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Bananarama - Really Saying Something

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Bananarama - Really Saying Something

  • Really Saying Something - Bananarama
    "Hey yeah yeah I was walking down the street (Do-wah do-wah) When this boy started following me (Oh yeah) Now I ignored all the things he said (Do-wah do-wah) He moved me in every way With his collar unbuttononed On"
  • Saying Goodbye - New Years Day
    "I've got this funny feeling that I just don't don't belong here and your eyes make it clear you're just like a chameleon you change your skin for anyone that has the time to give you there's but I don't"
  • You've Really Got Something - Bananarama
    "You really got You really got You really got something I remember how I once said Don't let the guy go to your head I was always the cautious one Looking out for trouble But I have to say Since"
  • Really Something - Aaron Sprinkle
    "I'm working on my forward thinking Working on my self control Process this ugly mess And figure out how to make it whole Choke down a bus ride to the city Chase it with a trip to the East Side It seems"
  • Really Something - Krezip
    "So you say we're fine Well nothing feels allright You think there's no way I'll make you go away What dream are you in? What are you thinking? You're really something that turned into nothing You're"
  • My Heart Is Saying Now - Jordan Knight
    "Maybe you dont know How you live in my dreams, my dreams Something 'bout your smile Starts the butterflies inside me Maybe you dont see The two of us like I do, I do But no one wants you more Than this"
  • Saying Goodbye - Deborah Cox
    "Verse 1 Why do most dudes choose to Leave the girl that's been down from day one I tried to love you, really love you Gave my all Bridge It's been a year since you told me goodbye It hurts but"
  • Saying Goodbye - Vehemence
    "I can still see my reflection in your Blood soaked eye as you sob A last farewell severing all of my passion Bullshit, your words such pain You have created this chain reaction My sorrow to hate and"
  • Really - UB40
    "I couldn't really put it any better than this The love that I feel, in your tender kiss. And something about your body girl I can't resist It don't get no better, no better than this. You know I love"
  • Really Really - Huntingtons
    "The first time I saw you hanging out You were kissing by the telephone I knew what you were all about And knew I had to leave it alone Cause people talk And talk gets talked And eventually we all know What"
  • Something Really Bad (ft. - Dizzee Rascal
    "Yo, I had a hell of a night I was out of my mind Turned up I was high as a kite A jolly fellow I was showing my bright whites And getting trippy under the strobe lights I’m loving the nightlife And getting"
  • Goes Without Saying - Vigilantes Of Love
    "failure she's a new found friend you let her sleep on the floor when you rise to check out well she follows to the door if you listen real close there's the audible sigh if you look real hard you don't"
  • What You're Saying - Lennon
    "VERSE I'm sorry for loving Even sorry I cared I'm sorry for trying Something I shouldn't dare I'm sorry for crying That's the last thing you want to hear I'm sorry for living Too far and too near CHORUS And"
  • Enjoy saying goodbye - Kat DeLuna
    "You keep on telling me what to doBaby, baby, baby boy I'm saying, I'm saying goodbye...Aye aye...Aye aye...Give me a moment (Moment)Give me a minute to look in your eyesI know you know itYou gotta keep"
  • Saying The Opposite - Pico Vs. Island Trees
    "So maybe I'll call you up, Or would that ruin everything? Cos' you're so perfect now, Unless there's something I've been missing. And even if there was, Maybe we could just pretend. I could overlook those"
  • Cut Something - Jagged Edge
    "JE] JE y'all Y'all know, yeah, yeah check this out (Cut something, cut something) We gonna let you in on a little Southern lingo (Cut something, cut something) Is that what they saying? (Cut something,"
  • Something - Jaci Velasquez
    "How i wonder why Didn't you feel something? Wasn't your heart jumping? Didn't you have chills running down your spine? Weren't you infatuated? Weren't you illuminated? Didn't you hear music playing? I"
  • Something - Longwave
    "i need something to make this alright something to get me to your light you know that i'd bow with my fingers crossed you know i believed when i lost trying to make something from nothing yeah i need"
  • Something - CYN
    "You said you've never been melted before Your hearts never really dripped on the floor You don't think that I could make you liquid I could make a love that's just so: fluid You said you've never been"
  • I'm Here Saying Nothing - Meja
    "Once on a bitter morning I woke to reality You were telling me the thruth of what you felt I didn't wanna see but the devil would laugh at me I didn't wanna face my big mistake Our love had run out of"

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