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  • Biffy Clyro Opposite
    "You are the loneliest person that I've ever known We are joined at the surface but nowhere else I look in the glass and stare at your, strained, grey, motionless face and ask Underneath, is there a golden"
  • Crashdog Opposite
    "I remember when frustration was The ruling factor between us both, You couldn't understand My hopes and dreams, I couldn't understand Your rules and regulations. The years went by, we never talked, So"
  • MxPx The Opposite
    "You're the opposite of me And I'm the opposite of you I know I'm really young And that my life has just begun Cuz I'm the opposite of you And you're the opposite of me I've done all I can do So would"
  • Freya Mr. Opposite
    "Please excuse me while I try to understand The huge difference between you and me The strange way that we just don't get along 'cause we've tried hard enough now haven't we ...? You say I'm red - then"
  • Del Amitri Opposite View
    "We could be away from here by ten o'clock tonight Pennies won't get us to heaven, I know but a borrowed car just might Look through my wallet There's enough for a hotel room But no, no, no, you say"
  • Andrew Bird Opposite Day
    "I got home this morning with the sun right in my eyes And there was no warning as it took me by surprise as it Hit me like an Act of God, causing my alarm That I had not become a cephalopod I still had"
  • Biffy Clyro 57
    "Biffy Clyro Miscellaneous 57 The sun shone in, The glint in your eye. Your beautiful face, Your beautiful face. I held her tight, close to my heart. I didn't know it would break, didnt know it it would"
  • Scott Weiland Opposite Octave Reaction
    "daddy's got the picture, daddy's got the key daddy's got the mag, naked lady by the tree the school girls call me pervert, a wierdo, and a freak but i like daddy's girl, she never teases me opposite octave"
  • Josh Kelley Opposite of me
    "Talk to me like I don't get it Maybe you don't get me You're a rich girl in momma's high heels And someday you're gonna see I got x-ray vision I'll see right through you Like crystal and we're standing"
  • Jacob Young Opposite Of Everything
    "I don't' wanna be the one Standing, waiting all the time For the moment in my life Better lost and never found I'm not searching for the key There's no happy go lucky in me There's no writing on the wall All"
  • Rotting Christ The opposite bank
    "A deadly song is coming meet the sound of waves the blind wizard stands on the highest rock remembers all that's seen and makes pessimistic prophecies these are his latest hours in the mortal world atheron"
  • Pico Vs. Island Trees Saying The Opposite
    "So maybe I'll call you up, Or would that ruin everything? Cos' you're so perfect now, Unless there's something I've been missing. And even if there was, Maybe we could just pretend. I could overlook those"
  • Drag-On Opposite Of H2O
    "Yo this nigga Drag-On burn niggas, flame niggas, potch niggas Sautee niggas, skin scorch niggas You could be any complexion, black, caucasian We spit razors in kiloid faces Like ear to ear, eye to eye,"
  • Drag On Opposite Of H2o
    "Yo this nigga Drag-On burn niggas, flame niggas, potch niggas Sautee niggas, skin scorch niggas You could be any complexion, black, caucasian We spit razors in kiloid faces Like ear to ear, eye to eye,"
  • Lickgoldensky Opposite of Awesome
    "Why do they keep wanting you to clean yourself? when they've made the mess and why do they bother fixing your broken bones? disregarding the rest when will they check the weather report? we're doin fine"
  • Chiddy Bang Opposite Of Adult
  • Chiddy Band Opposite of Adults
    "Fresh kid Z, fresh kid C (Yes, sir!) Fresh kid P, fresh kid T (Oh yeah, we back!) Oh, and Xaphoon, by the way (Yeah, Jones) Yeah, Chiddy Bang And we pretty much amazing (Can we hear your new song, please?) I"
  • Jens Lekman The Opposite Of Hallelujah
    "I took my sister down to the ocean But the ocean made me feel stupid Those words of wisdom I had prepared All seemed to vanish into thin air Into the waves I stared I picked up a seashell To illustrate"
  • MxPx The Opposite Of Intellect
    "it seems so hard to get away from last week and yesterday i have to sit right here and watch it all go by is this really happening? maybe this is just a dream when i wake up ill be someone else i don't"
  • Biffy Clyro Saturday Superhouse
    "I'll be sitting on the left side, you'll be sitting on the right Dying to share our problems, make everything alright Then I see a darkness, you see the blinding light Will Oldham's in the corner moaning"

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