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Away e

  • E - Chris Rea
    "E is for the comfort, You give to me E is for the peace, I feel inside E is for the good times That go against the bad times E is for the world you gave us And left us here behind They say Tell me what's"
  • Eternal E - Eazy-E
    "Yo this is Yella as we wine down to the final song I wanted to make this one to remember my lil nigga E I know he wanted this track on his record though he was takin' from us to god damn soon so I finished"
  • Away - Votum
    "[] dopóki nie zostanie [] nic prócz kupki mięsa z obnażonymi nerwami; nerwami, które jak napięte struny rezonują każdą melodię, dźwięcznie i mocno, w pustce całkowitego osamotnienia [] until all that is"
  • E Chiove - Andrea Bocelli feat. Giorgia
    "Testo di: S.Cirillo Musica di: J.Amoruso - S. Cirillo Comm'?stretta 'sta via, ?'ggente nun ce cape, se fa 'na prucessione, ce cammina chianu chianu. Nun ?muorto nisciuno, nun ?'o santo e nisciuno,"
  • E Chiove - Andrea Bocelli
    "Testo di: S.Cirillo Musica di: J.Amoruso - S. Cirillo Comm'?stretta 'sta via, ?'ggente nun ce cape, se fa 'na prucessione, ce cammina chianu chianu. Nun ?muorto nisciuno, nun ?'o santo e nisciuno,"
  • M-E - REO Speedwagon
    "Lately we're acting like two kids in school, Spelling out things so he wont know we're through. We know it's over and we don't want to say, But letter by letter, he showed me today. And he really turned"
  • E-Pro - Beck
    "Beck Guero E-Pro See me comin' to town with my soul Scrape down at the bump of my fingers Holdin' over the devil I know All my troubles just hang on your trigger Take your eyes and ?? to the road Shoot"
  • E-Beat - Midnight Oil
    "There is a place we're coming to It is not green it is not blue I hope that you understand The devil was a dancing on the old foreshore Hitting up on bright lights and the liquor stores Save me, please"
  • E mail - Pet Shop Boys
    "Communications never been as easy as today And it would make me happy when you'd gone so far away you'd send me an email that says "I love you" send me an email that says "I love you" Now time and distance"
  • L.O.V.E - E-Rotic
    "Take off your shirt Feel free like a bird Makin love in the sun is fun I've heard Im coming from far away Coming to you and thats what i say I'm Ronny - the sunshine man I will love you in the sand I got"
  • Doko e - CAN
    "Those filthy bloody factories in Tokyo,Its just a polluted city.Where can we go?Discover Japan!The pollution is making it more and more shitty.For Gods sake, lets get away.But where can we escape to?This"
  • Rhapsody In E - Pyogenesis
    "Starring at the seas of time, I see some memories in my mind Waiting for the call to leave this happiness, this happiness all day Disgust me, distrust me My own rhapsodie in E Believe me, decease me My"
  • Capital M-e - Taking Back Sunday
    "The nicest man i ever met was more malicious than malcontent yeah he taught me how to hold my tongue and wait to strike til their backs were turned and you slither away like the snake that you are yeah"
  • E-Coli 0157 - Arzt+Pfusch
    "creep through the valleys i flow through the air i pump through your veins i'm the embodied despair your blood turns to shit i burn in your gut 2000 school children their bodies will rot i am"
  • E S P - Bee Gees
    "Bee Gees ESP E S P Dark is the night High is the fire Touches the sky Love with no shape or form I am in your mind's eye Just let your dreams run wild Somewhere, out across the nation Someone, waiting"
  • E Pugno Limpio - Hoods
    "I hope you fucking beat me when it's twenty on one I hope you have your gun the next time I come around all your friends a crew of fakes I know when it all comes down I'll bring this shit one on one and"
  • Aloha E Blues - Pizzicato Five
    "(konishi) Translators: ed valdez, taichi azuma, ted mills Aloha Natsuyasumi wa 'hawaii' de Oyoide sawaii de Yuukyuukyuuka de Nonbiri sugoshimasho Tokonatsu no 'paradise' Omiyage wa 'macadamia nuts' Yume"
  • E-Type - Paradise - Melodifestivalen
    "Away, astray, but on track to what I think, will be the best of times, when I'm on my own So if I may, I'll stay, as I am, a player always on the move I'm strong when I'm all alone Some things will change I"
  • Get away - E-Rotic
    "Get away get away Out of my life Get away get away Take the overdrive Get away get away Out of my heart Get away get away Cos we gotta part Ohhh-Ohhh Ohhh-Ohhh Come on and Lay your body down We'll go so"
  • Walk Away - E-Type
    "When I say you today how you tried to disguise all the feelings you've kept inside Then my world fell apart and I opened my eyes giving up on my foolish pride You may say that you've fallen for somebody"

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