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  • B.U.D.D.Y. - Musiq
    "Pardon me darlin' If I alarmed ya I don't mean to bother you I just wanna Get you to pause and Slow your walk so Maybe we can talk And i can try to charm ya Just tryin to find out who you are I don't mean"
  • U Don't Wanna B.D.S. - De La Soul
    "Hahahahahahahahaha! HA! Check it out! It's Bumpy Knuckles baby, also known as Freddie Foxxx That's right, and I came to check my niggaz De La Soul See y'all niggaz don't really wanna bust dat shit huh Yaknahmsayin?"
  • B. J. The D. J. - Kitty Wells
    "A story bout a friend of mine who worked down near the Georgia Line A DJ in a little country station Everybody loved him dear cause he played what they liked to hear He built himself quite a reputation At"
  • Dur Dur D'?tre B - Jordy
    "C'est dur dur d'tre bb Oh la la bb, c'est dur dur d'tre bb Oh la la bb, c'est dur dur d'tre bb Dur dur d'tre bb Je m'appelle Jordy J'ai quatre ans et je suis petit Dur dur d'tre bb, dur dur d'tre bb Viens"
  • D - Guano Apes
    "Do you really feel the same when your cigarette's lying between your lips Why do you always need some stars They just go out to find themselves Why do we never, ever had My life is stepping far ahead Why"
  • D - Emilie Simon
    "Oh mon amour, mon me-sur Je compte les jours, je compte les heures Je voudrais te dessiner dans un dsert Le dsert de mon cur Oh mon amour, ton grain de voix Fait mon bonheur chaque pas Laisse-moi te"
  • D&D - Stephen Lynch
    "00:04]Harmonica. [00:10]More harmonica. I got my twelve sided die and I'm ready to roll with a wizard and my goblin crew. My friends are coming over to my mom's basement bringing Funyuns and the Mountain"
  • B - IdleMiND
    "The floor barely withstands you The walls are thankful they're not mirrors You can barely bear your own presence Through all this smoke you've lost yourself Took all that glittered for gold, and you grew"
  • B - XIII.stolet
    "Zmky dve neotvr kdy zd prochz Snad 400let star dma s tv mladistvch Je Blou pan starch zmk bl zjeven A z pavuin m zvoj bl bl ven /:Tak ji ruku dej jen ji ruku dej a poj dl:/ Ona provede t chodbami zmku A"
  • Let Go - Souljahz
    "Sunny blue skies when my clouds been gray Glass of cold water on a real hot day Hot cocoa in the mug when it's cold outside Like change for the bus when you got no ride Lemme tell you 'bout a friend"
  • Let go - Hannah Montana
    "From the first day I met yaI notice your styleHad that B-Boy swagger not one of the crowdAnd you talked like you knew meKept coming around and I fell for ya, yeahThen as time kept going I notice somethingsSaid"
  • I Won't Let You Down (B Side) - Westlife
    "Bryan: Your life's hard enough And your not strong enough To be bleeding from your heart The strain has got to much I feel your losing touch You let your inner beauty slide And if Im gone tomorrow"
  • Let It Rain - Heavy D
    "I don't wanna go outside I just wanna be with you I don't feel like takin' a ride You know what I wanna do Girl you makin' me sweat Come close Let's see how far we can get And I'll ease your pain So let"
  • A to B, C to D - Nits
    "(Peters) Hello my name is Mr Reasonable Always willing to lend an ear I am amazed by all your senseless talking And the silly notions I hear You said nothing Nothing can change your mind Some fools believe"
  • Polska A B C i D - Maria Peszek
    "chce mi się jeść chce mi się pić chce mi się kochać chce mi się śnić chce mi się krzyczeć chce mi się biec chce mi się chcieć dzieli nas wszystko nie łączy nic daj mi być sobą pozwól mi żyć inny nie znaczy gorszy"
  • D.U.M.B. - Nobodys
    "D U M B D is for dumb you're as stupid as can be U are unimportant you mean nothing to me M is for your mother for not aborting you B is 'cause you're boring and I don't like you D U M B You're so dumb D"
  • C'est Dur Dur D'?tre B - Jordy
    "duro, duro ser beb Oh l l beb, duro, duro ser beb duro, duro ser beb Me chamo Jordy Tenho quatro anos e sou pequeno duro, duro ser beb Venha aqui, no toque nisso Sente a, no v l Faa assim, faa assado Patati"
  • C'est Dur Dur D'?tre B - Jordy
    "C'est dur dur d'tre bb Oh l l bb, c'est dur dur d'tre bb Dur dur d'tre bb Je m'appelle Jordy C'est dur dur d'tre bb Oh l l bb, c'est dur dur d'tre bb Dur dur d'tre bb. Je m'appelle Jordy J'ai quatre ans"
  • Let Me Go - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(t. b. schmit/w. jennings/b. gaitsch) Seems these days there is no one talking Breaking up and they're breaking down You and I fight almost all night Leaves us crying in the morning light Never knowing"
  • D.U.B. - UB40
    "When me reach me yard me got one thing on me mind, To hold me little woman and fe make her feel irie. Be play album, dub plate, and forty-five For dat's the kind of riddim that keeps me alive. Me turn"

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