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Bacon Brothers, The - I'm So Glad I'm Not Married


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Bacon Brothers, The - I'm So Glad I'm Not Married

  • I'm So Glad I'm Not Married - Bacon Brothers, The
    "Bacon Brothers, The Can't Complain I'm So Glad I'm Not Married Written by kevin bacon "we want this to become the 'you're so vain' of the millennium." kb There's a line around the block, and it stretches"
  • I'm So Glad I'm Not Married - Bacon Brothers
    "Written by Kevin Bacon "We want this to become the 'You're So Vain' of the millennium." KB There's a line around the block, and it stretches a mile They're gonna pay good money to see your dazzlin'"
  • I'm Glad - The Black Keys
    "When you first came around I was sad My head hung down I felt really bad Now I'm glad, glad about the good times That we've had Walked in the park Kissed in the dark Leaves burned just like Just like"
  • I'm Glad - Dean Strickland
    "I'm glad if you're happy to see me But I don't care if you're not To those who don't believe my story That walkin' hundreds of miles to here's how I got To be here in Texarkana And play my music"
  • Cloreen Bacon Skin - The Time
    "(lead vocals by Prince) Yeah, one of 'em... yeah, one of them nice breezy motherfuckers. Nigger. What you're lookin' for, nigger? Oh hold it, stop. Motherfucker didn't even have the headphones on. You..."
  • Glad I'm Not Yew - Lunachicks
    "I dont claim to ride a bike with long black hair to show my might I dont follow the latest styles they make me throw up bright green bile I dont have to shave my head or walk around and beg for bread"
  • I'm so glad - Gabrielle
    "I can never be sure Why you make me feel the way I do It's the danger excitement I feel whenever I'm with you With you I always feel so good Some people say that you've brought me to life All I"
  • Cloreen bacon skin - Prince
    "Yeah, one of 'em. Yeah, one of them nice breezy motherfuckers Nigger. what U lookin' 4 nigger? Oh hold it, stop Motherfucker didn't even have the headphones on U. U. This song is called. This song"
  • I'm Glad - Jennifer Lopez
    "Baby when I think about The day that we first met (the day that we first met) Wasn't lookin for what I found But I found you And I'm bound to find happiness in being around you I'm glad when I'm makin"
  • Glad I'm Alive - Def Leppard
    "Hello and welcome my friend It's good to see you again Do you know anything new Tell me is this really you Hey, what's the story in LA I haven't been there today It's time we went for a ride Come"
  • Glad - The Wood Brothers
    "Lead shoes What I use When I'm runnin' Away from you And a golden rose That always knows 'S good to see you But I'll be glad to see you go "I have missed you" 'S what I say When I'm wastin' Each day away And"
  • So Glad - Chris Brown
    "I'm finally fed up, With the run around chase and cut, So I hung my jersey up, turned in my playas card, um...the boy faced the facts, I'm a man now, done with that, finally learned how to act, and in"
  • Glad - David Byrne
    "(David Byrne) I'm glad I've got skin, I'm glad I've got eyes I'm glad I got hips, I'm glad I've got thighs I'm glad I'm allowed to say the things I feel I'm glad Igot hair, glad I got ears I'm glad I"
  • So Glad - Far-less
    "Everything is crashing down on my head Over and over again When the devil came knockin' At your front door step You never should have let her in But you did and now you're sad Do, do, do So you did, but"
  • (I'm So Glad) Heartaches Don't Last Always - The Supremes
    "Tossin' and turnin' and losin' my sleep Cause heartaches by the number you gave to me. I'm so glad heartaches don't last always. But I'm so glad heartaches don't last always. I feel uplifted and at ease Since"
  • I'm Gonna Get Married - Lloyd Price
    "(Johnny, Johnny, Johnny) (Johnny, you're too young) But I'm gonna get married (You're so young) My name she'll carry (You're too young) (And Johnny you're so smart) But not smart enough to hide An aching"
  • Glad I'm Not God! - Lords Of Acid
    "I was about to lose my girlfriend Had to make a clever move Entered into a meditation Inhaled all the incense fumes But when I got all stoned and kinky Chanting mantras about love They made me sign away"
  • I'm So Glad You Came - Cellophane
    "Please remember It's late November It's an early morning Despite the weather It's no or never Rip the paintings from the All the while The raging fire Sings the wind so hollow Although she left me Please"
  • I'm Glad You're Here - Neil Diamond
    "We'll there's no need explaining It doesn't really matter anyway So you let the rain in And being sorry's not enough to say And though you'll never make it right I'm glad you're here with me tonight Hey"
  • I'm Glad I'm On The Inside - Hank Snow
    "In the days of Noah just before the flood When the wicked world had all forgotten God Brother Noah built a boat Which above God's wrath did float And the people saw that they were made of mud As the"

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