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Bad Company Ready For Love

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Bad Company Ready For Love

  • Ready For Love - Bad Company
    "I'm walkin' down this rocky road wonderin' where my life is leading Rollin' on to the bitter end I'm finding out along the way what it takes to keep love living You should know how it feels my friend I"
  • Bad Company - Sizzla
    "Listen up words up, be not so ignorant blacker reverence time fi di youth dem hail Haile Selassie Too much sufferation mi cyaan bear no more Brutalization them don't love the poor so me Play the music"
  • Bad Company - Bad Company
    "Company, always on the run Destiny is the rising sun Oh, I was born 6-gun in my hand Behind a gun I'll make my final stand That's why they call me Bad company And I can't deny Bad company Till the day"
  • Bad Company - 07 - Shooting Star - Bad Company
    "Johnny was a school boy when he heard his first Beatles song Love me do, I think it was from there it didn't take him long He got himself a guitar, learned to play it every night Now he's in a rock and"
  • Company - Third Eye Blind
    "Start your engines Can we get the chemicals in Cause anything's better than this Mix it up with vicadin Cause anything's better than this Little cuts on your wrist, To try and get back the feeling"
  • Company - Stephen Sondheim
    "JENNY: Bobby... PETER: Bobby... AMY: Bobby baby... PAUL: Bobby bubi... JOANNE: Robby... SUSAN: Robert darling... DAVID: Bobby, we've been trying to call you. JENNY: Bobby... LARRY: Bobby... AMY: Bobby"
  • Company - Megan Slankard
    "As I sat the moon started rising I'm swinging on the rocking chair It's kinda dark on the horizon But that's only 'cause the sun ain't there As I sat the moon started rising And I remembered like it were"
  • Ready For Love - Roger Daltrey
    "By Kit Hain Turning your back on yesterday See you dance into another man's arms But I'm not sure if you've emotion left at all And if by chance you happen to find the right one Who could give his heart Will"
  • Ready for love - Jon Secada
    "Moments, comments Then one thing that you said Did it again Turned our world upside down again I surprised you I surprised myself Is this what we need. I don't wanna stop I can do this, I am ready I know"
  • Gettin' Ready For Your Love - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph) Now I see how everything has led me to this day Every road I've walked upon, each lesson on the way I'm gatherin' up everything I know to be true I'll wrap it up in breath"
  • Misery needs company - Fat Joe
    "intro: Yo, yo, one's for the cash, two's for my facilty three's for all the M-3's Racin across the Tapenze ?Matchin C's? followed by the white Lincoln drivin like I ain't thinkin Wit my hats and"
  • Ready for war - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Ridin with death We niggas rappin but still we actin like criminals Ridin with death We niggas rappin but still we actin like criminals My nigga now Majesty these niggas is after me murder redrum"
  • Bad Company - Status Quo
    "I've seen your eyes, they hypnotise I cannot look away I know what people say You're bad company I've seen it when you need a man And i could lose my life I know I'll pay the price You're bad company You're"
  • Bad, Bad, Bad - Kool Moe Dee
    "[ verse 1 ] Since the day I was born I was on a mission Never played out of position or wishin or missin I came out kissin, was no spankin the backside Just lots of lady nurses waitin for black eyes I"
  • Bad Love - Cher
    "(From the movie "Foxes") Looking for some bad love in the night, Feeling such a hot street I could find, Need to have some bad, bad love to make it right. I used to be a good girl, but no more, I'm ready,"
  • Misery love company - Nirvana
    "To hope is admittanceeFed before beginningDouble-sided cynicsReflected imagesDon't be so selfishLeaving me thisFollow it farTo find where you areYou haven't grownGo on aloneNever finished his sentenceRemained"
  • Ready For Love - Gary Moore
    "Hey baby, looking good to me. Hey baby, I like what I see. I'm ready, I'm ready for love. What you say, we just forget the drill. Full metal jacket, I'm shooting to kill. I'm ready, I'm ready for love. Don't"
  • Ready For Love - Guilherme Arantes
    "One more time Ready for love I'm ready for love Tasting the sweet of life The heat and light of love Again Ready for love I'm ready for love Wandering why so many stars are shining Why so many people fall"
  • Ready For Love - Mott The Hoople
    "Walking down the rocky road Wondering where my life is leading Rolling on to the bitter end Finding out along the way What it takes to keep love living You should know how it feels my friend Ooh want you"
  • Ready for love - Chris Brown
    "Been thinking about This all damn day Ooh, wahh And I can't wait To see your face Umm, ooh My hands are dying To touch you Ooh, wahh And I ain't got The patience to wait And I think it's time That I lose"

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