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Ayla woodruff

  • Ayla - Flash And The Pan
    "Ayla (Ayla, Ayla) Why'd you run away Why'd you run away (Ayla, Ayla) Why'd you hide away Why'd you hide away I tremble and shake Quiver and ache Suffer and sigh Fever is high Struggled, it's tough And"
  • Ayla - The Maccabees
    "Aimless am I listless I'm the blunt of the knife Drifting to the corners of life, Ayla I could make something right Gentle with the kindness I'd like So often it's a trick of the light, Ayla And we"
  • Ayla 2002 - Ayla
    "Ayla You fill my heart with peace Like rain on my skin You lead me safe to shore When you softly call me name You come to me with breeze Like the wind surrounding me Embrace my soul within As you carry"
  • Simarik (English Translation By Ayla) - Tarkan
    "with a man on her arm she drives me crazy blowing bubbles as she chews gum in her mouth and popping them shamelessly maybe that's the reason i'm smitten I haven't been able to own you can manhood tolerate"
  • Beautiful Day In The Woods (Ayla) - School For The Dead
    "There's a little lady in the house And she loves to run around On the carpet on a ramp Beneath a spiral staircase It's a spiral like a shell In a house that's like a boat On a pond that's like an ocean With"
  • Harmony - Ayla
    "Atlantis the world unity, Everybody wants to be free, To live in harmony. Atlantis the world unity, Everybody wants to be free, To live in harmony. Atlantis, you are the only one, Always trying to carry"
  • Sun Is Coming Out - Ayla
    "You fight the sunday crawling and you turn raindrops to sunlight, but secretly I ask myself am I just dreaming? I never want to get awake I still dream, the sun is coming out I still dream, the sun is"
  • Lulu - Ayla Nereo
    "Lulu lived her life like a child, wrapped up in arms that she kept all around her. then one day she passed by a man who smiled as she held out her hand to him. and he said, that's very nice but no thank"
  • The Cowboy's Lament - Ayla Nereo
    "as I passed by Tom Sherman's barroom, Tom Sherman's barroom so early one morn, I spied a young boy all dressed in his buckskins, dressed like a picture, all fit for his grave, CHORUS so beat the drum"
  • Old River - Ayla Nereo
    "do you remember Old River, as you run so fast, as you run so far? do you remember Old River, as you run so fast, as you run right past? did the shores that you flew by go by in a blur, or did you see"

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