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Back Door

  • Back Door - Chihiro Onitsuka
    "nante oroka na ase ni mamireteiru no yo sore ja kono sora ga ikura hirokute mo shouganaiwa ryouashi ni tsuketa namari no omosa ni sae tachidomattemiru no ashiato darake no michi nado hashiru no wa yamete kirashita"
  • Back Door - Fastball
    "Brown skin in the kitchen, China White Wash rag and the dollar's on the table Keep it quiet Quiet They come and go through the back door Who's keeping score Who's keeping Engine, weren't no mention,"
  • Back door - Kansas
    "As I look out in the night and count the stars all shining bright I wonder where I am and where I'm going Sometimes I think I've lived before I seem to see beyond a door But it's just a crazy notion I"
  • Back door - Lady Sovereign
    "As I Look Out in the Night and Count the Stars All Shining BrightI Wonder Where I Am and Where I'm GoingSometimes I Think I've Lived Before I Seem to See Beyond a DoorBut It's Just a Crazy Notion I Leave"
  • Back Door - Clan Of Xymox
    "I'm shrowded in darkness I crouch in wasted years I linger, I can't get through Dazzled between far and near Like the Elegies relate to days beyond recall I linger in many memories And again I stumble"
  • Back Door - Stray Kids
    "Hay, you wanna come in Move over And here i come Last time was a just warm-up umm This time it’s for real party Stay out of this Is you can’t handle it Gosh, you must feel tight Let it all go And enjoy"
  • Back Door Sally - Keith Moon
    "Back door Sally, won't you let me in? I'm out here in the alley, can't you hear me knockin'? I'm nervous as a pussycat in a dog pound Come on Sally, girl, stop your messing around We can have a lot of"
  • Back Door Man - The Doors
    "Wha, yeah! C'mon, yeah Yeah, c'mon, yeah Yeah, c'mon Oh, yeah, ma Yeah, I'm a back door man I'm a back door man The men don't know But the little girl understand Hey, all you people that tryin'"
  • Back door man - UFO
    "I'm every man here in disguise Lie cheat and give you a spoonful of lies I'm a high toned mother with an axe to grind Come a little closer honey, see what you find Your worst nightmares all rolled in one"
  • Back Door Man - Howlin' Wolf
    "I am, a back door man I am, a back door man Well the, men don't know, but the little girls understand When everybody's tryin' to sleep I'm somewhere making my, midnight creep Yes in the morning, when the"
  • Back Door Slam - Robert Cray
    "I was born in the back seat Of a travellin' hurricane I came up in the back streets The city with no name I was raised on trouble Rock when I should roll I never could control it And I can't be controlled I"
  • Back Door Santa - Jet
    "They call me back door Santa, I make my runs about the break of day, They call me back door Santa, I make my runs about the break of day. I make all the little girls happy, While the boys are out to play. Well"
  • Back Door Stranger - 38 Special
    "Take my chances, rather go to jail Than see the eyes of a coward runnin' loose and well He don't care, he couldn't give a damn Deprived of his victim, he's a ruthless man He waits in the shadows 'til the"
  • Back door angels - Jethro Tull
    "In and out of the front door, ran twelve back-door angels. Their hair was a golden-brown --- they didn't see me wink my eye. `Tis said they put we men to sleep with just a whisper, And touch the heads"
  • My Back Door - Melissa Etheridge
    "When I was a child I dreamed like a child of wonder With my back in the grass My eyes to the sky to see I believed in the stars I knew they cast a spell that I was under With my fingers in the dirt I was"
  • Back Door Man - Sarah McLachlan
    "You open your eyes, look around You feel the earth, it wanders - Out, from under your feet - the ground Is not firm but soft and weak - like skin under the touch, cannot stop to falter Now, the damage"
  • Back Door Man - Willie Dixon
    "Back Door Man 6.08 Trk 1 (Willie Dixon) Willie Dixon Album: 'Willie Dixon I Am The Blues' Chess Records 1970, reissue Abner - Spector ('360 Sound') Columbia Legacy ' Roots and Blues' CK 53627 Willie Dixon"
  • Door To Door - Beatbeat Whisper
    "when do the windows glow and the farmers keep their faces clear? can you see their eyes from here? Sitting room for blinking youth un-prepared for a channel change away, changing way too late, soaking"
  • Back At Your Door - Maroon 5
    "From the moment the lights went off Everything had changed Lie awake in an empty room In my head it all feels the same Like the taste of the day you left It still lingers on my breath And the dampness"
  • Back Door Love Affair - ZZ Top
    "Got to have you baby, don't you say that you don't care. Got to have you baby, don't you say that you don't care. Any way you want it baby, I'll settle for a back door love affair. I call you on"

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