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Bambee Fairytales

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Bambee Fairytales

  • Fairytales - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Fairytales Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram Dam da ra ra ra ra ram dam da ra ra ra ram I"
  • Fairytales - 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
    "You must believe the fairytales I tell you Love your princess find your way To your castle if you do My fairytales will help you through You must believe the fairytales I tell you Fight your dragon find"
  • Fairytales - Alice Deejay
    "(divine...fantasy...like a dream...never ends...) Fairytales are in my head, and in my head they start to tell you bout the deepest thoughts that live inside my heart. Fairytales are in my head, and in"
  • Fairytales - Forgotten Tales
    "Innocents are all the children Rubbing their lamps, planting their beans Hoping that one day, miracles will happen Never knowing what it means, what it means When the sun goes down, mysteries begin The"
  • Fairytales - Serenity
    "Here I stand now alone to die The empty space, no word from you I cry After all still loving you can't stop feeling this way Sadness is a friend now dry my tears away (Bridge:) I'm not the man"
  • Fairytales - BrainStorm
    "There was a town around There lived a queen and a girl A girl used to count the stars in the night But queen she counted pearls And teased the girl: 'You can never win, you can never lose If you don't"
  • Fairytales - Monifah
    "It's been this way for me, oh so long I know one day I will fall in love I kept my heart locked forever and a day I want someone to come steal it away, yeah 1 - I want a lover who will be there every"
  • Fairytales - Agent 5/9
    "I see the sorrow on your face The tears start crushing down upon me I don't know what to do And it gets harder every day To make the decision and be ok Why is love so blind Then I figure out that I don't"
  • Brushfire fairytales - Jack Johnson
    "Brushfire fairytales Itsy bitsy diamond wells Big fat hurricanes Yellow bellied given names Well shortcuts can slow you down And in the end we're bound To rebound off of we Well dust off your thinking"
  • Lucid fairytales - Napalm Death
    "Delude yourself with the notion That life's viewed defiantly through your eye Subconsciously following the flock >From which appearance is the only exemption The stagnant illusion of change Concealed behind"
  • Fairytales r true - S Club Juniors
    "Hannah: I was only youngdaisy: my mum said 2 mestacey: can you hear the angels calling 2 uhannah: i believe it stilldaisy:so dont take my dreambridgeCalvin:maybe 1 day ill find that placeaaron:but 4 now"
  • Fairytales Tell Tales - Cursive
    "let's pretend we're not needy let's pretend our hearts still beat let's pretend we fall in love tonight clumsy enough to fall for anything we'll stumble on our words we'll spill our guts on creaking bar"
  • Patterns of fairytales - The National
    "Tonight there isn't any light under your doorI guess you must be somewhere breathingWhere skin and everything still know what they are forAnd blood remembers where to goI fell in love with you no matter"
  • Dr. Doolittle - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Dr. Doolittle I had a cold He came to me, and he made some tea, oooh My heart was sold To a man in white, he is mr. Right Cause when I look into his eyes It's clear to me, and I realize Oh"
  • Seventeen - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Seventeen All upon the shore We sit together in the calm Of the summer breeze I move a little closer And I slip my arm in yours The sun shine bright upon the ocean waters There until"
  • Supermodel - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Supermodel I wanna be a supermodel, superstar And posing on the covers Here and near and far I wanna go around the world In diamonds and pearls And make the boys fall apart Remember"
  • Typical Tropical - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Typical Tropical It's a typical tropical summer night I'm in heaven - I'm in paradise Typical tropical summer night And it feels so right Love and sunny weather Go along together On"
  • Boom Digi Da - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Boom Digi Da Boom digi da di boom digi da di Boom digi da di de di da Boom digi da di de di da Are you ready for the big big party time Can you show me the way it feels Are you ready"
  • Cowgirl - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Cowgirl I'm a cowgirl! - Bang dum bang I'm a cowgirl! - Bang dum bang People say that I'm a bad girl And I enjoy it all the time I'm living in a sad world But I know what's on my"
  • Watch Out - Bambee
    "Bambee Miscellaneous Watch Out I was just walking home from work It seemed to be just like another boring day Just like a thousand times before When suddenly you got in my way And I don't know just what"

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