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Back me for seventeen

  • Seventeen - Musiq
    ""seventeen" by Musiq Soulchild Five foot seven with light green eyes Body built like a woman over twenty-five Plus she pushed a whip that the average women couldn't get Unless she worked about two"
  • Seventeen - Musiq Soulchild
    "Five foot seven with light green eyes Body built like a woman over twenty-five Plus she push the whip that the average women couldn't get Less she worked about two nine to five's Girly played the game"
  • Seventeen - Loose Let
    "Hey, I don't know you Hello my friend Girl I've met you Are you the same little girl I knew Do you recall It wasn't such a long long time ago I wanna know all about every single little thing you've done Tell"
  • Seventeen - China Crisis
    "At Seventeen i used to lie in Bed wasting time working things out in my hEAD had enough of the life i'd seen left my Home when i was Seventeen at Eighteen i was living in a Dream getting on in the Music"
  • Seventeen - Kingdom Come
    "I need your lovin' this I know Seventeen, you drive me wild You're just so lovely this I know Oh, I want to make you mine Slip into my hands I want it , I want it, I want it Ohh, say it, say it, say it Don't"
  • Seventeen - Pete Yorn
    "Westwood girls in their skirts and their turtle necksStarting their day with their coffee and cigarettesSays she's from Taipei now lives in TexasI love the way they stand on their own, their own, their"
  • Seventeen - J Church
    "Come and talk to me, You know the call is free, To me it feels like such a long, long time, I saw the magazine, You looked seventeen, It makes me feel like thinking about you is a crime The world that"
  • Seventeen - Floater
    "See, I have no place to go Broken head has made me whole Yellow stone below me, yellow sun above Dying in the middle when pushing comes to shove Biting on the backbone with an angel on the tongue Waiting"
  • Seventeen - Jimmy Eat World
    "Hung up here on a web of comfort. Taking off with nowhere to go. Standing tall with but your new cloak armor. Making out like it's all been done. It's harder than it seems. You slip but never fall. They'll"
  • Little Seventeen - Terminal Choice
    "You're staring at me with this tender look You're smiling at me, promise me everything I don't like the way you talk I don't like the way you walk I don't like what you do I'm falling away from you Your"
  • At Seventeen - Jann Arden
    "I learned the truth at seventeen That love was meant for beauty queens And high school girls with clear skinned smiles Who married young and then retired. The valentines I never knew The Friday night charades"
  • At Seventeen - Tara McLean
    "I learned the truth at seventeen Love was meant for beauty queens And high school girls with clear skin smiles Who married young and then retired The valentines I never knew Friday night charades with"
  • Seventeen Forever - Metro Station
    "You are young and so am I And this is wrong But who am I to judge? You feel like heaven when we touch I guess for me this is enough We're one mistake from being together But let's not ask why it's not"
  • Seventeen Candles - The Pink Spiders
    "Every day's a distraction, All the animals just looking for action And Emily's free-stylin' rhymes Smoking in the girls' room to kill some time 'Cause all they want is a girl who Parties hard and doesnt"
  • One Seventeen - The Transplants
    ""One Seventeen" Album : Transplants I'm not taken no chance tonight I'm gonna pack me a gat tonight I'm gonna sell me some sacks tonight And if it all goes well and I'm stacked tonight We can all kick"
  • Seventeen Cups - Kaiser Chiefs
    "Have a cup of tea to pass the time It doesn't pass enough so I have nine And everything to do is done for you And there is nothing left for me outside this room And it's 'cause secretly I know I'll be"
  • Seventeen - Pizzicato Five
    "(Tajima) Translators: Andrei Cunha tsumetaku kami no ke wo yubi de tokashita doko ka de mita yo na sonna o-mae no sono kuse omoidasenakatta yaburisuteta fotogurafu soshite seventeen seventeen"
  • Seventeen - Foreigner
    "Late last night I get a call from a so-called friend He wouldn't give his name Says he saw you with another man Feels like seventeen years It's only seventeen days Since I saw the real you And I let you"
  • I Was Only (Seventeen) - The Beu Sisters
    "I was only trying to keep the walls from closing in I was only waiting 'round for something to begin I was only seventeen I told you that it didn't mean a thing Feels like a million years ago Small town"
  • Seventeen - Simon Webbe
    "Seventeen, I was living life Chasing dreams and my hopes were high Trying to get around my fear of When and where do I go from here I asked somebody close to me Who could see a lot further than a boy"

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