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Azealia Banks - Atlantis

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Azealia Banks - Atlantis

  • Atlantis - Azealia Banks
    "Hi, hi, alright, hey, alright Why you’ve been running your mouth All out, and wipe for it’s just island Right to mention you, and I heard why a word But I was in New York, New York, New York I, I, I know"
  • Control It (ft. Azealia Banks) - Shystie
    "I’ll run up on a brother, whats age, whats ya name? Do you drive, what suit do you wear, where’d you stay? Do you stay with your mother, have you got your own place? What car do you drive, do you smoke,"
  • The Kids Aren't Alright (ft. Azealia Banks) - Fall Out Boy
    "Break down Let me tell you how I get it up Uh, run the town with my number one Together we the deuce Numbers in pursuit for the loot His best friend was a Sphinx Now we cashing out at Drews On a wave from"
  • Atlantis - Christian Walz
    "It's a rainy day reality Base it all upon insanity Future now will soon be yesterday Finding trouble in our usual way It's a rainy day reality Base it all upon insanity Future now will soon be yesterday Finding"
  • Atlantis - Georg Danzer
    "Der Kontinent von Atlantis war einst eine Insel die vor der groen Flut in jenem Gebiet lag das wir heute den Atlantischen Ozean nennen. So gro war diese Insel da von ihren westlichen Ksten die Seeleute"
  • Atlantis - Ring Of Fire
    "Atlantis Ancient Mysterious Lost in the red mist of time Pillars of hercules Leads to the city of light Your golden temples I see Walls made of jewels And two sacred pools of peace Bursting with light Like"
  • Atlantis - Modern Talking
    "Lady I know it will be hard but it's much harder to ignore. There is a chance and I'll promise I won't hurt you anymore. Hollywood nights we're romancing you can trust me anytime. Somewhere oh baby there"
  • Atlantis - Angel Witch
    "Therell be no tomorrow if the final curtain falls,As a volcano erupts everything crushes to the ground,No one can hope, unsafeness panic blocks their roadsand their paths,Apocalypse is happening and nobody"
  • Atlantis - Seven Witches
    "Deep within the oceans depths lies a sight you must behold Time and time again the tale is told A super race of human kind light years beyond us all then disaster made the greatest city fall See them"
  • Atlantis - Kate Bush
    "In that ocean. Wide eyed and deeper in your gaze, And bluer than the bright that's in the cave. There is a city, Came out from you, Atlantis In ruins, sunken below the waves But in the city, Where there"
  • Atlantis - Salamandra
    "Listen to the story that once upon a time Somewhere in the ocean an isle appeared for a while Beyond Hercules pillars the great and huge empire Conquering every country big power on the sea None will"
  • Atlantis - Pallas
    "Rising up the crystal dome of life before the final war Breaks the waves of sea and air to save us from a deadly fall Coming up from far below Ocean floors unknown to man The Sentinel waited silently Until"
  • Atlantis - Third Moon
    "I drown in bloody hands as I bury the withers of human kind Cold but fluid the spiral stygian tears The birds once wept in waters still blind Sombre the spectrum glows in the snow Nothing but dust bleeds"
  • Atlantis - Decoded Feedback
    "I feel safe when you hold me I feel safe when you look over me I feel safe when you stand next to me I've been waiting for you I've been waiting for us Together again Like this land, and the oceans I"
  • Atlantis - Lunatica
    "With pure innocence in heart she walks through the woods Her long coat embraces her like raven wings Cold steel in her hands, a red thin trace Follows her steps through the snow In this cold world of hypocrisy"
  • Atlantis - Esqarial
    "Wicked land, where is the future, I will wander about the world As long as I live or secure the objects I reach the heaven on this world or I die I feel like a wonder - worker, I feel I could to change"
  • Atlantis - Ellie Goulding
    "This is new Feels unused I've never met anyone like you Frightening Feeling naked Sense in searching something sacred I'll forget you not I'll forget you not I'll forget you not I'll wait for you..."
  • Atlantis, Farewell... - Visions Of Atlantis
    ""Not fair, a tale for drowning souls on higher grounds as even wishes play their game It's like the joy of lying naked in the sand, and yet no reason to constrain..." Sleeping as she took herself to the"
  • KANYE WEST” (F*ck him all day) - Azealia Banks
    "Utwór Azealia Banks 'KANYE WEST” (F*ck him all day)' ukaże się 9 lipca 2021 roku. Piosenka znajdzie się na płycie Azealia Banks 'Fantasea the Second Wave'."
  • ****** Wit Banks - Ant Banks
    "Ooh, goddamn, I'm glad you set it off, ha ha, yeah, you know Pooh-Man, big sucker, fat face fucker So won't you just pucker up and suck the nuts of The big, big bad ass nigga, Ant Banks, let's do this"

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