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Balloon Tommy ljungberg feat Nathalie

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Balloon Tommy ljungberg feat Nathalie

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Balloon Tommy ljungberg feat Nathalie
  • South Blunt System Marzenia (feat. Tommy Gunz)
    "Czuje ze moje marzenia sa nie wykonalne Na zapisanie wszystkich kartek pewnie braknie dni Pewnie życiowa szansa kiedyś przejdzie koło mnie Nim zorientuje się zamknie mi drzwi /2x Ostatnia rzecz za która"
  • Modeselektor Who (feat. Tommy Cash)
    "who said study would get you work who said school would get you class who said the job would get you the cash who said the loan would save your ass who said money covers all the expenses who said love"
  • Valensia Nathalie
    "(INTRO) I've been sad for a long time, wait for the skies to clear. Now I've got a girl - we make love each night - but she is not really there.. Saw my only few good friends, one by one disapear.. Now"
  • Julio Iglesias Nathalie
    "Nathalie en la distancia tu recuerdo vive en mi yo que fu tu amor del alma y a tu vida tanto d. Qu ser de ti? dónde ests? que ya a mi atardecer ya no has vuelto ms Quin te cuidar? vivir por"
  • Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones Tommy
    "Push, shove Give a man a hand and then tell him that you will be friends forever Love, hate Someday we can all relate Together And then it's falling from the sky ??? Along the way And then it's speaking"
  • B Nathalie
    "Bcaud Gilbert Miscellaneous Nathalie La Place Rouge tait vide Devant moi marchait Nathalie Elle avait un joli nom, mon guide Nathalie La Place Rouge tait blanche La neige faisait un tapis Et je suivait"
  • Gilbert B Nathalie
    "La Place Rouge tait vide Devant moi marchait Nathalie Elle avait un joli nom, mon guide Nathalie La Place Rouge tait blanche La neige faisait un tapis Et je suivait par ce froid dimanche Nathalie Elle"
  • Charles Aznavour Nathalie
    "La place Rouge tait videDevant moi marchait NathalieNathalieIl avait un joli nom, mon guideNathalieLa place Rouge tait blancheLa neige faisait un tapisEt je suivais par ce froid dimancheNathalieElle parlait"
  • Jill Johnson Nathalie
    "Nathalie where did you go your family they miss you so they don't know what to do without you did you take a walk and did you go too far are you lost somewhere out in the dark the waiting is so cruel I"
  • Jean Leloup Nathalie
    "Nathalie, dans le nez s'en est trop mis et moi, je m'en suis pris par un bel aprs-midi il y avait d'Hendrix Jimmy mais je n'avais pas un radis alors naquirent des ennuis, de l'homme qui perd sa jolie alors"
  • Les Fatals Picards Nathalie
    "Now then Mardy Bum I've seen your frown And it's like looking down the barrel of a gun And it goes off And out come all these words Oh there's a very pleasant side to you A side I much prefer It's one"
  • Catherine Wheel Balloon
    "Flying, show me how it feels As dreams grow sinking clouds that must be real Losing a touch of what is mine It's proving tough as steel and dull as life Ba-ba-ba-ba-balloon Ba-ba-ba-ba-balloon Ba-ba-ba-ba-balloon Ba-ba-ba-ba Gliding"
  • DJ Aligator Balloon
    "2x squeeze your damn balloon let me see you squeeze it (squeeze it) squeeze your damn balloon all the ladies in the house, if you got 'em let 'em out what i wanna know is all all i wanna know is"
  • Lou Reed Balloon
    "I'm a little balloon and I get puffed up squeeze me and bend me it's never enough Put your lips around me, blow me up but if you prick me I will pop I'm a little balloon full and firm here is my aft and"
  • Goon Moon Balloon
    "Balloon Can we get up And take a ride? I really need to get some things off my mind I wanna live on top of the sun Don't want to see the dark with you or anyone Stick me up In the sky It don't make a"
  • Joey Eppard Balloon
    "Goodbye Bye my baby Now there's no One can save me You just keep On ascending While I sleep Through the ending x 5 There's a balloon That I let go of I'll see you soon I miss you so, love I knew you'd"
  • Christopher S Tear Down The Club (feat. Tommy Clint)
    "Stop Chris, why won’t you just play for us? Please I wanna dance, wanna dance to my favorite song Come clip my hands, clip my hands, baby all night long You’re settle down tonight till the morning light We’re"
  • Mireille Mathieu Tommy
    "Je nous revois souvent quand nous tions enfants par un soir de l'hiver tu es venu d'Angleterre Pour habiter dans notre vieux quartier petit anglais je n'ai pas oubli Je n'ai pas oubli rien oubli c'est"
  • Roberto Vecchioni Tommy
    "Tommy era l davanti e sorrideva ma sul quel piatto di riso mi lasciava per non farsi capire parl dei denti e che avevo bisogno di altri appuntamenti. Se l'hai messo vicino a un assassino toglilo di l Signore. Tommy"
  • Used Cars Tommy
    "(N. Bottini) She closed the door of their house She didn't make any noise Then she looked at the clock in the street It was 5 a.m., the air was quite cold She had no bags in her hands On her face were"

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