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Az New Life Album Intro

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Az New Life Album Intro

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Az New Life Album Intro
  • Az New Life (Album Intro)
    "Birds flyin' high you know how I feel Sun in the sky you know how I feel Reeds driftin' on by you know how I feel It's a new dawn, it's a new day It's a new life for me, yes It's a new dawn, it's a new"
  • La The Darkman Az The World Turnz (Album Version)
    "(Intro: La The Darkman, (Raekwon)) Word up. La The Dark' and Chef. (True. Let's get it right.) Aiyyo. Fourth. (Let's get it right like white.) Burning that ass. Sniff it up. (You know how we go, kid.) Like"
  • Nas Album Intro
    "-Hey Nas, hey hey boy, you see what they done did to Jimmy and Lee. Mmmhmm. Damn, man. -I can't take it man. Sho' can't. -You think this is gonna eva' change? Man, damn this place, man! Damn these"
  • A New Found Glory Intro (New Found Glory Album)
    "Don't believe a word A word they say It's more than a T-shirt It's more than a tattoo It's more than a phase This is how I was raised You keep trying To market this feeling I heard what you said And no"
  • Yo Gotti Life (Intro)
    "(news reporter) Gotti gotti we've been dying to get a hold of you for this interview You have this new album dropping and everyone just wants to know What's been going on with you where have you been? (Yo"
  • Nasty Boy Klique Party In Az
    "(Intro) On a hot dessert high way rollin my 64 feel the heat from the blacktop represent with my boys all the cars start to raise up all the girls on the floor gettin ready for the party tonight through"
  • Az Hey Az (LP Version)
    "(feat. SWV) What's the deal son? Herm Fiasco It's the world famous AZ Show For the world (AZ Show) No doubt, time to mellow out Party at the yellow house, yell it out Invites only, don't tell no slouch How"
  • B.G. Intro
    "Its bout dat time, believe it Its bout dat time, believe it Its bout dat time, believe it Oh yeah, we bout to do it.. its bout dat time its bout dat time, look I went back in V.L. with my dawg Ziggly,"
  • Mims Intro
    "Music is my savior, when i was young, where I'm from people didn't get out, people just sat on the corners hustling for years, no sense of hope, just an addiction to survive off other peoples addictions,"
  • Screwed Up Click Intro
    "Southside... (Lil' Keke) Herschelwood, Sunnyside, South Park Dead End, Cloverland, Yellowstone, Inyard Southwest, Braeswood, S.A., 3rd Ward West Square, Blueridge, Mo City, Hiram-Clarke G.I. down version,"
  • Ol' Dirty Bastard Intro
    "Ahh ahh, I never saw so many people tonight I mean y'all all got it crowded up in here and that's good I'm glad that y'all givin it up for him, y'all givin it up for him that's good -- y'all make me want"
  • Nasty Boy Klick Az Side
    "(radio) Yo it's k karoni wnbk the only radio station that slams a jam Check this out it's lastest from nasty boy klick it's the az side (chorus) x1 Take a little trip,take a little trip with me Take a"
  • A Az
    "Yeah yeahWord up (Yeah son)Yeah yo how this goin down nine-sixHow we livin son (exoticness)Nine-six exoticness (representin)Know what I mean? (A )A (yo how we livin?)This is New York CityNinety-seven SosaA"
  • Kid Rock Intro (Kid Rock Album)
    "Our lesson begins in the small town of Romeo, Michigan... 1985. Several years ago Deep on the West side of Detroit I rank souly with old and new school rules of hip hop Don Balaw, Wes Chill and my DJ"
  • Nas It Was Written Album Intro
    "*Yee-hah's and whips cracking in background* -Hey Nas, hey hey boy, you see what they done did to Jimmy and Lee. Nas:Mmmhmm. Damn, man. -I can't take it man. Nas:Sho' can't. -You think this is gonna"
  • Boyz N Da Hood Album Intro
    "(P. Diddy (intro talking)) Dis Bad Boy South bitch Block Entertainment Ladies and Gentleman Im about top introduce to you (Itz about dat time) 4 of tha realest niggaz to come up out tha hood As I introduce"
  • Ray Price Night Life - Intro And Theme
    "When the evening sun goes down Hi neighbors it is sundown at our house As we make this new Columbia album for you We wanna thank you for being so nice on our last album It was wonderful the way you accepted"
  • Eminem Superman (Album Version)
    "Intro: (Dina Rae) Oooooh (Eminem) You hot baby? (Dina Rae) Yaaahhh. (Eminem) Yah? (Dina Rae) Talk to me. (Eminem) You want me to tell you something? (Dina Rae) Uh huh. (Eminem) I know what you want to"
  • Biz Markie Intro
    "My name is Biz Markie, I rock for Queens, Astoria My new album is called, "Weekend Warrior" But every time that I always hit a note Just like DJ Kool, "eh-ah," Let Me Clear My Throat But let me tell"
  • Church Intro
    "Next up is a band that formed in Australia back in 1980.And they've evolved since then. They're not your usual pop-rock band. As a matter of fact, this band's music is much more rich and detailed and nuanced"

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