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Audien Hindsight

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Audien Hindsight

  • Hindsight - Audien
  • Hindsight - Zefrank And Jonathan Coulton
    "Hindsight is 20-20 I shouldn't have drank that many Hindsight is 20-20 Stop. Little elevators are far too small for me So I ride the big ones It's not so fun unless you're OCD And you like buttons Hindsight"
  • Hindsight - Death Cab For Cutie
    "Three wasted years, standing still As you opened up, 18 miles wide On this country drive I can't keep up 'cause you're so far gone And it's all too much hindsight Three wasted years, wasting time"
  • Hindsight - Beady Belle
    "I couldn't see this coming Until i saw you running - away I never would expect to fall And then I realized I shouldn't be surprised at all At all Too late to understand Too late to be upright Too"
  • Hindsight - Until June
    "Perishing beside myself I lay Better days I hope to see fade away Unsure I woke up in this place It was a long winding road from where I came (Chorus) It seems in hindsight that I've known That when I"
  • Hindsight - Headstones
    "She said she'd give me some kinda sign I guess she did I'm happy she's still alive Mother said respect that decision I guess I do I don't well I'm still here and I'm still itching They lined him up then"
  • Hindsight - Dry Kill Logic
    "Hindsight These are the same things born from the last time And now its here and its fueled yet its falling apart And you feel this, lord how you know this It seems to me like the whole things falling"
  • Hindsight - Pillar
    "I wanna be a transparency live my life so that you can see Elohim No longer see a little boy in his teens getting by tryin' to fit in like an OG But looking back it doesn't make any sense to me how I could"
  • Hindsight - Sick Of It All
    "Don't think of the could've beens Don't think of what should've been Weed out your weaknesses piled up issue makes a mess Don't think you had a chance don't dwell on lost romance Nothing is guaranteed"
  • Hindsight - Don't Look Down
    "Were not even friends I thought that things were different But they're still the same And I just wanna belong To something more than this Cause finding out I'm different Is something I don't miss It's"
  • In Hindsight - Zyklon
    "De-evolution for thousands of years Consolidates all my fears Ignoring the real issue Stop bothering about pity human scar tissue Diminish our earthly waste Finished in haste Earth turned into a cold-blooded"
  • In Hindsight - Remy Zero
    "you almost miss it that thing you try to ignore that voice you used to adore but you could not take it i never knew just what to say i never learned how anyway right as i call your name Chorus: you were"
  • Hindsight 'Tween the Hind Legs - Holy Molar
    "Queen of the carnival, so many tricks. Infernal ring master, keep the fuck traingle bent into circles. Snake burrows, slithers in holes spits venom so maliciously. My brain got to know those quite well,"
  • Me And My Near Blind Hindsight - Bad Examples
    "Bad Examples Kisses 50¢ Me And My Near Blind Hindsight Theres other girls, and then theres you And then theres me trapped between and wondering what to do You push me away, but i wont go And im not sure"
  • Me And My Near-Blind Hindsight - Bad Examples
    "Theres other girls, and then theres you And then theres me trapped between and wondering what to do You push me away, but I wont go And Im not sure which one of us to blame anymore If you could sell me"
  • Something Better (ft. Lady Antebellum) - Audien
    "I never met you, but I know you're out there If I cross the oceans, would you be there? A stranger's eyes that somehow look familiar I know that when it's you, I'll remember Remember So wait for me,"
  • Lover Of Others - Shitdisco
    "ou Over zealous lover of a J j jealous lover of a lover of others Hindsight Blindsight One eye on another One eye on another 1,2,3 You Lover Lover of others You jealous lover You jealous lover You jealous"
  • Broken Lens - Trial Kennedy
    "It's all in the way you speak your mind It's all in the way your left behind Let down by your hate It isn't the way to make it right A wall again, you defend, broken lens In hindsight you might fight"
  • Native New-yorker - Perry Blake
    "Twilight was to my life What the daylight was to yours And in hindsight it was twilight That took you from me But you're a native new yorker You should know it all by now You're a native new yorker There'll"
  • Once In A While - Badlees
    "I am your undisputed king of bad directions We rarely made it to the place I knew we'd shine I cannot read straight lines I misinterpret signs at crucial times But here we are... Once in a while I get"

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