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B.R.O - Szybko (pale kid rap fast in Poland)

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B.R.O - Szybko (pale kid rap fast in Poland)

  • Poland story - Vavamuffin
    "(Pablopavo & Chorus) To jest historia polskiego reggae massive Pablopavo nawija tu do Ciebie jak Anonim Gall To jest historia polskiego reggae massive Kiedy muzyka reggae spadła tutaj na ten kraj (Pablopavo)"
  • Rap - Curse
    "ey mach mal langsam, was isn los? ich hör leute sagen ich hätt hip hop verraten und hätt keinen flow, ich glaub so langsam ihr peilt es noch nicht, zeig mir einen mc der so abwechslungsreich am mic"
  • Szybko nie przestanę - Vixen
    "Robię swoje i nie przestanę Daję wersy nowe, a nie przestanę Robię swoje i nie przestanę Mam obłęd w oczach, niweluję błędy Robię rap obłędny, czyli bieg na pętli O bok sentymenty, mam patenty różne Elementy"
  • Fast 30 - Fettes Brot
    "''Boris:'' Scheie, ich hab echt keinen Schimmer gehabt jetzt bin ich fast 30 und fahr immer noch Rad Hab kein' Fhrerschein, bin albern und hab Flausen im Kopp doch da drauen hab ich schon mehrere Tausend"
  • Fast Life - Kool G Rap
    "The time has come, we gotta expand, the whole operation Distribution, New York, to Chicago, L.A. We gotta set our own market, and enforce it Verse One: Kool G Rap Champagne wishes of caviar"
  • Gangsta Rap - Tha Dogg Pound
    "(Crooked I) Yeah, it's that untouchable gangsta Crooked in to I go I'm from a long lost tribe called "Fuck a Hoe" Come through in a new Chevy, droppin game like it's too heavy Well for you suckers that's"
  • Murder Rap - Above The Law
    "(Now I got a murder rap) (Cause a brother like me said, well...) Yo, Cold 187 They tryin to give you a murder rap And you ain't even like that Yo, serve these niggas, cause they deserve to get dissed (Yeah)"
  • Fast Life - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "The time has come, we gotta expand, the whole operation Distribution, New York, to Chicago, L.A. We gotta set our own market, and enforce it Verse One: Kool G Rap Champagne wishes of caviar dreams ?a"
  • Rap Promoter - A Tribe Called Quest
    "{Q-Tip} It's a fly love song To the effect of nothing, effective fronting is what I don't allow so let me tell you something I am a bon-a-fide Not too modest and not a lot of pride Soon to have a ride"
  • Pale - Deathbot
    "Hail your heart Hail these hands I'll run my love, luck Where I stand Now my city calls To just roll nowhere Aint no wanderlust left Behind these stares Just pale pale pictures On these wide wide windows"
  • Pale - Kristin Hersh
    "Before I go to you I never wash my neck... 'Cause when the music starts it goes straight to my head... And I break out in pale... You better bring your fork and knife... Till we see eye to eye... 'Cause"
  • Pale - Never Heard Of It
    "I never see you when you're smiling Look down on what you've down Feeling guilt from what they've taken From you and when you were young Holding back your tears from crying They been frozen now for years Let"
  • Pale - Within Temptation
    "The world seems not the same Though I know nothing has changed It's all my state of mind I can't leave it all behind I have to stand up to be stronger I have to try to break free From the thoughts in"
  • Detroit Rap City - Eminem
    "[ Chorus - Eminem ] Where's my gangstas and all my thugs? Throw them hands up and show some love And I Welcome u to Detroit City I said welcome to Detroit City Every place everywhere we go Man we deep"
  • Fast Lane - Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce)
    "First verse, uh I’m on ’til I’m on a island My life’s ridin’ on the Autobahn on autopilot Before I touch dirt, I’ll kill you all wit’ kindness I kill ya, my natural persona’s much worse You’ve been warned"
  • Nowhere Fast - Blackalicious
    "Now you, who ever you are, as you're listening to what I'm going to say, will probably not want to believe what I'm going to tell you. And there isn't any way in which I can make you believe; I can"
  • Mania szybko - Fatum
    "Jak zwiać od szarości dni Jak się odczepić od codziennych spraw Każdy pyta o to Jak mieć kilka dobrych chwil Gdy każda bez przerwy ucieka nam Jak tu być wciąż sobą Ja swój na to przepis mam I nic nie może"
  • Creep Fast - Twista
    "(feat. T-Pain) (Police! We Have A Search Warrant) C'mon C'mon Eh T-Pain, Its Twista Come This Way, We Gotta Creep Fast. Watch As I Hit It Through The Middle Of The City On The Chevy And I'm Ready"
  • Fast Peg - LL Cool J
    "Yeah Funky! Uh Yeah Yo, let me tell you bout a girl named Peg A D.C. haircut and stewardess legs Dressed to kill, her physique is ill Her face belongs on a dollar bill Her boyfriend's down with the M-O-B Drivin"
  • Fast Shadow - The RZA
    "(Method Man) I'm sayin, you-could-you could just come over top of that shit... Did I hear it? Nigga and bang your head, PUNK!! (Ol' Dirty Bastard) *in background repeating* SUCK A DICK!!! 6x SUCK MY"

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