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Badfinger Blodwyn

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Badfinger Blodwyn

  • Blodwyn - Badfinger
    "I put away the knife, the chisel and the saw I've locked away my life behind this old oak door To make a simple spoon, a token of my love In hope that maybe soon, it's me you're thinking of So take my"
  • The Name Of The Game - Badfinger
    "Badfinger Non Album Track The Name Of The Game I saw the railway master, and I looked him in the eye Said "Would you go much faster, if you thought that you would die?" He said "Not me sir, I could not"
  • Meanwhile Back At The Ranch - Badfinger
    "Why do you think me so hard to get? Is there something they might regret? Is it better to just forget, just forget? If they only would let us know Then we'd know just how far to go But instead they just"
  • Should I Smoke - Badfinger
    "Should I smoke or should I die? Somebody must tell me why Should I laugh, should I cry Won't somebody help me? Don't know what to say You're makin' me better I've learned how to pray Change in the weather"
  • Hey, Mr. Manager - Badfinger
    "Waiting for the phone to tell me you and I are through And I'm not alone, I guess that everybody wants it, too You got no feeling, you've been dealing all the wrongs Your lies are stealing Lord, I think"
  • Keep Believing - Badfinger
    "Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do I couldn't wish you any bad I only miss the many highs we've had our problems made it hard to smile But I still loved you all the while I can't deny that"
  • Passed Fast - Badfinger
    "You rise and sing the glory of the future that is passed make it last Lost inside the reason of a love I hope will last we can fast Come on, your highest hope the hopes, the dreams will last Nothing is"
  • Back Again - Badfinger
    "Love me tonight, say you just might Make me in the morning, take me without warning, please Don't get uptight say it's alright When the day is dawning. You can make the most out of me But if you wake"
  • Rockin' Machine - Badfinger
    "A-one, two, buckle my blues... I'm making it this time I'm making it this time I'm making it this time around Before I lose my mind again Before I lose my mind At times she rules my mind I sit here"
  • Smoking Gun - Badfinger
    "Once upon a ruthless time Lived a man folks thought was kind People called him laughing Will But inside he loved to kill Ruled a city with his mob A connoisseur on the way to rob And some refused him,"
  • Old Fashioned Notions - Badfinger
    "You're filling my head with your notions You take what you want mess up the man in me Making a fuss about no one There's devils in your head Such an old fashioned notion, baby Now you're putting me on"
  • You Ask Yourself Why - Badfinger
    "The more you see of your love The more you must try Try to throw away those reasons to cry It's no surprise you wonder why You ever believed it But still you have a reason why You wanna conceive it There's"
  • Keep Your Country Tidy - Badfinger
    "Keep your country tidy keep rubbish off the floor Poor old Mother Nature can't take it anymore Leave things as you find them. It's not hard to do If your country's tidy so are you Keep your lover happy"
  • To Say Goodbye - Badfinger
    "It's late. I know it's time we were letting go But I can't bring myself to say goodbye It's been so long. There's no use in holding on But I can't bring myself to say goodbye I know so well what I have"
  • Queen Of Darkness - Badfinger
    "Queen of darkness colour your hair Let it shine bright. He'll be there Queen of lies. Magic smile Spin your web. Watch him die Queen of sorrow is what you are Sad and lonely, with no truthful friends No"
  • I Can't Believe - Badfinger
    "I can't believe in some of the stories Some of the stories they say about you I can't believe in some of the rumours Quick growing tumours, they're making me blue Mother confessor leave me alone Father"
  • Hold On - Badfinger
    "Oh, I won't let you down. I'll be back To give all my love to you, Baby, hold on No you won't fade away. In my mind You'll be with me every day. Baby, be strong And just hold on if you're feeling strong And"
  • Because I Love You - Badfinger
    "Because I love you You're always on my mind I'm thinking of you Somehow life is fine today Knowing you're here to stay Going together ways Because you love me I'm never lonely now You're thinking of me"
  • Three Time Loser - Badfinger
    "It's a terrible thing to lose All the time you've had and never used Sometimes you wanna hide And sometimes you wanna light the fuse And you know just where you stand But it's hard to make the plan When"
  • Too Hung Up On You - Badfinger
    "Baby I want you by my side to be forever Without you I can never face the stormy weather Am I living this paradise for someone to say it's wrong Am I burning this love too bright when you don't hold on"

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