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  • Freedom Call Beyond
    "Where is the hand that leads us Passing the darkness by Who is the one who shows The dragon child to fly Where can we find the land Where the rainbow can touch the sky Who is the one who knows What's right"
  • Eternal Decision Beyond
    "All I am and all That I will ever be Kill my flesh I'll Live for all eternity Beyond I fly with eagles wings Beyond by hands that Eyes have never seen Tear me down Try to stop these words Of life"
  • Balligomingo Beyond
    "Spread your wings and fly So you can't deny what's there for you On your own set yourself free Go beyond the limit You place on yourself You'll find the power's all yours Fly away Take control Beyond the"
  • Amel Larrieux Beyond
    "Across the room Across the street Across the water where the two big blues meet Across the widest space til you reach infinity My love will still be Beyond the sorrow Beyond regret Beyond the tremors"
  • Atheist Beyond
    "Take a piece of life in hand, you know that life is yours Indulgence, everlasting rage escaping through your pores Day by day it grows so close, intensify the end You know the day will come, we go beyond"
  • 13 Winters Beyond
    "You vanish into the darkness, hoping you'll find your way. The silence seeps deep within, as the dark takes a hold of you. You feel nothing inside but an emptiness, you find is your only friend. You decided"
  • After Forever Beyond
    "I know I'm alone, but somebody's watching me Follows me everywhere I go A cold flow surprised me again, I shiver The presence of something, I can hear it's breathing Leave me alone, wherever you came from Hearing"
  • Bartek Grzanek Beyond
    "I used to like your voice I've got it on the tape It still makes me believe There was no escape I used to like your smile Got it in the frame I love the way you make me laugh The way you made it end Get"
  • Elegy Beyond
    "Don't you worry he won't be back here anymore Try a little harder go as far as you can go a state of tolerance something which you'll never know The mind has a way of playing games and twisting your"
  • Silentium Beyond
    "Her innocence lay Shred with a lie Sweet lips decay Forever mine Grandeur of hilt Do not bear guilt Eyes wide to see Your madness in me In the lanterns pale and sulphur air My senses frail, no longer"
  • O.C. Beyond
    "Yeah... Yo Jay... Let's take 'em back on some real deep underground shit, black... "I'm O.C. baby, what the fuck y'all thought?" -> O.C. Post-dramatic, thoughts automatic Breath control is intact even"
  • Cadet Beyond
    "These long days torment my mindam i blindif i miss the worlds affairwill i carebeyond this worldthe people dance around their kingbeyond this worlda light brings life to everythingi'll keep my eyes on"
  • Callenish Circle Beyond
    "On your way searching tranquillity lots of images pass your mind Most of them are coloured black They disillusionize your mood Your once beloved one has left you behind There is no way back, there is no"
  • Cancerslug The Beyond
    "am i not good enough am i not what you want then take this f**king gun and blow my head off because i dont want you here with me in the end of days when the dead are surely rising and all hell is on its"
  • Glass Hammer Beyond The Great Beyond
    "Do you ever look down Down past your feet and say to yourself "Where does this pathway lead?" Is there grass Or is there sharp stoney rubble that makes you uneven There are wondrous things we sense all"
  • The The Beyond Love
    "Suddenly last summer I started going out of my head In a tiny hotel room Lying naked on a bed I knew what you were doing, and I knew what you'd done Your life with me was ending, your new life had begun But"
  • Mike & The Mechanics Beyond you
    "If you were a baby I would take you and run I could hide you in the folds of my heart There's a truth in the madness that I can't get beyond And a fever that won't leave me alone I don't want my heart"
  • Styles Of Beyond Styles of beyond (Style warz)
    "Styles, styles, styles, styles, styles... Beyond... Tribal-style ritualWe dance around the totemIn a golden ring of fireBangin' on a war drumAnthem of a shaman dominatin'Peyote tranceHopscotch the planetBarefoot"
  • The Browns Beyond The Shadow
    "Beyond the storm must come the rainbow Beyond the darkness the light must glow Beyond the shadow the sun will shine And someday your heart will be mine. Other arms have tried me before your own And"
  • The Mission Beyond The Pale
    "Cold still waters running deep Pale before the eyes Ravaged By the hands that feed Thunder clouds the skies Drifting with the tid Floating with the stream The howling winds have gathered strength From"

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