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Bad Company - Wild Fire Woman

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Bad Company - Wild Fire Woman

  • Wild Fire Woman - Bad Company
    "I wanna drive a car way across the border She's the only one, she keep my mind in order I'm not a bad man but I know where I stand If I had the luck, gotta have your love in my hand Yeah, I'm coming for"
  • Bad Company - Status Quo
    "I've seen your eyes, they hypnotise I cannot look away I know what people say You're bad company I've seen it when you need a man And i could lose my life I know I'll pay the price You're bad company You're"
  • Wild Fire Woman - Virgin Steele
    "Meet me in the darkness Upon the edge of town I'll be waiting there in silence Let your long hair flow on down lt doesn't matter whac went wrong It doesn't matter anymore Just hold me in your love"
  • Bad Company - Bad Company
    "Company, always on the run Destiny is the rising sun Oh, I was born 6-gun in my hand Behind a gun I'll make my final stand That's why they call me Bad company And I can't deny Bad company Till the day"
  • Bad Woman - Arctic Monkeys
    "When you left the house this evening, You said you'd be back in a little while. But I've been waiting for such a long time, And this waiting is driving me wild. And while I wait I think about you, Do"
  • Bad Woman - Motorhead
    "Shoot me down, baby look at you move Dancing like you ain't got a thing to lose Your fight for breath Way you look scare a man to death I can't speak, my heart's on fire You're the focus of my desire Can't"
  • Company Of Strangers - Bad Company
    "Made his way out from the low lands The son of a preacher man Then he seemed to lose direction On his way to the promised land, no no It started with a woman And it ended in a bottle fight The jury would"
  • Bad Company - Sizzla
    "Listen up words up, be not so ignorant blacker reverence time fi di youth dem hail Haile Selassie Too much sufferation mi cyaan bear no more Brutalization them don't love the poor so me Play the music"
  • Fast Company - Cher
    "You know you love your man Two hundred miles an hour Drinking up the fumes And you're never more alive When you feel his power You gotta have it today Cause a woman gets hot You're racing for the man in"
  • Wild Hearted Woman - All About Eve
    "Baby sings the blues... for you She may get happy later Baby cries for comfort For something to surround her And when she sings it You believe her How everyone she ever knew Would leave her spinning"
  • Bad Company - 07 - Shooting Star - Bad Company
    "Johnny was a school boy when he heard his first Beatles song Love me do, I think it was from there it didn't take him long He got himself a guitar, learned to play it every night Now he's in a rock and"
  • Company - Third Eye Blind
    "Start your engines Can we get the chemicals in Cause anything's better than this Mix it up with vicadin Cause anything's better than this Little cuts on your wrist, To try and get back the feeling"
  • Wild Wild Woman - The Other Ones
    "Hey pretty baby with the golden hair You got shoes on and they're walking But they're in the air Don't think baby 'bout another way There's a cold wind blowin', say it You're a queen pretty baby With"
  • Wild Woman - Hetane
    "Why do those men gather round in the town...? I have choked on their bones civilized skeletons... I wanna smoke, I have to go to Ohio..!!! here on the stage the backdoor girl dreams of woods... Wild"
  • Wild Woman - Imelda May
    "I knew a feral girl, once upon a time She grew into a werewolf, that monster was all mine She was incarcerated, to the inside of my skin And then I sat and waited, for my nice life to begin But th-th-there's"
  • Woman - Neneh Cherry
    "You gotta be fortunate You gotta be lucky now I was just sitting here Thinking good and bad But Im the kinda woman That was built to last They tried erasing me But they couldnt wipe out my past To save"
  • No Smoke Without A Fire - Bad Company
    "Bad Company Dangerous Age No Smoke Without A Fire Ooh, you're like a book with a page torn out You can turn from a whisper to a shout, ooh yeah You come running just as fast as you can, into the arms of"
  • Wild Fire - CC Catch
    "CC Catch Miscellaneous Wild Fire I'm a stranger here You have no heart of stone I'm feeling so alone I know what hell is Reach out of the dead Long as the rose is red Oh, do not make me sad in the mystic"
  • Wild Fire - The Coral
    "Wild fire, I desire to be loved Climb higher, to a platform just above Little liar, you decieve me With your wit elocution, sculptured perfectly to fit Tug of war, with the blessing and the mud Please"
  • Wild Fire - C.C. Catch
    "I'm a stranger here You have no heart of stone I'm feeling so alone I know what hell is Reach out - I'll be there Long as the rose is red Oh do not make me sad - in the mystic light Don't lose my number,"

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