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Bad Company - Seagull

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Bad Company - Seagull

  • Seagull - Bad Company
    "Seagull, you fly across the horizon Into the misty mornin' sun Nobody asks you where you are going Nobody knows where you're from Here is a man asking the question Is this really the end of the world? Seagull,"
  • Bad Company - Bad Company
    "Company, always on the run Destiny is the rising sun Oh, I was born 6-gun in my hand Behind a gun I'll make my final stand That's why they call me Bad company And I can't deny Bad company Till the day"
  • Bad Company - Status Quo
    "I've seen your eyes, they hypnotise I cannot look away I know what people say You're bad company I've seen it when you need a man And i could lose my life I know I'll pay the price You're bad company You're"
  • Bad Company - Sizzla
    "Listen up words up, be not so ignorant blacker reverence time fi di youth dem hail Haile Selassie Too much sufferation mi cyaan bear no more Brutalization them don't love the poor so me Play the music"
  • Bad Company - 07 - Shooting Star - Bad Company
    "Johnny was a school boy when he heard his first Beatles song Love me do, I think it was from there it didn't take him long He got himself a guitar, learned to play it every night Now he's in a rock and"
  • Company - Third Eye Blind
    "Start your engines Can we get the chemicals in Cause anything's better than this Mix it up with vicadin Cause anything's better than this Little cuts on your wrist, To try and get back the feeling"
  • Seagull - Kayak
    "water and sand and the rising beyond my view alone I stand here it's calling you there is a reason to be here and cry I know the ocean will understand why the feeling the way I do tasting the salt and"
  • Seagull - The Incredible String Band
    "Cold morning sun to show me where I spent the night Sun can you find through porthole on the anchored sea ?me Then I'm walking on the prom deck asking the sky Oh someone won't you hear my cry Come and"
  • Seagull - Ride
    "My eyes are sore, my body weak My throat is dry, I cannot speak My words are dead Falling like feathers to the floor Falling like feathers to the floor You gave me things I'd never seen You made my life"
  • Company Calls - Death Cab For Cutie
    "I'll take the best of your bad moods and dress them up to make a better you, 'cause all the company calls amount to one paycheck. I'd squeeze a heart through my fingertip but I type too slow to make"
  • Company Of Strangers - Bad Company
    "Made his way out from the low lands The son of a preacher man Then he seemed to lose direction On his way to the promised land, no no It started with a woman And it ended in a bottle fight The jury would"
  • Lesbian Seagull - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "She flies so gracefully over rocks and trees and sand Soaring over cliffs and gently floating down to land She proudly lifts her voice to sound her mating call And soon a mate responds by singing "Caw,"
  • Company You Keep - Randy Rogers Band
    "Guess you've heard by now that I've decided Well I'm not gonna waste any more time on you It was quite a flame that we've ignited Its too bad that you had such a hard time staying true I dont know where"
  • Misery needs company - Fat Joe
    "intro: Yo, yo, one's for the cash, two's for my facilty three's for all the M-3's Racin across the Tapenze ?Matchin C's? followed by the white Lincoln drivin like I ain't thinkin Wit my hats and"
  • My Record Company - K's Choice
    "Beware, beware they're on their way They're getting closer every day but I'm prepared I'm sure some common sense will blow them all away They like your band they shake your hand they smell like food"
  • Bad Man - Bad Company
    "I take what I want I take what I need, ooh yeah I do what I like I like what's right for me, ooh yeah You might think that you're gonna change me Ooh girl, don't even try So many others tried too hard"
  • Too Bad - Bad Company
    "My, my, my, my Well I finished fooling 'round with you, pretty mama Finished fooling 'round with you No more wasting my time baby, no more standing in line And I'm a shiftin' on, back to where I once came"
  • Monsters Keep Me Company - Lordi
    "If the sun comes up tomorrow It would see a sight so sad The moon is still smiling on me Right up until dawn I'm drowning in hate and sorrow But nothing is quite that bad There still might be something"
  • The Company You Keep - The Waiting
    "Another day to be dumb, confusion mingled with bliss A bit of revelation that I don't want to miss I heard bad company kills and absolutely it's true But then that doesn't explain all that I know about"
  • Ghosts Are Good Company - Bishop Allen
    "I would've died Just to hear voices Just to see faces I was so alone I went deep Into my graveyards Found my ghosts there They're with me still I can't do this, I can't do that I can't believe I go so"

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