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  • Auryn - Hiding With Girls
    ""I should've known you'd arise Should've known that you'd be my dreams I should've seen this coming Should've known that you'd never give up irony" "I feel like I'm always waiting to avenge her life" "I"
  • Back 2 Me - Auryn
    "It's constant / I'm angry / I can't deny / or fragment / my feelings / How I despise / your half drunk / outrageous / and poisoned eyes / Man, I'm always hurt in your company. So you can't come back"
  • Chances - Auryn
    "(Happy song for Mom) Hey lady, I want to thank you for being so honest and genuine when we speak about feelings. Now maybe we have more than we figured, innocent thoughts that trigger romance, I'll"
  • Her World - Auryn
    "We went down to see the falls so that we could have somewhere to talk when she said "I know I'm lost but I'm too tired to care." "I'm so put out with all this shit, man, life should be easier than"
  • More From This Life - Auryn
    "I never saw you try to pick yourself up I tried to tell you, but you were convinced you were stuck. I never interfered with your own personal plans. God, I wanted to help you, but you wouldn't take"
  • Replaceable - Auryn
    "You know what? We were there. We weren't just close, no we were there. We got our foot in the door three days before you left, just six hours after you let your fear take you home. You saw what you"
  • Spirit Dance - Auryn
    "Brave is my courage High is my sword Hurry into the open Rush out the door Bloodied by the shore Blind is my fury fearless in my mind whispers of the angels are speaking of a fight Streaming lights"
  • Stuttering - Auryn
    "I'm stuttering. You left and I couldn't breathe. I was petrified that you could see when we were not right. Yeah, but you could read right between the lines. Every word I'd say...you knew exactly Every"
  • Survive - Auryn
    "I'm the cold one, seemingly the enlightened one. You don't see me screaming, the frightened one. Everybody's rooted therapy, I'll be your stupid therapy All these illusions we've created in this life"
  • T.D. - Auryn
    "I'm a titty dancer, and I'll pretend I like the way you look at me when I show off my ass. Ask me to bend over, tell me how you like to play, invite me to sit in your lap. Pass me some money, I'll"
  • What I Do - Auryn
    "Slowly I move across the room. Where are you? Silently I cry trying to decide. Who are you? All these things I've shown you more or less, are all the things I know to be the best. It's what I do. Here,"
  • Who I Am - Auryn
    "I am perfect nothing, imperfect somethings. I am extroverted. A little crazy, but less than perverted. I can look in the mirror. What was cloudy is now much clearer. I can see my own beauty, this"
  • Your World - Auryn
    "I stood in the room when the light in her eyes dimmed. Forever it faded and burned out, invaded. I sat by the bed with his hand in my hand. It fell and it went limp, breathlessly leaving our world."
  • After Life - Auryn
    "Soul-less is where I walk I did my best to send you off And the rest is the afterlife Please rest in peace and light Oh and I...want you back And I...want you back All these years...I wish them back"
  • Last Night On Earth - Auryn
    "I'm so late and I can't believe, it's another night on the run. Is there anyone who wants to enjoy the road till the madness dawn? I will find the way to feel free and play as a child. Maybe all the"

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