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B.R.O 1 beat 10 styli rapowania

  • 1 Beat 10 stylów rapowania! - B.R.O
    "(Yo)(Aha)(Okay!) Wiele osób o mnie pisze w sieci a mi za to wpada tutaj znów sub wygrywamy sobie internety od kąt wjechaliśmy z tym na youtube nowy filmik sobie znowu wleciał przez te okno zrobie puk puk"
  • 1 beat 10 stylów rapowania - Bro
    "WSTAWKA: Je, aha, okej (Numer 1) Wiele osób o mnie piszę w sieci a mi za to wpada tutaj znów sub wygrywamy sobie internety odkąd wjechaliśmy z tym na youtube, nowy filmik sobie znowu wleci, a ja przez"
  • B.R.O vs B.R.O - B.R.O
    "Dokładnie 10 lat temu, 30 stycznia 2011 roku, pojawił się ten filmik na YouTube’ie i rozpoczęła się moja kariera. Minęła dekada, dlatego na ten mały jubileusz, zróbmy coś specjalnego... Siemano byku,"
  • 10:1 - Rogue Wave
    "curious talk at the photomat do you really think you're all that? with your head down you're 10 to 1 we don't need to read or rhyme only breaking down maybe half of the time what you couldn't fit you're"
  • 10:1 - Sportfreunde Stiller
    "Startschuss wir mssen los Wir werden euch jetzt dass Spiel erklrn Ihr msst nur ein paar Minuten eurer Zeit entbehrn Keine Bange dass dauert nicht lange Denn wir sind schneller als der Schall Auf jeden"
  • Bro - Religijne
    "Ref. Broń nas, broń nas, Panie, Boże naszw ten czas, w ten czas trudnych wydarzeńi z nami idź, i ostoja bądź.Prosimy Cię, Ty razem z nami idź.1. Bo Ciebie nawet zachód słońca nie zasłonii wichry, które"
  • Zwykle nie rapuj - 2cztery7
    "Tak, haha, 2cztery7 i nasi gracze, sprawdź ich Mam 63 lata, wiem, życie przede mną i więcej, iż na rapie zarobiłem na allegro Teraz (ha) już nikt mnie nie okrada ale co z tego, gdy nie ma sensu wydawać bo"
  • 10 - Brandon Hines
    "Im ready Are you ready too babe Count It out, Count It Out It's slowly taking over me The feeling that my mind just can't beat Never thought we'd be You and me all alone Do you think that this is"
  • 10 1/2 - Killing The Dream
    "But now all that's left is this line, and I'm crossing it again. Just one more time for the last time. And the worst part is in the end, I know that you'll be there on either side again, no matter what"
  • Badd Beat - Gatsbys American Dream
    "We'll book this tour and it'll be oh so good But we're gonna steal your guarantee oh steer clear we're on a wicked path we've got plans Wicked Plans And it's the least we can do because we gotta get ours"
  • It's Everyday Bro (feat. Team 10) - Jake Paul
    "You all can’t handle this You all don’t know what is About happened baby team 10 Los aNGElec – cali boy But I’m form ohio White boy It’s everyday bro Whit the Disney chnnel folw 5 milll on yt in 6 Months"
  • 3 To 10 - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "It's 3 to 10 the pigs are here Give me 10 seconds to slam my beers No wounded soldiers kill them all The pigs found me in a bathroom stall They called me an addict, fucking alcoholic Now I got bread and"
  • # 1 Stunna - Big Tymers
    "Big Tymers I Got That Work (explicit) # 1 Stunna I like to fuck 'em in they ass while he beat up the pussy I'm the number-one stunna - you don't want my shit I'ma stunt 'til i die, bitch, the shit don't"
  • 1 Stunna - Big Tymers
    "Nigga can't out-stunt me when I come in these fuckin' cars, nigga Believe that! You know me - I don't need no introduction and shit Ride Bentley's 'round the city on buttons, ya bitch Arm hangin', wrist"
  • Rock the Beat - Ed O.G.
    "( *DJ Supreme One cuts up* ) (Rock the Beat) --> L.L. Cool J [ VERSE 1 ] Yo, I'm the doloist soloist Who got 'dro to twist, prefer the brew over Cris' To my independent women and my male chauvinists Throw"
  • 10 Out of 10 - Beenie Man
    "Intro:Zo! Zagga zeh! Anyway!And if yuh did a wuk yuh girlfriend right Tell mi weh she woulda leff yuh fah, like how Puff could lose JenniferAnd come 'round yah and a murma (Bout him waan a girl)And if"
  • 10 Knots - D:a:d
    "My kitchen floor started cracking And out jumped a man Big, red and horny I was shaking the devil's hand You've got hell of a reputation And that's the name of my game And I've been digging all night 'Cause"
  • 1St & 10 - Ludacris
    "Click, click Click, click Yeah Click, click DTP nigga! I started with ten mack tens And ten clips and ten pens Got ten times richer in the span of ten years Bitch I'm ten times two on a scale of one"
  • 1+1 - Kate Hudson
    "Get a girl, org et a boy 1+1 Take ‘em right down to the shore 1+1 Give your all and ive soem more 1+1 Let the music free your soul Sway with me to the light Hold me for just one night Hold me for just"
  • 10 mii - Animal X
    "1.Am un gand in cap sa bag zilele'ntr'un sac Sa le-arunc departe intr-un lac. Sa vezi ca nu mai este timp. Poate te grabesc dar iesire nu gasesc Rezolvarea este-n mana ta. Joaca-ti cartea, nu ezita. Pune"

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