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Az Take It Off

  • Take It Off - Az
    "Yeah, go 'head, back it up, you can hold me baby I just wanna see you take it off Baby you got what I need now Couple bottles of cris, let's get it on now From the front of the club to the back now I"
  • Az - A
    "Yeah yeahWord up (Yeah son)Yeah yo how this goin down nine-sixHow we livin son (exoticness)Nine-six exoticness (representin)Know what I mean? (A )A (yo how we livin?)This is New York CityNinety-seven SosaA"
  • Az Side - Nasty Boy Klick
    "(radio) Yo it's k karoni wnbk the only radio station that slams a jam Check this out it's lastest from nasty boy klick it's the az side (chorus) x1 Take a little trip,take a little trip with me Take a"
  • Az U - Jon B.
    "Verse 1: Now not that all the time that you take To get ready ain't good for something Not that the trip to the plaza Spend a couple hours by yourself shopping's nothing Not that the beautiful sundress"
  • Hey Az (LP Version) - Az
    "(feat. SWV) What's the deal son? Herm Fiasco It's the world famous AZ Show For the world (AZ Show) No doubt, time to mellow out Party at the yellow house, yell it out Invites only, don't tell no slouch How"
  • Take It Off - De La Soul
    "(It's hurting.) (Smell your breath!) (You smell like Jabba.) (Your nose is what's doing it.) (You're talking into the recording... YO!) (Okay Lucky, start it off.) Take take take take take it off..."
  • Take It Off - Regi & Kaya Jones
    "Ooh.. Take it off... Yeah.... And you , you can't remind me of who I really am I've got your T-shirt on but you can take it off So take it off So take it off When I'm with you, I want you I'll"
  • Take It Off - Omarion
    "I love how you doing the things you do Ghetto girl with the braids and the Nike shoes I don't mean no disrespect to you But a nigga really tryna F**K wit you See you looking at me with those hazel eyes Big"
  • Take It Off - Andrew W.K.
    "Take It Off! Gotta get ready to go 'cos it's time again we know (we are the ones) who do it numb again Just thought (who you are) You better get ready again 'Cos mister what-do-ya-got! You've got to break"
  • Take it off - Pharrell Williams
    "We've just been laughin' Chattin' but nothins happened Cuz I promise I'll be gentle I know your mind is travelin' I can tell you want some I know you wanna come in my arms (my arms) (you want some) Take"
  • Take It Off - Paul Brandt
    "(Paul Brandt) If you got worry on your mind Pain that's piling up inside your heart Take it off If the piece that you've been tryin' to find Is held down by a load of lies and scars Take it off Take"
  • Take It Off - Kiss
    "Well my mind is gettin' dirty yeah around eleven thirty, uh huh I wanna watch some asses shakin' to the noise the boys are makin', uh huh Ooh, so I hop into my car, hit the local titty bar, uh huh 'Cause"
  • Take It Off - LL Cool J
    "I didn't even know a young lady could look that good I'm ready da bounce outa queens and come to your hood I'm ready da change your life baby, spend some cash Because you got me chinky eyed like blunts"
  • Take it off - Andrew Wk
    "Gotta get ready to go 'cos it's time again we know (we are the ones) who do it numb again Just thought (who you are) You better get ready again 'Cos mister what-do-ya-got! You've got to break out again!"
  • Take It Off - Firehouse
    "Take it off by Firehouse Baby step right up and don't be shy There's no doubt tonight's the night The way you've been teasin' me we're both gettin' hot Now I think it's time you show me everything"
  • Take It Off - MC Lyte
    "Now you called my house and you said come over Your mother and your father are gone, and you're alone with Rover the dog, but now you're frontin You said if I come you'd give me somethin So don't start"
  • Take It Off - UGK
    "Take it off.. Baby take it alll.. off.. (Pimp C) Uhh, take it off chick, bend over, let me see it If you lookin for a trill-type figure, let me be it Got the V-12 Benz, parked outside It ain't enough room"
  • Take It Off - Dr. Octagon
    "(featuring Nancy Des Rose) (Kool Keith) New Nancy Des Rose (Nancy Rose) Keith you gon' hold this track down for me? I'm goin upstairs to change, I gotta get on stage Aight? I'll be back later (Kool Keith) My"
  • Take it off - Busta Rhymes
    "Take off your shoesMake you dance in your socksFor blocksNigga be dippin a million.What, hot!Better pause and take a look.There's a whole lot of whores.Run up in a storm.Bitch a try to take you for yours"
  • Take it off - Ricky Nelson
    "A place like this - a girl like you Is all I need to get me through I'm hypnotized when you take the stage Table dance my blues away From Officer Easy to Little Bo Peep She's a master of disguise She's"

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