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Avao winter

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Avao winter

  • Winter - Killerpilze
    "Winter! Winterzeit! Der letzte Winter war komplett frn Arsch und der davor genauso beschissen!Alle Pisten waren steinig und grn und auch die Schneekanonen haben echt gar nichts gerissen. Doch dieses Jahr"
  • Winter - Runemagick
    "Enchanted by the burning skies We rise Captured in the haze Of the funeral pyre Winter We drink to death from endelss wells A challenge for the ancient gods Condemnation, a black celebration Winter"
  • Winter - Garden Variety
    "--------- I'm afraid of summer because I can't take the heat It goes on forever collecting in the street If I could write a love song I'd sing it in the cold In the days of winter as pure as fallen snow Don't"
  • Winter - Eastmountainsouth
    "was it really years ago did you need me well, I'll never know I'm sorry for clinging I'm sorry for wanting more my heart was there for you pounding down your door maybe it was timing maybe I was too much running"
  • Winter - Stratovarius
    "Silence is all I hear Blackness fills my world Midwinter days and lonely nights Depression takes over My frozen mind Morning starts a new day Dawning nowhere to be seen Oh won't you break My chains and"
  • Winter - DT8 Project
    "There is ice, alive, turn ice into fire I want, I need, to feel such desire A pain lies deep in the heart of my soul The truth unfolds, and I'm losing control And I'm losing control I drift in this place,"
  • Winter - Audio Learning Center
    "She wastes her days away She sinks her teeth into her dead end job Long since had given up on Childhood dreams All the things that she could have become Muttering to herself Underneath her breath She"
  • Winter - Dido
    "I could leave it on the floor Down the hall by the door I could hang it out in the sun And leave it there when you come home I'll just leave it there It's much warmer there I don't care if people stop"
  • Winter - Amebix
    "The cold outside lays waste to life. Suspends the process of decay. Alone without a friend suffer as night becomes the death of day. Winter This is the season of the fire, this is when the reaper crawls. Feed"
  • Winter - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) And it sure been a cold, cold winter And the wind ain't been blowin' from the south It's sure been a cold, cold winter And a lotta love is all burned out It sure been a hard, hard"
  • Winter - Kristin Hersh
    "How do you talk againI forgotLike sand in naked flameOh yeah!Like winter comingNot a fighterYou have to fightThe harsh blows dealt you in your short lifeSo lonelyHold me'Til sunriseSnow geographyI'm catching"
  • Winter - The Rolling Stones
    "And it sure been a cold, cold winter And the wind ain't been blowin' from the south It's sure been a cold, cold winter And a lotta love is all burned out It sure been a hard, hard winter My feet been draggin'"
  • Winter - Willem Vermandere
    "Ach wat duurt die winter toch lange, met dat donsdek sneeuw over t land en dien bijtende wind in de straten, ach wat chance dat de stove brandt en t ijs op grachten en plassen en dat klagelijk kraaiengekras en"
  • Winter - Beborn Beton
    "The feelings that we shared Are now living seperate lives It seems to be not in our hands To make a change, to keep us from decline I hardly recall your face, your lips Although I should know A voice"
  • Winter - K's Choice
    "You're crying but as long as it's transparent and not red there's no real reason to be sad to the people who are smiling, always happy, always gay they do not know that the egdes of the mouth can move"
  • Winter - Ringsgwandl
    "War'n denn des net Winter, war'n denn de net schee? Wia's ollawei so vui gschnieben hot, drunt im Toi und hoch drobn auf da Hh. Kaam, da a bil Schnee do war, do san ma naus mit'n Schlittn, und san mit"
  • Winter - Judas Priest
    "Got no silver in my pockets Got no pillow for my head And the winter it gets stronger Got to ease my aching head In the morning when I wake up Get this feeling deep inside And I wonder if I'll die young"
  • Winter - John Denver
    "It's cold and it's getting cold - er it's gray and white and winter all around. And oh, I must be getting old - er and all this snow is try'n' to get me down There's a fire in the corner slowly dying sometimes"
  • Winter - Cancerslug
    "coming out of the dark the beast, it rears its head walking onto the soft white, its lunar quest begins an invasion of truth to walk the land alone stepping out of the moral slide instinct is now its home and"
  • Winter - Ellegarden
    "Cables, TVs, batteries, bridgesall my favorite thingsdried and chapped and cracked lipsof the winter's golden windtaka ga kore guraiboku ga suki datta monoDiodes, magnets, peanut butterall my favorite"

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