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Bambee - You Are My Dream

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Bambee - You Are My Dream

  • You Are My Dream - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous You Are My Dream You are my dream Oh can't you see how much that I need you? You are my dream Oh can't you see? You are my dream Oh can't you see how much that I need you? You are"
  • You Are The Dream - Ilse DeLange
    "I live my life, convinced i find your love somehow, somewhere. I heald on to the faith that you would show yourself one day. Something in me believed, this night was meand to be. (Chorus) You are the"
  • Fairytales - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Fairytales Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram I"
  • My Dream - Shaggy
    "My dream, my dream, My, my , my Dream ha he Dream ha he Now I got to wonder if you dreaming or not 'Cause everything seems so real Shaggy (cha) As my days grow old and my night grow cold And yearn"
  • My Dream - Novi Ierusalim
    "A bird with a broken wing I fly back home Your arms around me Thats where I belong Desperate to know Your love I feel so lonely Im like a candle with no flame When this dream comes to an end Tell me,"
  • Dream, Dream, Dream - Diana DeGarmo
    "Do me a favor And tell me what you think about me Tell me how you want this to be Go out on a limb and just dream Paint a picture Choose your colors extra wise Especially what you put on my mind Fill me"
  • Dream - Norther
    "I saw a dream that can't be real It takes me to my mind Now look inside this evil dream of mine I left you dying in the rain Now you feel my fucking pain You know I am insane but in the end it's all the"
  • Dream - Imagine Dragons
    "In the dark And I’m right on the middle mark I’m just in the tier of everything That rides below the surface And I watch from a distance seventeen And I’m short of the others dreams Of being golden and"
  • Dream - Sean Lennon
    "Another zone The time moves slowly Like a foreign film With no sub-titles to explain Can you see what I mean I know its just a dream I've lost my laser beam The skies are blue Cream and purple circle The"
  • Dream - Nixons
    "Some poor soul is crying For reasons few may come to find But soon the picture is clearer They see what we are hiding behind We're all a part of the dream If you hide behind your face You will never be"
  • Dream - West Indian Girl
    "I'm on a dock overlooking my mind I hitch my boat and I drift off Where fools whisper lies Everything's a sign when dreams come alive I'm not crazy at all, my friends they talk I try to listen, but"
  • Dream - At Last
    "Im sitting here thinking bout the times we shared Trying to decide if I even should care I know youre gone and weve already said our goodbyes Forgetting you aint easy Im waiting by the phone wishing you"
  • Dream - NRG
    "It was just a dark path and I fell many times Now I am tired and my heart is wounded, but where am I going? I only have myself to rely on And in my sleep there is no one to take that heavy load The highway"
  • Dream - Axe Murder Boyz
    "2:30 in the mornin, I slipped in my sheets It takes like 3 fuckin hours before I fall asleep But not tonight, vycodone pills are gonna knock me out And after that, it ain't nothin but sweet dreams and"
  • Dream - Rhyn
    "Hate is easy when you're hurting It comes on you like the plague It makes you shout at all your loved ones Words you never meant to say And love is harder when it's one way And to yourself you're forced"
  • Dream - Snow
    "Now if a young girl is absent and hangs with the guys And if a young girl needs a young girl to (hearthis) Another time at dance I'm a real girl stopper Listen and go dance playing things a from the speaker"
  • Dream - Eddy Antonini
    "Angels cry, demons die black night comes above my room. Trying to find a feeling blind an helping hand to drive my doom. An iced tear, a little fear a lonely heart that beats inside. A simple pray, a mortal"
  • Dream - Dizzee Rascal
    "I used to dream about crazy little things like fame in the days hangin out-side the off licence we used to run around the streets reckless with no shame mainly upto no good a whole world of nonsence and"
  • Dream (Remix) - Dream (US)
    "uh yeah, come on, Bad Boy, baby This - is - the - re - mix, eh heh heh you know how we do DREAM- Melissa, Diana, Ashley, Holly Let's go baby, come on Oh boy, I'm not the one who broke your heart before And"
  • Tou are the dream - Ilse DeLange
    "I'd lived my life convinced i'd findYour love somehow, some wayI held on to the faith that youWould show yourself one daySomething in me believedThis night was meant to beChorusYou are the promise i made"

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