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  • Autopilot - ZBUKU
    "Lecę wysoko Delektuje chwila Włączam autopilot Włączam autopilot Jestem ciałem Ale duchem jakby mnie nie było Włączam autopilot Włączam autopilot Zbyt dużo whiskey Zbyt dużo jointów Znów najebany śpiewam"
  • Autopilot - Thomas Godoj
    "Hrst du dich immer noch Wirklich noch Woher dieses Schweigen Wir sind es doch immer noch Hoff ich doch Komm sag mir was ist geschehen Es ist neu, dass wir nicht mal mehr Zeit finden unsere Vergangenheit"
  • Autopilot - Amanda Jenssen
    "Autopilot, take my memories Cause I won't need them anymore Autopilot, take my hand and lead me home Because my eyes are getting sore All the clouds are closing in I have lost my safety pin I guess my"
  • Autopilot - Profanacja
    "Wybierzesz słusznie, tak jak każdy, ciepło kapci Rodzinny plusz, kłótliwość kwestii finansowych Wieczorny głębszy łyk, poranne dylematy w pracy Wybierzesz coś od bólu głowy Wybierzesz słusznie, tak jak"
  • Zombie Autopilot - Unearth
    "it was last night on the midnight train back home I ran into this one yet unfamiliar tone I know I should have known it was last night I knew I should have known chaos our busy minds asleep we drudge"
  • Autopilot Off - Burning Heads
    "hello, we're a, bunch of freaks in action ready to roll, automatic pilot's off, no way back we passed the toll. once i felt good, escaping from my cage, haven't lost my edge. it's a long road, to"
  • Autopilot (feat. Katarzyna Nosowska) - Tymon & The Transistors
    "So you’re lying on the marble slab The best trip I ever have High up in a jet plain passing around My drinks are empty Need another round I wanna fly Wanna ride with you Is this the best that you can"
  • Clockwork (Edited Version) - Autopilot Off
    "You're probably sick of being tired. You can't find the strength to close your eyes, You can't let go, but you can't change everything. No matter what, it seems some pages go unturned, But that's not"
  • Clockworks - Autopilot Off
    "You must be sick of being tired Can't find the strength to close your eyes You can't let go And you can't change everything Stop letting in this burning pain Write it on the walls and read it Bright red"
  • The Blind Truth - Autopilot Off
    "I was drunk, sober, tarnished, and pure All I ever wanted was a little bit more I had eyes that were heavy and sickly and sore Blacked out windows and a bolt on the door. I was shell-shocked shaking from"
  • Make A Sound - Autopilot Off
    "I don't know if we'll make it home All we can do for now is hope I don't know if we'll make it home Water all around could swell and wash us all away Away And if we never set our feet on land again This"
  • Blind Truth - Autopilot Off
    "I was drunk sober tarnished and pure All I ever wanted was a little bit more I had eyes that were heavy sickly and sore Blacked out windows and a bolt on the door I was shell shocked shaken from the world"
  • I Know You're Waiting - Autopilot Off
    "I was waiting Watching every single move On the wire I cling to And I feel it Like a cold and empty room There was nothing left to lose I know, I know you're waiting I'll see you again if it's the last"
  • The 12th Day - Autopilot Off
    "Through the longest night, by this candle-light We stand to cut the dark in two And the concrete rain shattered window panes But, no, it never shattered you As long as there is blood inside my veins... I"
  • Voice In The Dark - Autopilot Off
    "If there's a light leave it on If there's a way Some how thin airs taken your place Get over Nights coming on Its getting late I hear my heart starting to break And I'll wait for you Faith is just"
  • What I Want - Autopilot Off
    "I never thought I'd come back around I never thought I'd see you again And it took one night when I packed my life And one to take it out again I took a look at a photograph Where we didn't even notice"
  • Blessed By A Nightmare - Autopilot Off
    "Hands up and dont you make a sound Shotgun is pointed at me now It just might blow me away So here's all I have It isnt much but please All I ask is Let me walk away Just then I thought I heard the sound I"
  • Divine Intervention - Autopilot Off
    "Divine intervention So few and far between Like lightning when it touches to the ground Answer me the question I'm ready to believe I hold my breath before I let it out The face we show The one we hide The"
  • Chromatic Fades - Autopilot Off
    "Across these highways And dead end roads You wandered down For somewhere new And you travel lightly Just the air inside was all you take To carry on your way Hoping it lasts until the end Cause after"
  • Byron Black - Autopilot Off
    "I met a man named Byron Black And he carried his life strapped to his back On a sidewalk in Houston he called home Crying 'Don't you forget me' he said Don't you forget me You don't know What it's like"

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