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Bambee - Typical Tropical

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Bambee - Typical Tropical

  • Typical Tropical - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Typical Tropical It's a typical tropical summer night I'm in heaven - I'm in paradise Typical tropical summer night And it feels so right Love and sunny weather Go along together On"
  • Tropical Fish - Gong
    "Well shady lady whats your problem Trying to buy a brand new husband? All I want to know is what happened To your latest ancient wisdom? She seems like a typical witch to me She seems like a tropical"
  • Tropical - Young Dro
    "Chevy paint tropical A wima way, a wima way Got them callin Fema, cause my chopper on Katrina spray I bear arms, literally bare arms 30 inch air don, G4, we call it air fun Plus, I got some killas over"
  • Typical - We The Living
    "Typical- Crack the spine and relate us to yellowed words on brand new pages All we are All the volumes Can't contain us So place your blame and punctuate it with sharp-tongued words from sharp-tongued"
  • Typical - MuteMath
    "Come on cant I dream for one day Theres nothing that cant be done But how long should it take somebody Before they can be someone Cause I know theres got to be another level Somewhere closer to the other"
  • Typical - Raven-Symon
    "I'm not just An ordinary me I've got my own Individuality Not the same So why should I pretend To only blend into the crowd Because I don't wanna be just typical Only wanna be original...and say Never"
  • Typical - Kevin Sharp
    "(Bob Regan/George Teren) Throw away the book, forget about the rules, set aside your doubts They don't apply now Everything you know, all that's gone before Ain't what we're about, it's here and right"
  • Typical - Mute Math
    "Come on, can't I dream for one day There's nothing that can't be done? But how long should it take somebody Before they can be someone? 'Cause I know there's got to be another level Somewhere closer"
  • Typical - Poison Idea
    "Out with the old, in with the new Change my appearance/sound/attitude to impress you Do everything just one way But change my mind day to day It's so predictable it will never happen again Correct my mistakes"
  • Typical - Tickle Me Pink
    "she struts up to me. she whispers my name as if i know her but i never knew her she asks me the time a quarter to one we go for a drive i just don't know her on the coldest night in the darkest room i"
  • Typical - The Moffatts
    "Written by: The Moffatts & John Shanks VERSE # 1 Open your eyes, hear all your voices inside my head It's no surprise, I'm filtering thru all the things you've said CHANNEL # 1 I can't believe that"
  • Typical - Dag Nasty
    "now that it's gone just admit it to yourself it was nothing special no more special than yourself now that it's gone won't you admit it to yourself ? another typical youth you mistook for someone else (looking"
  • Typical - Yam
    "verse 1 You let me down you're never around how can i expect you to be there for me? you said you could and you really would be there when i needed you at all chorus thats so typical of you you"
  • Typical - Laura Marling
    "Again I let jealousy blind me today. My oldest friend and I blew her away. Just a few kind words and all I could say was I've known you of ten years it feels like a day. And oh I watched her cry, torn"
  • Typical - Raven
  • Tropical Chancer - La Roux
    "Can’t take the money, and the food that's on my hand But you have to understand that he’s a dreamer Living and laughing in a mind you can’t believe This place turns honest men into thieves And I can see"
  • Tropical sands - T.Love
    "Sweet, little, I met You onceSummer sunny daySweet, little, I saw You when YouWalking on the sandsSummer time, loving timeFor you and me my babeFirst time when I kissed YouWe walked on the sandsUuu Tropical"
  • Typical Girls - Slits
    "Don't create Don't rebel Have intuition Can't decide Typical girls get upset to quickly Typical girls can't control themselves Typical girls are so confusing Typical girls - you can always tell Typical"
  • Tropical Loveland - Abba
    "Come to my loveland, wander along Beautiful gardens full of flowers and songs Come to the sunshine, beaches and sand Here's the two bluebirds, won't you come to my land The grass is mellow and the sky"
  • Tropical London - Rancid
    "If you lose me, you lose a good thing, that's one thing I know for sure. If you lose me, girl, you lose a good thing, that's one thing I know for sure. When you were sick, girl, I held your hand, When"

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