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Avalanche City Sunset

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Avalanche City Sunset

  • Sunset - Avalanche City
    "The sun set too soon tonight Now we are in the last of light Far gone is the golden hour The dark could never dim your eyes We'll tip toe through the streets, And creep over the eaves And run across the"
  • Avalanche - Noah Gundersen
    "I was a wandering bird I called away for to save my soul You were a wandering bird And nothing was wrong with killing our time and not killing ourselves Take me away to the west side of town Where we"
  • Sunset City - The Magnetic Fields
    "Well I don't care what people say Life is too short to hang around So I stay so long in a place And then move on to the next town Oh Sunset City I've got to see the world Don't hold me too tightly Don't"
  • Sunset - New Model Army
    "Coming in at night all the desert highways Crackle with the static of a thousand little radios Everyone talking, no-one listening Well by now I should expect that Down into the city I smell artificial"
  • Sunset Grill - Don Henley
    "Let's go down to the Sunset Grill We can watch the working girls go by Watch the "basket people" Walk around and mumble Stare out at the auburn sky There's an old man there from the Old World To him,"
  • Malibu Sunset - Edwin
    "Malibu sunset Technicolor sky Counting all my regrets In your steel rimmed eyes There's a warm wind whispering What used to be alive Not everyone makes it Into the starry night Ahha Whoa Malibu sunset Whoa"
  • Avalanche - Mari
    "Since when do you come around? And the temperature's changed, nothing's the same Left me, in yesterday You don't see me that way, touched me that way, no more When you get so cold, I'm not sure just how"
  • Avalanche - Wintersleep
    "I like long drives The radio is on all night 'cause you say so Lying beside Your beautiful bones With candlelight And heaving tones This avalanche of love and skin Collides, conquers and collapses"
  • Avalanche - Over It
    "Wont we stick it out, this mile of doubt or will we Fold up and disappear, a lullaby that lost its soul. Dont think our time is up, this is going nowhere. Dont think our due is done but a disaster dont"
  • Avalanche - Heather Nova
    "I lie in a field, in the trailer-park of my dreams saving up for someday but what does someday mean? and I'm young but I let it slip on by I'm co-dependent and I'm not in side and you, you look like freedom you"
  • Avalanche - Ryan Adams
    "I found your photograph in a cardboard box in a magazine I can't remember you, remember us or anything I taught you how to feel, but you just feel numb They taught you how to feel, but you just feel numb She"
  • Avalanche - The Armoury Show
    "This is summer - some are watching Understanding the promises That drift away - they drift away Nothing to share in low water Over above an avalanche she falls away This summer - some are August Crying"
  • Avalanche - Armoury Show
    "This is summer - some are watching Understanding the promises That drift away - they drift away Nothing to share in low water Over above an avalanche she falls away This summer - some are august Crying"
  • Avalanche - David Cook
    "I feel alive beside you And all at once, I am whole again We fall into each other Your atmosphere is all I'm breathing in And in this rush, we are crushed Carry me down, rolling in your arms Cause I can't"
  • Avalanche - Fold Zandura
    "face the music] welcome the avalanche the future sounds like a music that rumbled down a mountainside come on move on the wait is over can't stop the rush can't stop the ride wake up people the time is"
  • Avalanche - Kosheen
    "He looks like me But not so haunted Eyes like the sea In storm In torment How can a body so frail Contain this spirit This creature I see We're taking an avalanche And lifting it up again I've"
  • Avalanche - Soraya
    "I have spent too many nights wondering what wrong did i do was it something i said or did my silence haunt you never meant for you to question didn't intend to enrage you say i've got a way with words you"
  • Avalanche - Hundred Reasons
    "the avalanche we strode towards is nothing to us at all now with all it's force we know it cannot ever conceive to stand in our way condescending chased it to where where the first ones to start our lives"
  • Avalanche - Thea Gilmore
    "3pm. Blue as a road sign With a gag and some cheap wine Sun's in my eyes between The smoke trails of aircraft The kite tails and light shafts There's a language in the sky There are bones Hiding under"
  • Avalanche - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Avalanche (Leonard Cohen) I stepped into an avalanche It covered up my soul When I am not this hunchback that you see I sleep beneath the golden hill You who wish to conquer pain You"

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