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Az Azs Chillin

  • Az's Chillin' - Az
    "Aight I'm waitin on you.. AZ's chillin, Brooklyn's chillin What mo' can I say? Why catch feelings Used to hide the crack in the hotel ceilings But that was way back when I was wholesale fillers We"
  • Chillin - Don Omar & Tego Calderon
    "Pa que? Pa que? Pa que lo sepa Calderon y Don Pa que? Pa que? Pa que lo sepa Chilling, real viviendo Chilling, como soy as muero, Chilling, sin importar lo que digan Chillin, Chillin, Chillin"
  • Chillin - Don Omar
    "(Feat. Tego Calderon)Pa que?Pa que?Pa que lo sepaCalderon y DonPa que?Pa que?Pa que lo sepaChilling, real viviendoChilling, como soy as muero,Chilling, sin importar lo que diganChillin, Chillin, ChillinChillin,"
  • Chillin - Wale ft. Lady Gaa
    "Looking at looking at looking at me Look at that looking how they looking at me Eyes are sticking like honey young beast Look at that looking how they looking at me Yea uh uh.. DC chillin, PG chillin"
  • Chillin - The Game
    "We've gt 2 chill.. Chorus Aa aa aa aa aa aa aa "I'm chillin" (x 8) Verse 1 Guess whos bizack No it aint him no L.A dodger fit da cap wit the brim low blowin' on endo roll dwn da window matter fact let"
  • Chillin' - Modjo
    "One night in a disco Chillin' with my friends Feelin' kind of love I was sitting on a fence Suddenly I saw her Dancing on the scene Just like in a dream She would set my heart on fire I feel so high Dancing"
  • Chillin - Modjo Band
    "One night in a disco Chillin' with my friends Feelin' kinda low I was sitting on a fence Suddenly I saw her Dancing on the scene Just like in a dream She would set my heart on fire I feel so high Dancing"
  • Chillin - Gemelli DiVersi
    "Rit:(GRIDO/STRANO) Hey baby don't say/ everything is ok/ what's goin' on in the world today/ you make my life so complete/ when I lose my self on your lips/ no rules to follow at all/ within my body and"
  • Az - Mor ve
    "su damlas gibi hayat, zgrm slak, plak, prl prl bir damla iimde uzak bir k, bir lk gibi aryor beni biliyorsun az ok gryorsun her eyi biliyorsun az oktur sahip olduka hep bir yenisi daha slak, plak, prl"
  • Az - Junkies
    "Olyan szp s nyugodt minden Szinte elfelejtem mr Hogy holnap messze jrok innen Test nlkl az gen t Az gen t... Meghtrlni tudom ks Nem is szmt, nem is fj Megnyugtat, hogy a mreg eltlt Szntelen, szagtalan"
  • Az - A
    "Yeah yeahWord up (Yeah son)Yeah yo how this goin down nine-sixHow we livin son (exoticness)Nine-six exoticness (representin)Know what I mean? (A )A (yo how we livin?)This is New York CityNinety-seven SosaA"
  • Az - Ayabie
    ""Kimi no hitomi wa isuka kagayaku tameni sora ga kureta no" arekara yamanai ame no naka de utsumuku kimi ni todoku you ni Konayuki mau sora ni mukai hohoemu kimi no hoho wo tsutau boku wo keshite Mou onaji"
  • Just Chillin' - Crash Test Dummies
    "You said you like mixin' it up I said I don't like to chat You said you smoked the big kahunas I said I'm not like that I'm just chillin', I'm just hangin' So don't be spillin' your stuff on me I'm"
  • Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin - Bomb The Music Industry!
    "Cold face, cold legs. Walk three blocks and pay two bucks. One bold sign: Interference on the line, waiting twenty minutes time every time. Transfer at Bedford, twenty more Manhattan bound, ten billion"
  • Officially chillin - I Voted For Kodos
    "Sometimes I find, cuando My mind unwinds, takes me away to a different kind of place Feels like I'm floating through space and I feel the sun in my face And it's all right And I'm Chillin' Officially"
  • Chillin' Tonight - Lil' Kim
    "Yeah I'm chillin with my nigga tonight I'm chillin with my nigga tonight Yeah I'm chillin with my nigga tonight My girls going out tonight (Yeah) And I'm a fall back tonight Me and my man taking it"
  • I'm Chillin' - The Game
    "You Got's To Chill I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm Chillin' [8x] Guess who's bizzack No it ain't hypno L.A. Dodger fitted cap with the brim low Blowin' on endo Roll down yo window Matter fact let the top back and"
  • Cold chillin' - Len
    "feat. Kurtis Blow Ayo what's up, my name is D-Rock the number one I'm here to celebrate the first annual Four Ways to Rock blowing up the spot party We got the MCs, DJs and breakers up in here tonight"
  • Just chillin' - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Been chillin er with fcukin 2 Hats this week fcukin knows itI likes to chill take it easy watchin and listenin to Peter Alliss hes fcukin greatGLCRelaxation is important my community welfare officer suggested"
  • Just Chillin' - Craig David
    "Uh oh uh oh Uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh I'm in the club tonight kicking back (so what's up?) Just chillin' Ain't no question that this pretty girl wanna be all up in it I'm in the mood tonight to get"

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