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Avril Lav igne

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Avril Lav igne
  • Desmod Lav
    "Pod snehom lvaak na svoju chvuVetci sme nabitplus, alebo mnusHdam sa nestretnDva rovnak pólyObas sa zrazmeasto to bolR: Ak chce zabudn tak zabudniMono to prde pomalyAk chce zabudn tak zabudniRaz a to aj"
  • Paris Combo Avril
    "C'est par un jour d'avril Qu'elle se promne en ville Sereinement, au milieu des btiments Au milieu des plans et des amnagements Des chantiers et des terrains urbains Lui, c'est un homme habile Au front"
  • Riot 99 Anal Avril
    "I know this Bird, Avrils' her name, when it cums to butt-f**kin, she ain't got no shame! Chs. I know she's only 18, But she's my Anal Queen, Anal Avril is so complicated, Anal Avril is X-rated! She spreads"
  • Enochian Crescent Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
    "We must burn to ashes To rise again With a threefold glory Prepare yourself For the unhallowed day When our souls are fit to climb And the fools are left behind Unheeded Overwhelming shadows Massive"
  • Molodoi 30 Avril 75
    "30 avril 75 L'anne du tigre dingue Personne vraiment ne saura C'que a reprsente pour toi Tous les chapeaux cniques La fuite, la panique Cette date, n'oublie pas Le jour o Sagon tomba 30 avril 75 Aprs 30"
  • Charles Trenet En avril a Paris
    "{Refrain:} Quand Paris s'veille au mois d'avril Quand le soleil revient d'exil Quand l'air plus doux berce une jeune romance Quand le printemps vraiment commence Alors voici qu'aux portes de Paris Accourt"
  • Evan Taubenfeld My life without Avril
    "Things used to be great, now we can't relate Somethings not right, you just want to fight Well go find someone else Cause you're not my type anymore I don't wanna play your games I don't care, If I lose"
  • Jean Paul Mauric Printemps, avril carillonne ( Eurovision 1961 )
    "Bing et bong, et bing et bong Ecoute dans l'air lger Quatre notes sans faon Qui vont se promener Bing et bong, et bing et bong Courant par monts et valles Elles enivrent de chansons La nature tonne Printemps,"
  • Vincent Delerm 29 Avril Au 28 Mai
    "Si elle devait dire A priori elle dirait Que l'affiche qui se dchire Peinture flamande au Grand Palais Comme a de mmoire Elle dirait qu'elle l'a toujours vue Sur la porte au fond du couloir Que ses yeux"
  • Simple Plan Freak Out (Avril Lavigne Cover)
    "Try to tell me what I shouldn't do You should know by now, I won't listen to you Walk around with my hands up in the air Cause I don't care Cause I'm alright, I'm fine Just freak out, let it go I'm gonna"
  • Michelle Branch Nobody's Home (Avril Lavigne Cover)
    "I couldn't tell you Why she felt that way She felt it everyday I couldn't help her I just watched her make The same mistakes again What's wrong what's wrong now Too many too many problems Don't know"
  • Eartha Kitt Avril Au Portugal (The Whisp'ring Serenade)
    "I found my April dream In Portugal with you When we discovered romance Like we never knew My head was in the clouds My heart went crazy too And madly I said "I love you" This sad reality To know it couldn't"
  • Lav' Na Pewno
    "żadne słowo do ciebie nie powinno dawno paść wszystkie znaki na niebie mówią: lepiej zostań sam a nie wiem czy na pewno chce i nie wiem czy cokolwiek jest jest jakkolwiek pewne dziś tak jak to ze znów"
  • Lav' W Inną Stronę (ft. Tymek)
    "wczoraj to ostatni dzień kiedy nie miałem pomysłu było mi bardzo wygodnie bo mogłem wziąć życie w cudzysłów"
  • Avril Lavigne Elevator With Michelle Lavigne
    "(Michelle) The building turned it's back ignored my call, The concrete looks too thin to break my fall, The sunset stretched across this nighttime scene, I counted people as I neared the street below, Whoa-oa-oa Below Whoa-oa-oa (Avril) I"
  • Avril Lavigne Elevator (With Michelle Lavigne)
    "(Michelle) The building turned it's back ignored my call, The concrete looks too thin to break my fall, The sunset stretched across this nighttime scene, I counted people as I neared the street below, Whoa-oa-oa Below Whoa-oa-oa (Avril) I"
  • Avril Lavigne O Holy Night
    "Avril: O holy night The stars are brightly shining It is the night of my dear Savior's birth Long lay the world in sin and error pining Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth Chantal: A thrill of"
  • Avril Lavigne Mobile(Acoustic Video Version)
    "Hello We're Gonna Do A song Called Mobile We're Gonna Do A Song Called Mobile (Avril)Evan Is Thats Alright With You (Evan) Thats Alright (Avril) Singing {Its Alright,Its Alright} Went back home again This"
  • Avril Lavigne I Hate Your Face
    "Sometimes I sit on the back of the old pickup Or on the steps of the creaky porch Sometimes I sit there and think of my life How it could have been How it should have been How I let it flush down the"
  • Avril Lavigne TV
    "When I'm at work, ya, I always rush right home for lunch So I can check out what's up on the Flower Bunch And when I'm walking through the front door at night I gotta see who's winning on The Price is"

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