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Baby i still care, do you still care

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Baby i still care, do you still care

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Baby i still care, do you still care
  • Angela Johnson I Still Care
    "Angela Johnson Miscellaneous I Still Care No, it wasnt long ago When we were lovers too But now that weve broken up We thought that bein friends was cool When we started to see other people I thought"
  • Tanya Stephens Do You Still Care
    "Where Bubba Grew Up, Kept his tobacco chewed up, And when they used to hang ropes, they always kep two up, Had crosses burnin all night like the church blew up, And if you didnt look like them, they"
  • Von Ra I Still Care
    "Every time that I look into your eyes I just can't wait another day I let my spirit fly and you know that I Will be with you all the way But ain't it funny how time just slips away Into the corners of"
  • Marquess Still take care of you
    "I wanna go Home, but I don't know where it is 'cause the Day you told me that leave and you took your Love away. Said it's Time to face the Truth. Some new Identities. But I still love the Way that you"
  • S.O.S. Band Tell Me If You Still Care
    "Tell me If you still care Tell me If you still care Let me know Have you started to lose Your love for me And if so Will you still continue To be on my side Tell me If you still care about"
  • Monica Tell me if you still care
    "Tell me, if you still care Tell me, if you still care Let me know Have you started to lose your love for me And if so Will you still continue to be on my side Tell me, if you still care About me (Tell"
  • Jennifer Lopez Still
    "When I sleep I have dreams about the way we used to kiss About the way you used to hold me And say nothin would ever harm me When we first met Oh how you charmed me Made me smile when I was down Big pimpin'"
  • Remy Ma Still
    "Seems crazy cuz people be thinking that I be changing, but it's really them that be changing, yo I remember the day, I first signed my record deal with Lyle everything was so good everyone was so proud I"
  • Ray LaMontagne I Still Care For You
    "Hear me out Day follows day Light turns to clay in my hands How to explain, So pristine the pain Kindness made the cut so clean I still care for you Hear me out Wanted me to be Less your lover than"
  • Tom T. Hall I Still Care What Happens To You
    "Wear something warm when it's wet oh I know you hate to be told I'm so afraid you'll forget you know how easy you catch cold Don't stay out late at a party you feel bad next day when you do And leave on"
  • Elvis Presley She Thinks I Still Care
    "(S. Duffy - D. L. Lipscomb) Oh just because I asked a friend about her Just because I spoke her name somewhere Just because I rang her number by mistake today You know she thinks I, I still care And"
  • Kid Ink I Don't Care
    "I don't really care what everybody gotta say (oh no I don't) I don't really care what everybody gotta say (oh no I don't, no I don't) I don't really care what everybody gotta say Bitches tellin me that"
  • Kane & Abel I Don't Care
    "f/ Aaron Hall Oooo baby Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah Oooo baby Heeeeeeeeeeey (verse1-Kane) What you gonna do? Its on you, I ain't gon' sweat, you beef you, I wanna come get you. What you mean your man won't let"
  • Lasgo Still
    "Time goes by Still I care for you Love can be tough Cannot deny it I have learned And all thanks to you You give and you take There's no way around it I may not know The things I should say Know that"
  • Even Rude Still
    "You'll know when the best of what you're gonna get is in front of you. You'll throw it away for something else that you might do. Big shoes are fillable but still you run away when you're scared No words,"
  • Wynn Stewart Care
    "Care oh what a beautiful word for those who had somebody to Care where they go what they do what they say And if they are happy or blue Care wish I could recall how it was when somebody cared long ago Cause"
  • Pooh Care
    "Care for a woman that cares for you and she'll never go astray care for the woman who shares your life with kindness and warmth everyday care for your woman and open wide say all the things you're feeling"
  • Hudson Taylor Care
    "You're not under cover You're just connected to the shame of your secret lover It never works out in the end if it keeps on going you might lose your only friend It's all connected, baby, It's all connected"
  • BriBry Care
    "I'd be lying if I said I never thought of dying alone But I'm so vulnerable to just about everyone And only one friend knows me I sigh when another year is over Where I've so little to account for Oh what"
  • Backstreet Boys I Still
    "Who are you now? Are you still the same Or did you change somehow? What do you do At this very moment when I think of you? And when I'm looking back How we were young and stupid Do you remember"

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