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BLUE CAFE you my be in love

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BLUE CAFE you my be in love

  • Cafe 405 - Vandals
    "Watching her at the mall she don't know me at all Hope no employee over hears Think I'm in love with you Red, Yellow, White & Blue Seems I've been watching her for years, It brings a smile to my face as"
  • Dream cafe - Greg Brown
    "You were the woman in the blue mask,standin there beside your dress.All the things I wanted from you,I never could express.I thought I saw you once in Munich,but you slipped away.I'm in the corner with"
  • Yucatan Cafe - Anne Murray
    "There's a big fan, That's slowly turnin', In a Yucatan Cafe. The waitress works beneath Both night and day. And they'll find that lately I'm spendin' all my time, Goin' down to see That singin' man of"
  • Cinema Cafe - Her Personal Pain
    "There is a man sitting in a window watching the late night sun it is chill and breezy, I'm cold but he doesn't seem to understand Escape away through Cinema Cafe The curtains whirl slowly a cat comes by while"
  • Overnight Cafe - Chicago
    "(Words & Music by Peter Cetera) All alone on the road near the other side of town; In the dark of the night and the rain was fallin' down; Up ahead, said a sign, was the Overnight Cafe; Maybe one for"
  • Chinese cafe - Joni Mitchell
    "Caught in the middleCarol, we're middle classWe're middle agedWe were wild in the old daysBirth of rock 'n roll daysNow your kids are coming up straightAnd my child's a strangerI bore herBut, I could not"
  • Cafe Girl - Sage Francis
    "Author: Sage Francis We walk as two, but we'll leave one set of tortured footprints/ Now here she comes...walking through the that look. Since/ I roll with shook wimps...I'm shaking in"
  • You May Be In Love - Blue Cafe
    "Every day, every night, everyone is in love Every day, every night, everyone is in.... Will you sing for me? Yeah! I won't search, I won't lie I don't need another guy Now my love I have found I won't"
  • Street Cafe - Icehouse
    "By Icehouse Street Cafe ----------- Iva Davies ----------- if there were no tomorrows if there was just one more chance I'd take it again you know I'd take it again you turn and it's gone forever in time"
  • Karen's Cafe - Bethany Joy Lenz
    "I know a place in Carolina Its open year round But only after dark so Bring your gal and bring your wine Unwind from your day Gee, dont you know that youre in for a show When you go down to Karens Cafe I"
  • Cafe Surreal - Danny
    "Yo, D. Swain is back on the block He went from laughingstock To rappin' in happening spots And nappin' on yachts Don't get your head wrap in a knot You gotta unwind Gotta remind yourself that stress is"
  • Halfway Home Cafe - Ricky Skaggs
    "I was pourin' coffee for table number one I couldn't help but hear him what was going on It got my attention when I heard a young man's voice Saying sheriff I'll be going now if its alright with you boys Those"
  • Cafe Shabu - John Cale
    "Welcome to the Caf Shabu. Permit me to introduce you to some of our regulars. Starting on my immediate left, ladies and gentlemen, here in Caf Shabu, you'll note a poet, a man of words by trade. And yes,"
  • The Blue Cafe - Chris Rea
    "My world is miles of endless roads That leaves a trail of broken dreams Where have you been I hear you say? I will meet you at the Blue Cafe Because, this is where the one who knows Meets the one who does"
  • Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody - Joni Mitchell
    "Caught in the middle Carol we're middle class We're middle aged We were wild in the old days Birth of rock 'n' roll days Now your kids are coming up straight And my child's a stranger I bore her But I"
  • Cafe - Tim Buckley
    "I was just a curly-haired mountain boy On my way Passing thru I heard a voice Whisper good evening I turned to a shadow And saw her there So all alone She had those sad china eyes That sang each time she"
  • Smokey Joe's Cafe - Buddy Holly
    "One day while I was eating down at Smokey Joe's cafe A-sittin' there readin' down at Smokey Joe's cafe A chicken walked in through the door That I had never seen before At least I never saw her down at"
  • The Sad Cafe - Eagles
    "Out in the shiny night, the rain was softly falling The tracks that ran down the boulevard had all been washed away Out of the silver light, the past came softly calling And I remember the times"
  • Sittin' in an All Nite Cafe - Bill Anderson
    "Sittin' in an all nite cafe in a booth back in the corner Making paper wads from napkins throwing toothpicks on the floor Got a problem I can't solve it gonna sit here till I figure out The reason why"
  • Sittin' In An All Nite Cafe - Warner Mack
    "Sittin' in an all nite cafe in a booth back in the corner Making paper wads from napkins throwing toothpicks on the floor Got a problem I can't solve so I'm gonna sit till I figure out The reason why my"

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