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Balance Of Power - Hard Life

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Balance Of Power - Hard Life

  • Balance Of Power - Balance Of Power
    "I'll introcude myself as someone that you know, I sink your skin, I captivate your soul, A sudden sense of being empty comes to mind, and as I suck you dry I swear you'll never find, I'd hold the gates"
  • The Balance - Aceyalone
    "Intro: Mr. mix mr. dj play that beat. Won't you play if for me. in the mix mister hop Forward hop back. hop, hop hop. Verse 1: The second somebody dies somebody else is born People are celebrating while"
  • Hard Life - Balance Of Power
    "The days of a child are over, the fields are gone There's nobody there, who knows your name Remember the games you played How you laughed at everyone It's a shame, how can time Take away what is mine I'm"
  • Balance - Axium
    "Take your turn to lean on me I've leaned on you for so long Your words, they hide behind your age My words, they sing you this song And I fall from this tightrope That you've walked a thousand times One"
  • Balance - Allister
    "I'm writing this song to tell you that I'm sorry Because I know you never thought that I'd be away so long I know it's unfair to ask for you to wait for me But I don't have a real job and you're ready"
  • Balance - Anathema
    "glad to see your wide awake this is the great escape from a life that tried to mould you and the lie it sold you what would you do? what wouldn't you do? what would you do? what wouldn't you do?"
  • Balance of Power - Xentrix
    "Twisted minds that work as one, They plot your destiny. You stand and watch your only son, Deprived of dignity. Contempt and hatred all you feel, Devoted loyalty. A wound you know will never heal. Doubting"
  • The Balance - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by John Kay Nineteen-hundred-sixty-four We were kids, didn't know about the war Still wasting time in school There were Joe and Sue, Jack and Jim A couple more in the second string All"
  • Power - Krayzie Bone
    "(Chorus 1: repeat 4X) I got the power, power, power! Power to the people We the people got the power, let's ride (Krayzie) A nigga be humble, but I'm down for mine Don't give me no static and you and I"
  • Balance This - Bill Nye
    "All this moving fast and slow Sit and spin and stop and go It's a world in motion, it's a world of forces And it's true that when you push and pull You're making forces you can feel But be careful, won't"
  • Balance Beam - Blue October
    "I haven't been quite the same So sure the story of my life would never change In a bright eyed way She rinsed out the soap in my eyes and wrote a song that I'm about to sing She's a magnetic girl That"
  • Balance Of Terror - Dri
    "They've known all along Since the first time they dropped the bomb They saw the power Everyone knew it was time to stop But they could not Well I've seen the sign I know it's time To shed a tear To draw"
  • Caught In The Balance - Toto
    "What happened to me It seems so long ago The cuts run deep But the scars still show I live in the shadows Where it's been so hard to grow I'm still a servant in a nobleman's robes You know my weakness"
  • Balance - August Burns Red
    "August Burns Red Messengers Balance All these ideas keep swimming, running through your head. Quick, well drown them with this fix. The dose to stop your shaking, the one to silence your voice. Just"
  • Balance Of Opinion - Wehrmacht
    "(Words: Brian & Tito, Riffs: Marco & Brian) I may go fast, you may go slow. She might know it all, he might not know. We might get drink you might be straight they could be soon, we could be late They"
  • Balance - A Skylit Drive
    "Our differences set us apart... they can't bind me Our hearts have been equivalent from the start... if only I spoke these words at the right time At a loss for words to build the right line Reflect a"
  • Trying to find a balance - Atmosphere
    "They love the taste of bloodNow i don't know what that means, but i know that i mean itMaybe they're as evil as they seemOr maybe i only look out the window when it's scenic" atmosphere finally made a"
  • Power Of Life - Fame Factory
    "There's a spirit inside us all, baby That needs to fly away and smile And in your dreams you can be it Be prepered to leaving maybe just a while Power of life, has land in tonight And if you don't get"
  • The Inviolable Balance - Shadow Host
    "tell me what's happened to me what's happened to my soul I don't know it looks like an endless fall sometimes I feel that someone else hides in me it tries to possess me and wants to break free sometimes"
  • The Balance Of Love - Howard Jones
    "Price of your love's too much to pay I'll save myself for another day You want my love but you don't want me You sell your goods with no guarantee You're taxing me at your highest rate You want my heart"

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