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Audiofly - 6 Degrees Feat. Fiora

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Audiofly - 6 Degrees Feat. Fiora

  • Love Sublime (feat. Nile Rodgers & Fiora) - Tensnake
    "Get your puffin' when it's dark Falling far from what you thought When I'm wandering and hot All in all the reason stopped Don't wake me I'm feeling A love sublime Can't understand What you've done to"
  • Waiting For The Night (feat. Fiora) - Armin Van Buuren
    "Shoot me down and I’ll get up again emotion running high with double meaning just another day to keep it calm within but I can’t find a way to fight this shadow dreaming We’re always waiting for the night Never"
  • 75 Degrees - Richard Ashcroft
    "75 degrees nothing is buggin me keep whisper tree* my baby and me 75 degrees the killer in me rushin through my veins takin away my pain over me under me within me without me under me over me i bite"
  • 25 Degrees North - Broadways
    "my friend gave everything he owns away my friend says he's happier that way he says did you ever notice the more you own, the more worries you have? i thought about my rent check and my bank account and"
  • 6 Minutes - Cassidy
    "(feat. Fabolous, Lil Wayne) Yeah, I go by the name of Cassidy the Hustler And I brought two of my niggaz with me and we about to shut the industry down Aiyyo Wheezy let's get it poppin! Hit me! Front"
  • 6 Inch (feat The Weeknd) - Beyoncé
    "(…) Six inch heels she walked in the club like nobody's business Goddamn she murdered everybody and I was her witness She’s stack money, money, every you go (you know!) You know, pesos out of Mexico She"
  • Ten Degrees And Getting Colder - Nanci Griffith
    "(Gordon Lightfoot) He was standing by the highway With a sign that just said Mother When he heard a driver coming About a half a mile away So he held the sign up higher Where no decent soul could miss"
  • See Right Through (ft. Fiora) - Tensnake
    "My eyes are open I see the part of you Far beyond everything You can think of __ Holding your innocence With happy hands Trying to wash the __ Section of my regret Oh I can see right through See right"
  • 45 Degrees - Suck For Sympathy
    "sun shows no mercy people act strange man on TV tells me weather won't change feels like I'm melting under my clothes maybe I'm gonna get a summer overdose oooooo.... 45 degrees.... 45 degrees.... 45"
  • 38 Degrees - DJane HouseKat & Rameez
    "38 Degrees And it’s getting higher You can love me heart Like I do 38 Degrees And we’re getting closer Let that breath Take you over Ya, you know me YO, boy, Rameez Let’s bring my party back Me and DJane"
  • In Degrees - Foals
    "we’re caught up in silence I lose you in degrees I see you through the glass door cdn"
    "It's only 4 degrees It's only 4 degrees I wanna see this world I wanne see it boiled I wanna see this world I wanne see it boiled It's only 4 degrees I wanna hear the dogs crying for water I wanna"
  • 107 Degrees - Citizen Cope
    "Wanted by the minister Wanted by the dean Wanted by the old folks Wanted by the teens Wanted by the dealers Wanted by the fiends Wanted by the girls in them tight, tight jeans And wanted by the lawyers Wanted"
  • 100 Degrees - Shout Out Louds
    "Who's next? It's gonna be It's gonna be Trouble And tonight I'm telling you honestly yes, Honestly. By the time you get on the bus love is no more And you'll turn your head away from everything you've"
  • 92 Degrees - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "The day drags by like a wounded animal The approaching disease, 92 degrees The blood in our veins and the brains in our head The approaching unease, 92 degrees Long ago in the headlines, they noticed"
  • 36 Degrees - Placebo
    "We were tight, but it falls apart as silver turns to blue. Waxing with a candlelight, and burning just for you. Allocate your sentiment, and stick it in a box. I've never been an extrovert, but i'm still"
  • 180 Degrees - NOFX
    "It's so easy to defend the Status Quo with everyone so cool and cynical But when you see the end don't justify the means It's just that 180 degrees The great thing about bein' a human The ability"
  • Ten degrees - No Angels
    "Was it love? Did it hurt? What was the feeling? I really really don't know! I can't remember! Am I free? I'm searching for the real words But u left and nothing hurts, ha, ha, ha I feel peaceful and so"
  • Ten degrees - Vanessa Petruo
    "Was it love? Did it hurt? What was the feeling? I really really don't know! I can't remember! Am I free? I'm searching for the real words But u left and nothing hurts, ha, ha, ha I feel peaceful and so"
  • 3 Degrees - Xavier Rudd
    "There was all these people hanging out In the front, asleep, just on the foot path You know, lying down Maybe a cardboard box to sleep on And be lucky to have a blanket And, and people were stepping over"

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