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Bad Brains I Against I

  • I Against I - Bad Brains
    "In the quest for the test to fulfill an achievement Everybody's only in it for themselves When the fact of the matter Is they just don't care To extend a helping hand to anyone else So tell me why, did"
  • Brains - Voltaire
    "Well hello there little boy. Don't be shy. Step right up, I'm a reasonable guy. Don't be frightened by the look in my eye. I'm just your average evil meteor from outta the sky. Well, I'm just shy and"
  • Brains - Atheist
    "Talking to yourself You say things No one ever hears Knowing yourself better Than anyone ever could Bet you never thought you would Honesty prevails in thought You just can't lie to yourself A patch of"
  • Right Brigade (Bad Brains) - Deftones
    "You can't disappear anymore I see your face lurking outside the window You say you're a trife I'm a bore You touch yourself put your face in the pillow But the funny thing about you is You remembered to"
  • Brains Out - Kim Cesarion
    "I was a player So good at bad behaviour Girls up and down the elevator Wouldn't see any of 'em later They used to entertain me But none of them could tame me Girls they were screaming: "Oh, baby" While"
  • House Of Suffering - Bad Brains - Machine Head
    "In this house of suffering I gotta let some joy in I hear that freedom will win Oh where oh where can jah love Be now My dear, it's here in the underground Inside the hearts of your own children In this"
  • I Against I - Mos Def
    "(feat. Massive Attack) I-ya I against I flesh of my flesh and mind of my mind two of a kind but one won't survive my images reflect in the enemies eye and his images reflect in mine the same time I-ya,"
  • I Against I - Massive Attack
    "I-ya, I against I, Flesh of my flesh, And mind of my mind, Two of a kind but one won't survive, My images reflect in the enemies eye, And his images reflect in mine the same time, I-ya, I-ya, I"
  • I Against I - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "In my historical oracle I blast metaphorical editorials educating in my territorial get torn heavily armed with seventy bombs that'll blast devine like the heavenly song Your men'll be gone if they"
  • Balls 'N Brains - Spice 1
    "[ VERSE 1 ] Pullin up a 500 with the 20-inch D's A muthafucka better freeze When he see me cockin these Two glocks, bust off a few shots Catch a muthafuckin case like 2Pac A real nigga gotta have balls"
  • I - Bad Brains
    "Not as much but with such intensity, I'd like to be what they would not want me to be, I like to cram their chivalry inside their guts I'd like to leave it all behind with the rest of the nuts I,I Not"
  • Addle Brains - Augie March
    "A Tuesday night in Winter, holed up in the city of ravens, The owls in the hills hoo-hooing and eyeing off the field mice down in the cold grey centre, Addle Brains lining up with the dead for the soup"
  • Two Brains - Trout Fishing In America
    "(K. Grimwood/E. Idlet) Been up since six-thirty, two days crowded into one, Put away the dinner dishes, but my work still isn't done. If I three arms I could do what I need to do. There's too much going"
  • Cold Brains - Beck
    "Cold brains, Unmoved, Untouched, Unglued Alone at last No thoughts, No mind To rot Behind A trail of disasters A final the curse Abandoned hearse We ride disowned Corroded to the bone The fields of green Are"
  • Gimme Brains - Bratmobile
    "I want you to go I want you to know that I hate you so And all the fucken boys in the fucken bands Just shut up and get outta my car Nothing you know won't get you far enough the hell away from me Oh no! All"
  • No Brains - Sum 41
    "Can't step in my way Headfirst into love and dismay It's like beating the dead (I guess it's over then) I can't stop going out on my head Whatever this could be I'd never know I never said it'd be the"
  • No Brains - John Mayer
    "Can't step in my way head first in your love & dismay its like beating the day it can't stop going out of my head whatever this could be i'd never know, i never said it'd be the end of our torpedo i hate"
  • Against - Sepultura
    "The more I see, the more I hate The more I learn, the more I fake The less I try, the less I get The less I'm in, I'm never out Don't do that / I knew it Don't do that / I knew it, knew it You don't"
  • I Against I - Jeff Buckley
    "In The quest for the test to fulfill an achievement, everybody's only in it for themselves. But the fact of the matter is they don't care to extend a helping hand to anyone else. So tell me why you had"
  • Fuel For Brains - Mad Sin
    "Psycho: "I don't give a fuck about your war or your president" Officer: "You are a drug addict" Psycho: "Bullshit!" Hey, hey, hey! Well, my body's radiated My heart beats doubletime My mind is workin'"

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