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Bachelor Number One - Summertime

  • Summertime - American Pie Soundtrack
    "American Pie Soundtrack Miscellaneous Summertime Song: Bachelor Number One Hello to your mother , your brother , significant other I am the summertime and I'm here to free your mind Kick off your shoes"
  • Summertime - Bachelor Number One
    "The summer, the summer The summer, the summer Hello to your mother, your brother, significant other I am the summertime and I'm here to free your mind Kick off your shoes, the blues and use anything but"
  • Summertime - Big Brovaz
    "Oh yeah!....you know what? Im envisioning, Pretty women, Rims spinning All my homies dressed In expensive Linnen It aint a dream Thats the life were livin Movin up to a new position People used to look And"
  • Bachelor Pad - Bow Wow
    "Now if I hit your girl thats too bad You're so lame and she like my swag Make her do flips like a acrobat Ones I get her back to my bachelor pad Kick back chill get your party on We're gonna pop it off"
  • Bachelor(ette) - Voltaire
    "You're a fountain of blood In the shape of a girl I'm the bird on the brim Hypnotized by the whirl I drink you- make you feel real Wet my beak in your stream The game we're playing is life Love's a two"
  • Summertime - Skeeter Davis
    "(Summertime summertime summertime summertime) Summertime and the livin' is easy fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high Your daddy's rich and your mama's good lookin' so hush little baby don't you cry (Summertime"
  • Summertime - Honeyz
    "Hey y'all (chu chu) Nice It's da honeyz Summertime C'mon This is how we do it It's da honeyz JP Esq (Chu chu) Summertime (summertime baby) In the street (chu chu nice) I've got the bag full of funk Get"
  • Summertime - Michael Bolton
    "Summertime, And the livin' is easy Fish are jumpin' And the cotton is high Your daddy's rich And your mamma's so good lookin' baby So hush my little darling Don't you cry One of these mornings You're"
  • Summertime - Beyonce & P.Diddy
    "Out of all the guys that approach me Walking up to me like they know me You were the one that stayed aside Waited a while and took your time You dont know how impressing Your curiosity was to me It was"
  • Summertime - Amelle
    "You are the one who brightens up the day You're always there to take my pain away Yeah yea-yeah, you're my summertime Oh lord, you are the one You are the light of summertime You shine so bright, the"
  • Summertime - Tiffany Giardina
    "I've got my headphones and my flip flops on My arms are in the air to my favorite song I've got my cute sun glasses and my cut off jeans School's out for summer and you know what that means Last year I"
  • Summertime - Nasty Boy Klick
    "**(Chorus)** Summertime is here And it feels so good Kickin it Rollin through my neighborhood Music is bumpin And the girlies look so fine I just her I just love the summertime Yo wats up to all my homies"
  • Summertime - Louis Armstrong
    "Summertime....and the livin' is easy Fish are jumpin'...and the cotton is high Yo' daddy's rich...and yo' mama's good-lookin' So hush little baby......don't you cry One of these mornin's..you gonna rise"
  • Summertime - DJ Bobo
    "Refrain: Summertime - let the love birds fly tonight Summertime - can you feel it deep inside Summertime - come along and sing this song Lets celebrate a party all night long Verse 1: No clouds in the"
  • Summertime - New Kids On The Block
    "Spoken: Jones Beach 1988. Come on! Do you remember, Or should I rewind, To that summer when you caught my eye, I played it cool, The weather was hot, You had the beauty and the beach on lock. With your"
  • Summertime - Emo Side Project
    "in the summertime all we ever do is skate eat, sleep, and sometimes we try to get laid same routine every single day god i love the summertime its so great a couple ago my buddy paul was hanging with"
  • Summertime - Sioen
    "in the summertime in the summertime do come near, hope is in a loop can you feel it, shining like a tube in the centre, in the brass you came to surrender those who really shame in the summertime, drink"
  • Summertime - Kenny Chesney
    "Summertime is finally here That old ballpark, man, is back in gear Out on 49 Man I can see the lights School's out and the nights roll in Man, just like a long lost friend You ain't seen in a while And"
  • Summertime - Joan Jett
    "Well I'm gonna raise a fuss And I'm gonna raise a holler About workin' all summer Just tryin' to earn a dollar Well, I went to my boss Who governs me He said, "No, dice, bud You gotta work late" Sometime"
  • Summertime - Angelique Kidjo
    "Angelique Kidjo Keep On Moving The Best Of Angelique Kidjo Summertime Summertime And the livin' is easy Fish are jumpin' And the cotton is high You're daddy's rich And your mom is good lookin' So hush"

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