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Bad Religion Faith In God

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Bad Religion Faith In God

  • Bad Religion - Bad Religion
    "See my body, it's nothing to get hung about I'm nobody except genetic runaround Spiritual era's gone, it ain't comin' back Bad religion, a cabal, that is all that's left Hey Mr. Mind, stop wasting my time With"
  • Bad Religion (Second Version) - Bad Religion
    "See my body, it's nothing to get hung about. I'm nobody except genetic runaround. Spiritual era's gone, it ain't comin' back. Bad religion, a cabal, that is all that's left. Hey Mr. Mind, stop wasting"
  • Bad Religion (Theme Song) - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion 80-85 Bad Religion (Theme Song) See my body, it's nothing to get hung about. I'm nobody except genetic runaround. Spiritual era's gone, it ain't comin' back. Bad religion, a cabal, that is"
  • Bad Religion - Motorhead
    "Thou who wouldst make us devils Thou shalt not poison me The world hath been persuaded to believe thy heresy I spit in the eye of Satan And I will spit in thine The devils that surround thee Liveth only"
  • Religion - Switched
    "Yeah take back the blood that you shed ive lost these things in your head like constant pounding i drill the enemy like you (strength) its all i need (faith) keeps' calling me forsake the ways"
  • Faith In God - Bad Religion
    "It's alright to have faith in God But when you bend to their rules and their fuckin' lies That's when I start to have pity on you You're living on a mound of dirt But you can't explain your reason of existence Blame"
  • Bad Religion - 08 - Sorrow - Bad Religion
    "Father can you hear me? How have I let you down? I curse the day that I was born And all the sorrow in this world Let me take you to the herding ground Where all good men are trampled down Just to settle"
  • Do What You Want By: Bad Religion - Bad Religion
    "Hey Do What You Want But Don't Do It Around Me Idleness and dissipation breed apathy I sit on my ass all god damned day oh misanthropic anthropoid with nothing to say what you must , do all you can , break"
  • Disangelist (Bad Religion) - Lead Weight
    "Go to your home And light a candle Shut down your eyes And make a prayer And muddy stare And there's no soul And only fear... Blood runs cold in veneration Black precipice of insane is close For punishment"
  • Bad Religion - Accept
    "As long as I remember - I was left all by myself When trouble crossed my way I stood alone My old man hit the bottle - my mom was running scared The old forgotten prayers turned to stone I'm searching"
  • Bad Religion - Godsmack
    "Get back, Jack! Can you feel I'm not like you anymore? I can't see I can't breathe See you quiver like the dogs on the streets Looking down on as I beat you. It's a bad religion from a broken nation It's"
  • Religion - Skylar Grey
    "I saw a man die the day he got out of jail, I bought a new car and got caught in the hail, Sometimes it feels like you got no-one on your side, But I will be there holding you tight, yeah yeah, Holding"
  • Religion - Public Image Ltd.
    "Stained glass windows keep the cold outside While the hypocrites hide inside With the lies of statues in their minds Where the Christian religion made them blind Where they hide And prey to the God"
  • Religion - Apache Indian
    "Chorus I and I respect all Religion I and I me pray to the Almighty One Me give thanks and praise fe the righteous way But me can't follow...no me can't follow one Verse Me say me look to the Hindu ca"
  • Faith - The Weeknd
    "Light a blunt up with the flame Put that cocaine on a plate Molly with the purple rain 'Cause I lost my faith So I cut away the pain, uh Got it swimming in my veins Now my mind is outta place, yeah, uh 'Cause"
  • Faith Alone - Bad Religion
    "Heard a sermon from a creaky pulpit With no one in the nave I paid a visit to the synagogue And I left there feeling blame No one can tell me what to do No one had the capacity to answer me What the world"
  • Shattered Faith - Bad Religion
    "The scientist purported that there ain't no purpose And the theologian told me that it's all been designed And I'm trying to maintain objectivity The world won't illuminate what really matters Processing"
  • Tax Religion - Brian Robbins
    "the man says it does not matter how much that you give but sometimes the lord will test your faith and by this time next year you'll have your mercedes benz if it was up to me I'd tax religion like the"
  • Absolute Religion - Colony 5
    "I find myself Alone again Always the one left behind I drink again I think again Bury my head in the sand I could use a religion If they weren't all so pathetic Pray and donate a million Wealthy are always"
  • Religion - Luther Vandross
    "It was early Sunday morning Everyone in the house was still asleep She made some toast and coffee Took a shower and made herself smell sweet She said, "I don't want a bus ride, I believe that the walk"

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