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  • Bullet - Infinite Mass
    "Load up your bullet, shoot me throught the head you ask from where you standing, you must think I'm dead Load up your bullet, shoot me throught the head you ask from where you standing, you must think"
  • Bullet - Mat Kearney
    "Yesterday I was sitting recalling reminiscing Trying to remember whenever there was nobody listening Before the hugging and the kissing, the booing and the hissing All I had was just a vision, all I had"
  • Bullet - Rhymefest
    "Straight outta highschool he didn't know what to do Wanted to go to college but no money was nothin' new Wanted to get away go see the world and do somethin' new He got approached in the mall by the army"
  • Teaser - Motley Crue
    "That woman's got a smile Puts you in a trance And just one look at her Makes you want to dance Those dark an rosy lips Only passify With just a hint of ruthlessness Sparkling in her eye She's a teaser,"
  • Teaser - Sacred Rite
    "She's got a lot on her mind, she's not wastin' time, she knows what she's gotta have Well, I can feel the fire in her desire, she knows I'm her kind of man So look out, baby, 'cause here we go, there ain't"
  • Teaser - Tommy Bolin
    "That woman's got a smile, puts you in a trance. And just one look at her, makes you wanna dance. Those dark and those red ruby lips, only a fool would pass them by. With just a hint of ruthlessness, sparklin'"
  • Pull That Lever - Blind Iris
    "Step up and pull that lever Come on let's hit together I know a spot where Money flows forever Let's give it a shot We're playing for the pot Damn. This room just got hot! She stepped up to the table"
  • Teaser - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Know your place in life is where you want to be Don't let them tell you that you owe it all to me Keep on looking forward; no use in looking 'round Hold your head above the ground and they won't bring"
  • Side Of A Bullet - Nickelback
    "Uncle Sam taught him to shoot Maybe a little too well Finger on the trigger, loaded bullet He hit the stage so full of rage And let the whole world know it Six feet away, they heard him say "Oh God, don't"
  • Pull Out - KillRadio
    "Pull out, pull out, pull out, it's gone to deep. Pull out, pull out, pull out, it's later than you think. I need your opinion like I need a bullet in my head. You didn't care then, so why care now unless"
  • Pull Up - Koffee
    "Pull up inna the party, yeah I nah watch nobody, yeah Pull up inna the 'Rari, yeah Bare feelings dem a carry Pull up inna the Audi, yeah I nah watch nobody, yeah Pull up inna the Cartier I nah watch nobody"
  • Number 1 With A Bullet - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "(Kool G. Rap) The last time I caught a body it was recent Gimme a HK, four banana clips, and I'll take on a precinct Yeah, the murder rate is on the rise, with niggaz like me steady poppin niggaz are droppin"
  • No. 5 With a Bullet - Eyes Upon Separation
    "my darling you're an angel you're a shining star and baby, you turned my whole world cold when I made you smile so pull these lifeless fingers from this wasted heart full of wasted words that I could never"
  • Silver Bullet - Hawthorne Heights
    "Tonight, we fly away so high. Our first full moon sky. I'll breathe you in, I won't let you down, I won't hold your back, I won't make a sound. I know what scares you the most. Being Alone, Or"
  • Bullet Me - September When
    "I t feels like I'm burning inside Can you help me with some water I sleep all day and stay up all night I think I ought to see a doctor I can't get no credit no more All I've got is in my hands And I can"
  • Bullet Head - New Eden
    "Head first into the darkness Every night into the street Mindless nothing can stop him Steaming with power he's hungry for speed Full blast driven by madness Blinded by the disease Every night no one"
  • Tha Bullet - Celly Cel
    "Sittin on the shelf, they got me stuck up in this box Choppin it up with the homies, havin visions of a glock 17 Niggas on my team can't wait to fill clip up We jumpin out the barrel with my niggas, shootin"
  • Bullet Theory - Funeral For A Friend
    "Shot Who shot the bullet That killed the air tonight? Without a thought, without a reason Take a gun called hate Up against your heart And pull the trigger Take a gun called hate Up against your heart And"
  • Stray Bullet - Organized Konfusion
    "Verse One: Pharoahe Monche Let the trigger finger put the pressure to the mechanism Which gives a response, for the automatic *bang* Clip to release projectiles in single file forcing me to ignite then"
  • Big Teaser - Saxon
    "Out with the boys Testing my virility The booze and the music Arrousing my curiousity I moved in beside her Asked her to rock and roll with me Cause I have her classed My eyes roam lecherously Lecherously,"

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