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Bad Veins Found

  • Found - Bad Veins
    "Back my feet against the wall take what time it takes 'cause i wont be around to hear the call and i wont be around when you wake Silence breaks without the sound a guide to guiding light as the rain falls"
  • In My Veins - Andrew Belle
    "Nothin goes as planned. Everything will break. People say goodbye. In their own special way. All that you rely on And all that you can fake Will leave you in the morning But find you in the day Oh you're"
  • Venom Inside My Veins - Trail Of Tears
    "(Hansen, Thorsen, Nordhus. Lyrics: Thorsen, Nordhus) My time to give in There's nowhere else to hide My time to swallow remaining drops of pride How many tears have stained this soil? How many souls"
  • Veins - Lacrimas Profundere
    "I just swear You will lie there to my feet That will taste so sweet while you bleed and... You, try to tear me out I am in your veins I am in your mouth You can't get rid of me Run away It doesn't matter I"
  • Veins - Charlotte Martin
    "Veins I know you know Let the life come back and force through my veins It goes, it goes Through the protons, neutrons securing the frame Say yes say no It's a matter of me forcing the praise Put on the"
  • Veins - Blue
    "I open my eyesFrom a dreamless nightWith a sense of dreadYou could cut with a knifeSo Im thinking thatMaybe I killed somebodyYou never know - you never know whenYou might have killed somebodyVeins in my"
  • Veins - Archive
    "It's easy to be persuaded It's easy because I'm weak If it were me I wouldn't make it Now I've got you Now I've got you Frequently sedated Beast in my veins If it's free I'm gonna take it Now I've got"
  • Bad, Bad, Bad - Raghav
    "From the moment I saw her she had to be mine theres just somethin about her so awesomely right shes not decked out in Prada or drippin in ice shes got natural beauty a centurous sight So baby dont walk"
  • Lost & found - Atmosphere
    "to my surprise, discovered that I really don't know much most of much of what I know catches a (what? (3X) (what are you doin?) (verse) Runnin from the bar, not my favorite hobby I'm relieved that I saw"
  • Girl Found - Brainpool
    "Whem I'm feeling bad Or when I'm feeling blue Or if my thoughts are sad I only think of you Let the grey skies come our way Give the space We can make them go away When there's no way to turn Nothing at"
  • Lost And Found - Sparks
    "Lost and found, a wallet from a man, careless man, careless man Too bad, too bad, too bad, too bad Lost and found, a wallet from a man, careless man, careless man And all the streets are paved tonight,"
  • Lactate Veins - Mandragora Scream
    "Landward I saw you inside the old womb of time, lorn you are your loom through my time, light mother of pearl, my eyes dyin' I feel your breeze... how long this way, now like larval flames burn choosin'"
  • Found That Soul - Manic Street Preachers
    "Show me a wonder You can't be sure of I exist in a place A self-made vacuum But still stranded here With all the scum So clean - so lost - so beautiful But I found that soul Yeah I found that home But"
  • Severed Veins - Fractured
    "Invade my mind with chilling voices paranoid I hear the noises. Scared to sleep but more scared to wake. It's becoming too much to take. Psychotic thoughts inject my brain, with ideas of pain and disdain. Your"
  • Home As Found - Walkabouts
    "Well it should have been the first place But instead it was the last It was a place that only you could love All the gin was spiked with water From a fever or a storm All the business went as usual Ripped"
  • Black Veins - Your Demise
    "At the crux of it, everything I have These feelings cold as stone The everyday tyrants of a better life I never feel they will ever leave me alone I have only to fear fear itself But I have everything"
  • Rainbow Veins - Owl City
    "High rise, veins of the avenue Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue Everywhere is balanced there like a rainbow above you Street lights glisten on the boulevard And cold nights make staying alert"
  • Vaunting Veins - Wilderun
    "Carve the fire into your skin Stitch the wounds revealing the sin Waiting in the sky is the wisdom of the ages Freedom's ignorant realm Clear the thoughts addressing your heart While rage and honor tear"
  • You Found Me - Kelly Clarkson
    "Is this a dream? If it is Please don't wake me from this high I've become comfortably numb Until you opened up my eyes To what it's like When everything's right I can't believe You found me When no one"
  • Tracing Veins - System Syn
    "I take nothing from this I walk away holding air just barely in my lungs aspirating blood from choking on these memories of fantasies that there will be a light for me there will be no light in this hollow there"

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