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Attack on Titan Season 2

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Attack on Titan Season 2

  • Titan - Phideaux
    "As a rock or a cloud or the hill Here you be as you are Sitting still As a whisper you might not be heard As a light in a lamp One that burns bright and slow You are known Like a Titan who comes for"
  • Titan - Brave Saint Saturn
    "Behind what I know and see, A darkness that will spy on me. Eclipsed in this trajectory. A cancer that is eating me Chrorus Destroy, Divide, the dark, inside In between the molecules is cold, no light"
  • Ready 2 Attack - Special Ed
    "[ VERSE 1 ] Well, it's 1990, '89 has ended Now it's time for all those who pretended To settle and cease with the noise You and your boys - it's time to put away the toys Christmas is over and this is"
  • Mindfreak (Season 2 Theme) - Criss Angel
    "Are you ready!? These powers bleed your tears You talk they scold your name Im staring down your fears There's pleasure in this pain Don't think you are alone 'Cause soon I think you'll find I am the"
  • Closing Theme Season 2 - Magic Knight Rayearth
    "You are like a fast wind that sweeps across the surface of the ocean And all the dreams that you have allways taking care of By infinate rays of the sun And now as I see you Your back is turned me But"
  • 60's Medley (Season 2) - American Idol
    "Baby, everything is all right Uptight, outta sight Baby, everything is all right Uptight, outta sight RUBEN: I'm a poor man's son from across the railroad track Only shirt I own is hanging on my back But"
  • Heatwave (Season 2 - Final 12 - American Idol
    "Whenever I'm with him Something inside Starts to burnin' And I'm filled with desire Could it be the devil in me Or is this the way love's supposed to be Just like a heatwave Burning in my heart"
  • Basehead Attack - Insane Clown Posse
    "So there I was watching Sanford and Son, working the graveyard shift. At a party store, rolling a spliff. I'm behind the glass I see crackheads all night. But tonight the moon is red and shit ain't felling"
  • Basehead attack - ICP
    "(Shaggy 2 dope)So there i was watchin sanford & son, workin the graveyard shiftAt the party store, rollin a spliffIm behind the glass i see crackheads all nightBut tonight the moon is red and shit aint"
  • Sirens Of Titan - Al Stewart
    "I was drawn by the sirens of Titan Carried along by their call Seeking for a way to enlighten Searching for the sense of it all Like a kiss on the wind I was thrown to the stars Captured and ordered"
  • Colossal Titan Strife - Kronos
    "Universe and cosmos equilibrium imperiled by a conspiracy sculpted in the walls of tartar Congregation of trustless sons tamed for vengeance ...Apothesis of a world aflame "Listen to me tarnished brothers Time"
  • That Season - Asia
    "Asia Archiva 2 That Season I told her, i'd hold her All through that first cold winter Defend her, protect her From our darkest demons Then spring came, our world changed We found a different corner Still"
  • Open Season - Headstrong
    "would you expect any less from the people at the top? taking lives in their hands, stringing all the losers up. for the beats, beats that go with losing any war, while the winners write the history books"
  • Grind Season - Kurupt
    "(Hook 1) This is for the the the the haters The playa the the the the playa haters This is for the the playa the playa haters This is for the the playa the playa haters (Hook 2) All you male hoes disrespecting"
  • Killin Season - Mc Eiht
    "Geah In the muthafuckin house For the 9 to the 6 Geah To them bitch-ass niggas We know your residential spot The red dot's on your dome, geah fool, I'm ready to pull this Trigger, nigga, straight bangin"
  • Attack - Public Image Ltd.
    "I can see I can see when our hands are tied I was a victim when you lied Attack AttackAttackAttackAttack I was a victim of your pride I will survive AttackAttackAttackAttack You who smile back"
  • Attack! Attack! Attack! - Frank Zappa
    "Louis: RAAAH! ATTACK! ATTACK! Attack and get on ee, eee, each pony or . . . boogey man or something Roy: Sure, aren't you glad I'm not too hairy . . . Louis: Yeah . . . Roy: . . . Too hairy! . . . heh,"
  • Attack - Onyx
    "What's the matter with my BRAIIIIIIIIN? I can't think clear, oh it's the hair Run and get the razor, gotta make it disappear There! Now I've got a open mind plus some grease to give it a shine Baldheads"
  • Attack!! - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Living large, living free Living the life that dreams are made of Dying proud, dying free Dying the death of heroes But what you've done now Makes me want to cry You keep on pushing Well now you've pushed"
  • Attack - Exploited
    "Sitting in my room at night Feeling half dead A dog two blocks away or more Is howling in my head My mind is getting dangerous My body feels like lead Icy horrors hit me, send shivers to my head Attack"

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