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  • July - Boy
    "Take off your shoes now You've come a long way You've walked all these miles And now you're in the right place This is your party Everyone came Everyone's smiling And singing your name And the nightmares"
  • July - July For Kings
    "I came here to find myself through lonely fields where the corn is just a little over my head. lonely dreams when everything is summer time but rarely mine and just a little over my head. a little tired"
  • 4Th Of July - Spock's Beard
    "NARRATOR: Another 4th of July Another pie in the sky Another man hears the call Another snake in the grass Another tire's been slashed Another man takes the fall And like a dream dressed in white Fast"
  • 4th Of July - Shooter Jennings
    "(feat. George Jones) Alone with the morning burning red on the canvas in my head Painting a picture of you And me driving across country, in a dusty old RV Just the road and its majesty And I'm looking"
  • Fourth Of July Rodeos - Chris LeDoux
    "Just about two hundred years ago they signed that declaration Tellin' everybody in the whole wide world they're gonna start a brand new nation From that day on the 4th of July has been a holiday To the"
  • July - The Innocence Mission
    "This barren July We both wake up so dry That no more tears can leave us. And all we've found Are roads we can't go down, Eyes on a day we can't see. I hope it comes. I hope that water comes And drenches"
  • July - Mundy
    "July please, I'm on my knees, The smell of you fresh cut grass, Your blue sky grins For all its sins Look another gorgeous levi ass July people come and go It looks like another perfect day Just to see"
  • July - Gryner Emm
    "I fell in love with you in July Tripped on my feet in the sun No I don't want you for your money No I don't care that you're someone I'm younger than your scars but not by much Drowning like I forgot my"
  • July - Low
    "Wait -- it's lateWe've missed the dateGone, I guessWith the rest, the rest They'll never wake us in timeThey'll never wake us in timeMaybe we'll wait 'til July Now -- at lastI hear them passGone, I guessWith"
  • July - Innocence Mission
    "This barren JulyWe both wake up so dryThat no more tears can leave us.And all we've foundAre roads we can't go down,Eyes on a day we can't see.I hope it comes.I hope that water comesAnd drenches us in"
  • July - Spirit Of The West
    "January follows December with a month of rain February waits for March to spring back again April, May remove your clothes so go expose your skin June comes on putting colour back into your skin July"
  • July - Katatonia
    "You come clean Waves collide now Defenseless numb arms And no voice of reason So how come you invited me too You knew I wanted you You glide above So this night belongs to you I know this isn't through Are"
  • July - Winterpills
    "July from out of the pinstripes into the white lights i was the one true friend and you were my saviour perfect behavior money i'd never spend winter's delivering summer's forgiving storms in our washed"
  • July - Backseat Goodbye
    "july you've never seen the sunlight so i'll tell you what we're gonna do grab my hand, hold it as tight as you can and don't let go so we drove, we drove all night you kept your eyes closed the whole time and"
  • July - Dashboard Confessional
    "It's yet to be determind, But the air is thick, And my hope is feeling warm, I'm missing home, And i'm glad your not a part of this, Theres parts of me that will be missed, And the phone is always dead"
  • July - Baby Bird
    "Way up in the clouds Angels don't fly Big silver birds Re-writing the sky Taxi & take off now I close your eyes Look out of the window Watch the ground die I live all day-to vacate the place-I love-uh"
  • July - Papa Roach
    "as i look at the picture of jacoby smoking broccoli props to refer props to bible prophecies it's clearly evident relationship is permanent burn the fucking picutres so my mind can be the evidence i've"
  • July - Flashlight Brown
    "Tell me all about how things will never go too far Situation normal you're still living in the dark You don't seem to care that I don't have that much to say Gives you more time to blather on about your"
  • July - Flashlight
    "Tell me all about how things will never go too far Situation normal you're still living in the dark You don't seem to care that I don't have that much to say Gives you more time to blather on about"
  • July, July! - The Decemberists
    "There is a road that meets the road That goes to my house And how it green grows there And we've got special boots To beat the path to my house And it's careful and it's careful when I'm there And"

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