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BLUE OCTOBER 'The Feel Again (Stay)

  • October - Alessia Cara
    "5 m the moon went to sleep your friend speaking in tongues in the back seat just one ittle glance I know what you mean somehow we’re stealing moments moments away why are just not as good in the day is"
  • October - Rocky Votolato
    "Everyone will sing songs of lost mothers Every debt will be paid in the end Lives lived will be brought back into focus As each one looses the place where it begins Please tell them I said I'm sorry I"
  • October - Abby Travis
    "October: the ashes of summer and the scorpion's sting Embrace the naked moon of Halloween It's October again The autumn leaves are dead The sun makes way for the bales of hay To silhouette the dead It's"
  • October - Brandon Beal
    "Me and my baby had something that was endless. I never thought that she had, cause she was the one for me. But that led to me going out like every weekend. With another shorty creeping, like she was"
  • October - Dolores O'Riordan
    "October, October The summer is over I'm going through changes I see you again It's so thought provoking Emotion evoking I can't turn around I don't want to pretend You stand in my way With nothing to"
  • October - Jebediah
    "I'm telling you This is too good to be true When the most we have to do is open windows So just let your worries down In a smile man loose that frown Yeah we'll both still be around come the morning When"
  • October - Slutbox
    "Strobelights - lit her face - as she floats - across the row - angel lace - Dirty knees - nylons torn - as I want her even more and more (I can't believe what you've done to me) I'm thinking back - on"
  • October - Machine Men
    "Suddenly from the light of life to the darkness, swallowing pride and joy On the wave of my thoughts sailing lost and cold - this lonely boy Sinking to his inner world leaving this earth million miles"
  • October - Atomic Opera
    "Is there a vacuum in me Is there a great big hole Does my life suck as bad as yours (Will you swallow my soul?) Is there a thought in my head you walk a mile in my bed Is there life before death Can you"
  • October - Evanescence
    "I can't run anymore, I fall before you, Here I am, I have nothing left, Though I've tried to forget, You're all that I am, Take me home, I'm through fighting it, Broken, Lifeless, I give up, You're my"
  • October - Pristina
    "I'll be your guide Don't follow far behind Don't lose me now I can feel you fading You flicker out of phase While I am always waiting I have loved you longer than these days could know All these waves"
  • October Sky - Javier
    "And your eyes once so kind, now they never meet mine; And just stares like a cold winter's night. When you kissed me good-bye, I could taste ev'ry lie. And I don't have to ask myself why. It's as"
  • October 23rd - Lexi
    "Singing along, got the radio on It's all okay Rockin' out to Blue Foundation My troubles for away I didn't hear my mama scream But I'm thinkin' it was loud I didn't hear the gunshot For that I am not proud I"
  • October Skies - Waking Ashland
    "Autumn brings a song I sing so desperately These shattered dreams From broken wings of love October skies and city lights were all a blur And high tide came washing them away I said Alright, alright,"
  • October 4 - Enfp
    "You may be the only one The one and only dream to come True for me to see maybe I am lucky I'll paint a picture of the sight Stars and car lights light up the night We're the only bodies around I feel"
  • October 23rd - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo, yo Your rhymes are far from impressive You got me snoring and I'm not even a narcoleptic I gotta give you credit You look like a garbage pail kid descendent I used to collect them and"
  • Stay - Vanilla Ninja
    "Don't you make me cry, baby Don't you ever leave me Losing you tonight Takes me from heaven to hell Dying is to find a fare-well Even if you tried You had never good to see me It will hurt my soal if you"
  • October Leaves - The Good Life
    "I stumbled in at three a.m., but you didn't want to, I tried again at half past ten you still didn't want to, Your hips have this way of saying no way; an impenetrable barricade. Something I said? Something"
  • October Sky - Fetch
    "Snow is fallen on October Sky I wish you could see it 'cause i don't lie All you can see is the snow And thats why I chose not to go I hang my coat up on the rail I think of you when I tell this tale We"
  • Stay - Bebe Winans
    "Once again your eyes make it hard to say goodbye So I'll just keep driving Where you wanna go? It doesn't really matter As long as you are here with me There's something in the air tonight Something that"

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