've shaken. My body's aching, I"
  • No One Cares - Atreyu
    "All walled up I can taste the winter I would shut up if I thought that it mattered That's what it feels like When your stitched into this skin I feel stuck And no one thinks something's missing Something's"
  • Can't Happen Here - Atreyu
    "Chariots clashed in the dead of night Subversiveness clouds the clearest of minds Blink of an eye we're collateralized Raised up in arms never knowing why We give what we take when we take nothing Pull"
  • Slow Burn - Atreyu
    "It begins with a dark glowing ember something black burning its way out of me Searing the flesh pain is the only thing I feel scars all I see Oh no the fires burning my insides again what can I do to"
  • Blow - Atreyu
    "(Chorus) So fuckin' blow those words out the back of your head I've heard it all and I'm done with that shit You tell me lies and you get what you get So blow those fuckin' words out the back of your head (Whoa) Oh"
  • Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor) - Atreyu
    "Marching alone, like a good soldier does I'm setting sail, with anchors holding me down Pack up my bags, stow them away (stow them away) Bidding farewell to all that is safe (Chorus) Will I come up for"
  • Epic - Atreyu
    "Can you feel it, see it, hear it today? If you can't, then it doesn't matter anyway You will never understand 'cause it happens too fast And it feels so good, it's like walking on glass It's so cool, so"
  • The Squeeze - Atreyu
    "OH! Sometimes it feels like the juice is Just one hell of a squeeze I'm ringing out my hands Drinking in my happiness I love this shit and I hate this shit I need it just to survive I've served my time,"
  • Her Portrait In Black - Atreyu
    "Catch your breath quiet now don't say a word You should run it but won't do any good Prayers forsaken when you lose faith inside It's not time to die Your life Is it a lie When you get what you're looking"
  • Creature - Atreyu
    "Go, Run Away, In distress, try to hide, from whats creeping and crawling and stabbing within, try to deny, the turmoil inside, if you fight yourself hard enough you'll never win, any ounce of serenity,"

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