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Awicii-Wake Me Ap

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Awicii-Wake Me Ap

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Awicii-Wake Me Ap
  • Pierpoljak Mon Ap
    "On peut donner des leons de moraleQuand on possde bonne soupe et bon feu,Mais quand on ne possde que peau de balle,On prend son plaisir o l'on peut.Dans le quartier, on me blague.Je suis un pilier de bistrot.C'est"
  • A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky) Long.Live.A$AP
    "I thought I'd probably die in prison, Expensive taste in women Ain't had no pot to piss in, now my kitchen full of dishes Nose bloody from that sniffin', Your heroin addiction Trigger finger itching fuck"
  • A$AP Rocky Long Live A$AP
    "I thought I'd probably die in prison, expensive taste in women Ain't had no pot to piss in, now my kitchen full of dishes Nose bloody from that sniffin', your heroin addiction Trigger finger itching fuck"
  • Juicy J Ice (ft. Future & A$AP Ferg)
    "So much ice, so much ice Your boy Juicy J, lets get it Time to hit the club, throw on my ice Anyone get wronged, put 'em on ice 10 bottles of the Ace, sittin' on ice Actavis with Jolly Ranchers, pour"
  • A$AP Ferg (ASAP Ferg) Pups (ft. A$AP Rocky)
    "where my dawgs at? (we right here, dawg!) where my dawgs at? (right here, dawg!) where my dawgs at? (we right here, dawg!) now where my dawgs at? (Frankie Mothafuck’ P) I said get at me I;m taking to"
  • A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky) A$AP Forever (ft. Moby)
    "Gang /3x They talking down on my name don’t let them run with the name man I just run with the gang Asap boys came with the flame Gang /3x They talking down on the gang they wanna rep with the name but"
  • Apathy Swagger Like Ap Boycotts
    "(Verse 1: Apathy) I ain't even gotta brag 'bout my swag, fuckin' fag, Charismatic, there you have it, Ap's got it in the bag, Thank my mother, thank my dad, 'cause maybe it's genetic, But you probably"
  • Junkies Ap
    "Refr.: Apm, vegyl nekem egy lakst Nem brom mr a zaklatst A faggatst, meg a nyaggatst Apm, vegyl nekem egy lakst n elmegyek innen, lelpek Ezutn nlkletek lek Valamibl majd meglek n elmegyek innen, lelpek Elegem"
  • Despina Vandi Vges Ap' To Mialo Mu
    "Me esena agapi mu ime toso erotevmeni Pu otan se vlepo miazo san ipnotismeni Kati mu his kani ke fovame Ki ute t' onoma mu pia thimame Sto stoma mu eho panta tin dikia su gefsi Ki ehi i morfi su"
  • Maroon 5 Whiskey (Feat. A$AP Rocky)
    "I never knew that love was blind 'Til I was hers, 'But she was never mine Yeah, I was reckless, but I let it burn I was soo youn Til she kissed me like a whiskey like a whiskey like a whiskey I ain't"
  • YG Handgun (ft. A$AP Rocky)
    "i just bought me a handgun and that shit come with the drum do a nigga fasl like And-1 I need a bag then ans some uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I hop out the tub my feet land on Gucci rug eat it up then"
  • T.I. Wildside (feat. A$AP Rocky)
    "Smoking weed, lighting kroll Only thing I’ve ever known is walk on the wild side Welcome to our life Springing ki’s, springing K’s Every day we’re getting paid to walk on the wild side Welcome to our life Come"
  • Ariana Grande Hands On Me (feat. A$AP Ferg)
    "Keep your hands on me Don't take them off until I say so Let me break you off We'll be taking off Or maybe making love You just keep your eyes on my you know what Trembling, when you touch Rush is racing"
  • Miguel Bose Eu N?o Quero Mais Me Ap?ixonar
    "No adianta pedir pr ficar No h mais nada a se dizer Se tudo agora tem que se acabar Melhor nunca mais te ver Eu no quero mais me apixonar Amar de nuevo um outro algum No suporto outro final assim Assim"
  • Lana Del Rey Groupie Love (ft. A$AP Rocky)
    "You’re in the bar, playing guitar I’m trying not to let the crowd next to me It’s so hard sometimes with the star When you have to share him with everybody You’re in the club, living it up I’m trying"
  • Mura Masa Love$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
    "The weather cold The weather so Chill, chilly really penguin feather roll Cause I'm sipping pro Yeah that meth is pro Promethazine, yeah a stepping stone Oh they acting up? Get your weapon drawn They"
  • Alicia Keys Blended Family (ft. A$AP Rocky)
    "Hey Imma really be a mother That don't mean that I don't really love you Even though I married your father That's not the only reason I'm here for you I think you're beautiful I think you're perfect I"
  • Fabster Rare (feat. A$AP Lotto & DJ Flip)
    "Don’t say my name I’m vine Range dope Nast beaches give me sloppy joy"
  • Big Sean Bezerk (ft. A$AP Ferg, Hit-Boy)
    "couple riders wht tchem llamos if you pick a bone wit me put my bitch up oon designer got Balenci on her feet my momma say a couple prayers keep them demons off me cause I know I am out there blessed got"
  • HAIM My Song 5 (ft. A$AP Ferg)
    "I found it hard Tried to reserve I'll get it right When I am hurt (hot for me) The man's his own (hot for me) And to her he´ll go (hot for me) But I`ll be fine (hot for me) `Cause I know He´s in her heart"

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