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  • Beast In Black - BEAST IN BLACK
    "Beast In Black (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)"
  • Born Again - BEAST IN BLACK
    "OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO Track taken from the album 'BERSERKER'."
  • Born Again - Black Veil Brides
    "The Faith and the Fighter lighting up the streets, singing for the damned. Confessing to the choir, bury every beast and we are Born Again. The blood runs over me but not the cavalry. I am alone in"
  • Born Again - Black Sabbath
    "As you look through my window Deep into my room At the tapestries all faded Their vague and distant glories Concealed in the gloom The icy fingers of forgotten passions Softly brushing my lips At the tips"
  • Beast - Talib Kweli
    "Dave this a monster (Hook)- Talib Kweli When the boys with the tech's throwin up they sets And the spot so hot the ceiling starts to sweat That's when the beast come out That's when the beast come out That's"
  • Born Again - Murray McLauchlan
    "I was closed mouthed I was closed minded Bangin' my head on the wall I was blinded But you did it You put the light in my eyes What's happened to me I feel born again Born again to be Somebody like I"
  • Born Again - Starsailor
    "But for the grace of God she'd cry herself to sleep, Because the grace of God is something she can keep. Ohhh it won't be long until their hold is broken, Ohhh it won't be long until we've found our home. It's"
  • Born Again - Birgit
    "Lyrics: j. joyce/n. hembley I was a dirty little swirl little crazy girl A runaway child in a fatherless world And everybody tried to be the one to save me No way it was never gonna be enough By the way"
  • Born Again - Bobaflex
    "HA! HA! Down in the gutter where the light doesn't shine I beg for crumbs with the rats and the bums. HA! Hear the bastard laughing they say: "Son its over". HA! You can't stop me but you try Do you ever"
  • Born Again - We're About 9
    "In my other life I was a five dollar an hour parking spot In an overdone main street So cut me some slack 'Cause my customers all drove Shiny little red things and avoided eye contact And I always said That"
  • Born Again - Marilyn Manson
    "Do you or don't you want this to be your song? It doesn't take a rebel to sing along. This art is weak in its pretty frame and I am a monkey with a misspelled name "I'll put down you disco and take you"
  • Born Again - Third Day
    "Well today I found myself After searching all these years And the man that I saw Wasn't at all who I thought it'd be I was lost when you found me I was broken beyond repair Then you came along And you"
  • Born Again - Rootwater
    "I don't remember the home I don't remember the love I don't remember the sound of my mother's voice My mother's voice... I remember only the screams of terrified people They've seen fire and pain, and"
  • Born Again - Undying
    "where the footsteps of one culture tread the righteous still sing as we march to the tune of "humanity's" hymn a restless night awaits the dawn of a silent spring our mythos and this way of life have led"
  • Beauty Of The Beast - Nightwish
    "Trees have dropped their leaves, Clouds their waters All this burden is killing me Distance is covering your way, Tears your memory All this beauty is killing me Oh, do you care, I still feel for you So"
  • I've Been Born Again - Glenn Frey
    "I've been born again I'm a brand new man (kind of brand new) I've been born again Saturday night in the city Parties on every block It's a temptation for a man who loves to party But my party days had"
  • Riding The Beast - Tad Morose
    "Time after time and once again See all the while they feed us only lies Twelve stars all plain to see and in my heart I fear yes we all fear the war's not truly over In the streets we see the signs and"
  • My Inner Beast - Compos Mentis
    "As I scrutinize my inner self I see what I really am I understand that evil is a part of me I don't know what to do All my life it has been suppressed Now I can't hold it back Abrupt outbursts of rage"
  • The Friendly Beast - Garth Brooks
    "Jesus our brother kind and good Was humbly born I a stable of wood And the friendly beasts around him stood Jesus our brother kind and good "i" said the donkey shaggy and brown I carried his"
  • Born In Blood - Cage
    "Rise almighty dark lord for all that is unholy Bring your blasphemous reign upon this tormented land Born from a sea of blood, take power and devour Rise, oh master, and bring forth revelation Steal the"

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