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  • Basement Sessions - Kane & Abel
    "(feat. Mia X, Skandolous, Steph) Motherfuckers they wanna test me Pull out the blunt nigga I'll wreck your shit I'm out that window with my 44, another fucking hit Don't know who to trust with my shit I'm"
  • House Music - Cadence Weapon
    "lived in 20 houses in the same damn town right around the block use to slang wraps round got it all up, got it all back now it's a haunted house, got sold by the pound if you wanna dance, think about it"
  • Lets Chill - Z-RO
    "(Mexican D) What's up baby, Mexican D hollering this Just getting back with you, told you we was gone chill Come through, blow something, smoke something You know how we do it, keeping it real on this"
  • Chill With You - Buddha Monk
    "(Intro: Buddha Monk) Oh, oh, oh, don't get it twisted girl Ooh yeah, alright, alright, the feeling, you know Oh... it seems like you can't feel me back though I wanna chill with you, I wanna chill with"
  • Time To Chill - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "For years I have been waiting and hesitating to make a rap record That had the pace of a slow song, quiet storm, chillin while the fire is warm You and your girl, with this record on your radio or stereo,"
  • High Regard - The Story So Far
    "Barter and trade always passive aggressive In spite of who you say you are Smother my name under soil & dirt In the earth Widen the distance apart Fuck an apology, I'm not sorry for anything I've been"
  • Rolling In The Deep (Malibu sessions) - Adele
    "There's a fire starting in my heart, Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark, Finally, I can see you crystal clear, Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your shit bare, See how I'll"
  • Numb (Best of Mix) - U2
    "Don't move Don't talk out of time Don't think Don't worry Everything's just fine Just fine Don't grab Don't clutch Don't hope for too much Don't breathe Don't achieve Or grieve without leave Don't check Just"
  • Chill - Jay-Z
    "Uh huh (scratching) "chi chi chi chilly chill" This gangsta gangsta uh Uh huh This gangsta gangsta shit "chi chi chilly chill" I'm from murder murder Marcyville My nigga you heard we clap you we certainly"
  • Chill - Nelly feat. St. Lunatics
    "Yo, what you tell a muh'fucker with two black eyes? Nothin, you done already told his punk-ass twice D, E, R, R, T, Y (we back, we back, we back) We all we got, yo, know I want y'all do? Yo.. Aiyyo stand"
  • Chill - Rasmus
    "I gotta make a phonecall to my best friends. I gotta let them know that I'm leaving. Everything behind me and politely I don't wanna hurt their feelings, oh no. I'll need to come back and I wanna explain"
  • Chill - The Rasmus
    "I gotta make a phone call to my best friends I gotta let them know that I'm leaving Everything behind me and politely I don't wanna hurt their feelings Oh no, no no I'll need to come back and I wanna"
  • Chill - Acid Android
    "all around the useless walls rows of warped perverted faces darkness smears my eyes and i drop down down to the ground sadness will it last or fade? hint of light i hoped today hope was maybe never not"
  • One Chill - Dub War
    "in the hills of helay glorify is the wicked and the evil twisted minds in the hills of helay slaughter without reason so their pockets can be lined everyone chill, everyone chill everyone chill, everyone"
  • Chill Out - John Lee Hooker
    "One of these days, Things gonna change One of these days Tings gonna change Youll try not baby Afterwhile gonna be mine, gonna be mine One of these days I'm old and lonely baby Cry Cry Crying Wont be"
  • Stop, Chill - Beanie Sigel
    "New shit WSUP! WSUP! WSUP! Stop, chill, relax, and let this nigga Sigel flow I know you can't believe the flow, you can't cope I flow dope Like a key ya blow You like naw, Beans, same nigga from 21st"
  • Chill Of An Early Fall - George Strait
    "Well her old friend, from her own end of town dropped by today, And way down deep inside me something died When he came 'round to see her that way. Here it comes again, that same old chilly wind Will blow"
  • Chill & Hussle - Unlv
    "Verse one: {lil' ya} It's that nigga of the block call me the hood mac Down to make some snaps so what's the haps? Do I need the strap? Will somebody give me a extra clip? 'cause I'm a need it if these"
  • Best Days - Young Rome
    "(Intro) This is a deep story a very deep story the life of Young Rome picture me in the hood playing hide-and-go-get-it with a slingshot in my back pocket just bad as hell dats me (Chorus) Those were"
  • House of man - Bruce Robison
    "Somewhere in the dark tonight Two hearts are beating fast Lying still in the arms of love Waves of passion pass They love each other with all their might Can't help but be afraid Gotta go stand in the"

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